UPDATE: 3/18/15 The Search for the Hidden Door by Marshall N Lever channel of Chung Fu is now in print again for the first time in 35 years! Available on Amazon!

The teachings of "Old Chinese" has been a major influence in my life. I was unknowingly introduced to Chung Fu's teachings about 4 years ago. At that time I was in the military when I stumbled across a book by the author Stuart Wilde. Stu was very mysterious in his writings and much of what he writes is in code. There are many things hidden from normal sight, and with experience and dedication many of the secrets reveal themselves. 

Through my research I discovered who my teacher's teacher was, and in turn who his teacher's teacher was. It is a long line that goes back some 2,400 years, if not more. These are secrets I am hesitant to share, but I feel it is necessary to help others that are on the same path. I took about 4 years for me to make the connections that lead to the teachings of Chung Fu, and from there it sent me down a path that has been unbelievably deep and mysterious. Some of the books that are required to further my study are so rare they hardly can't be found, and if they are found they can cost upwards of $5,000 a copy. So needless to say the secrets are only available to the select few that are inspired enough to pursue. It isn't a path that is geared for the masses, and we understand that. It is available to anyone, but like any study, it is a discipline, and it also has to coincide with your personal destiny. For me it seems to be the right path.

So what I am wanting to clarify is we have all been slightly confused by the translations of Chinese Mandarin to English. The English word Chung Fu is actually a mistranslation of the pinyin. The reason I want to clarify this is because since I have been learning Mandarin I have had much difficulty finding the Chinese characters to accurately understand what Chung Fu means. The correct pinyin spelling is zhōng fú. So it should more accurately be spelled in English as Zhong Fu instead of Chung Fu. The meaning of "Chung Fu" is inner truth, which in simplified Chinese is

Zhong Fu comes from the I Ching: 61, and in the above photo you can see a very brief explanation of its meaning. Chung Fu was a Taoist master and disciple of Lao Zu circa 2,400 years ago. Similarly to Chung Fu, Lao Zu was not really the original authors name. In English Lao Zu should actually be Laozi, which simply means old man. Chung Fu is just a reference name to the spirit of Inner Truth. They may or may not be literal people, but the truth remains in their lessons.

I hope this has helped clarify to anyone studying "Old Chinese", and if you would like more information for further research feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 


A.J. Chirstoph


We were not born into a just world. Injustice is something we must all overcome, you could say this is one purpose of life; to experience life and persevere until we are ready to leave this world. We as humans are not fair to each other or to the animal kingdoms, and we certainly are not fair to the plant kingdoms and even the Earth from which we came. Injustice is a reality in the nature of physical existence, and to accept responsibility for your actions is the path towards enlightenment.

People are born under different circumstances and we must make due with what we have. It is easy to become overwhelmed with your own problems, and if you allow yourself to store your sorrow it can bring you to rock bottom.

There is a technique that was taught to me called "The Three Liberations." This meditation will allow you to release much of your hidden sorrow and allow you to be enlightened and free from your past actions. The first liberation is allowing yourself to let go of the all of the people that have harmed you. Whether it is your family, your boss, a stranger, or even the collective karma of your race/family/country. We carry the karma of our ancestors through stories in our memories. Let your past go, breath out all hurt, pain, and grief. Liberate yourself from the collective karma of our ancestors. Imagine in your minds eye everyone that has ever hurt you. Visualize them in front of you one at a time and as you breath in, breath them into you, and as you exhale gently breath them out and wish them a peaceful goodbye. As they leave so does all their negativity that they imposed upon you. It does not belong to you. It is theirs. Wish them well and liberate yourself from them and their influences.

The second liberation is one of liberating yourself of the damage you may have done to others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We all infringe upon others at one point, but it is important to realize it and release it at once. Ask yourself for forgiveness for anyone you may have hurt. Come to atonement with them in person if it is possible. If you can't because they have moved away, promising to make up for it with not allowing it to happen to others will suffice. Harm no one intentionally and do not vent your own frustrations onto others. Release it out into the universe where it can be redistributed. Never infringe upon others by unburdening yourself onto them. You can talk about your situation, but do so carefully and with control.

The third liberation is liberating yourself from the negative karma you have collected by injustices you have committed to the Earth. We are literally children of the Earth. The Earth provides us a home, nourishment for our bodies, and the atmosphere required for us to survive. Be thankful for each breath, forgive yourself, and accept the apologies of others. Vow to make change in the way you live, if you occasionally litter make a promise to never litter again. It is hard to live a perfectly "green" life, but if we all strive to make change we are stepping in the right direction. Animals have grown extinct over the years, and so have many plants. Sometimes this happens regardless of human influence, but now that we are to a level of consciousness that we are aware, we must stop while we still can. We must liberate ourselves from our own injustices. This is the only way to live free. To be enlightened does not mean to become a guru that people gawk over. Enlightenment is living free and not being burdened by internal and external influences. It is entering into gentle peacefulness and responding with love in every way. Love is enlightenment, but you must be soft to love. We become hardened through life, but enlightenment is the process of becoming soft. Liberation allows you to chip away at all the things that makes you hard.

So allow yourself to be liberated from the influence of others, from your own justice, and allow yourself the opportunity of forgiveness. God forgives you, but you must forgive yourself to truly feel forgiven. 


A.J. Chirstoph


This article is purely theoretical and it may be a little too far out there for some of you, but the logic holds true if you believe in the afterlife and the concept of having a soul. I feel it has a certain amount of possibility, and it definitely is an interesting concept.

Okay so I believe the majority of us can agree we are currently alive and possess the unique property of life. When someone passes away their life-force leaves their physical body, and the body decomposes and is recycled. There is a disagreement between cultures with what happens to your life-force/soul. Atheists believe nothing happens you simple cease to exist. Agnostics believe there is no possible way to really say what happens aside from decomposition, so they have no opinion. Hindus, Buddhists, and various native peoples believe their energy is redistributed throughout the universe and depending on the way you lived your life, your are reincarnated. Christians believe your life-force/soul goes back to be with God if you have repented for your sins, and have received salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ. Muslims believe when you die you return to be with Allah/God in heaven if you have lived a devout Muslim lifestyle. And many people don't exactly know what to believe. But this article is not specifically dealing with death, but more so what happens before you are born.

Some religions believe you are a spirit/etheric energy that resides inside a physical vehicle called a body. This happens to be my personal belief due to out-of-body experiences I have had, but now I will offer an interesting concept of how exactly our spirits/souls are born into this physical world.

So lets assume we all believe we are spiritual energies that live inside a physical body, if you don't believe this than this article won't make much sense any way. Before we are in this physical dimension we exist in a spiritual dimension may cultures have referred to as heaven, the spirit world, and etc. So upon conception a portal is created inside of the womb of a woman that allows the spirit to enter the physical vessel of the fetus. If we are thinking scientifically this point would be sometime after the semen fertilizes the egg. A day or two later a zygote is formed and the two haploid reproductive cells have came together to become one. There is no real way to define when this creation is a human, and there is no real way to tell when the soul has entered the entity, but I will offer a fact that is irrefutable:

Since scientists define a cell as "the basic unit of life." Then both the sperm cell and the egg cell are two individual living things. So when they come together and become one they have been alive the entire time, and have simply evolved into a higher state of being. So there is never a single point in time when a fetus is not a living thing. Again, like I mentioned in my article Aliens Exist. We Proved it by Landing on the Moon, our problem lies in our rigidity of definitions. 

Is it a human? Is it a fetus? Is it a zygote? All of these questions are really irrelevant, because they are just terms we have created in order to describe something in the physical world. They just describe our understanding and mental construct, the truth is they are all just different stages of the same thing. The separation is an illusion created by our own minds. Sure, it serves its purpose to define and label things, but the reality is we are all made of the same components just at a different level of evolution. Our bodies are organic, a banana is organic, a monkey is organic, but this does not mean they are the same thing. They are made of the same components but they are compiled together to create a different creation.

This is because of dimension. If we were to zoom in and leave our current point of reference. All we would be able to observe is billions of different cells that function individually, but they also work together to create what ever organ. Zoom in even further and you have organelles inside the cells that function as the organs of cells. If we were to zoom in even deeper it would just be molecules which are made of the various elements of the periodic table. This is leaving the dimension of biology and entering the dimension of chemistry. Now if you split the elements apart and examine them we enter the realms of atomic physics. Even deeper still we can enter the subatomic dimension where nothing can be explained in the normal sense. But we aren't done zooming. This is just where we are today some 264 years after the invention of Science. I personally believe you can zoom in for eternity. I believe in the idea of a negative infinity and a positive infinity, meaning you can zoom in for eternity and you can zoom out for eternity.

Now that we have zoomed in we see at a certain point we come to a position where literally everything is made of a common substance. That common substance is simply called energy. We don't really know what energy is, but we know it exists and has always existed, for ever. This is what I perceive as God. The infiniteness of the Universe is overwelming, but we are a part of the Universe, therefore a part of God.

So back to the semen and the egg cells. They both are living things, and they consist of living organelles that make decisions function to keep the cells alive, in turn keeping our organs alive, in turn us alive. But where and when does consciousness develop? Are the cells in our bodies conscious things that work together to compile to create our life?  Its interesting to say that consciousness has to develop, but I have seen some full grown adults that were barely conscious. There are different degrees of consciousness, and just because you are alive does not mean you are conscious.

But my postulation is that the soul must enter the physical body in order for consciousness to exist, and the soul must leave the body in order for someone to die. This is the basis for my theory, upon sexual intercourse and conception that triggers the creation of a portal at the subatomic level that allows the soul to manifest itself into the physical dimension. There is no other way for this to happen, and this is why many cultures have practiced ritual sex, and regarded sex as a sacred act reserved only for reproduction. It is a sacred act, that is necessary for the continuation of our species.

Like I said, this article is definitely out there, but it is an interesting concept. It is exciting to think about and will really throw your mind for a trip. 

Like always, thank you for reading. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment. Share this article if you thought it was thought provoking.


A.J. Chirstoph


PictureA human alien standing on the moon.
I recently bought Erich Von Däniken's controversial book Chariots of the Gods?, and it has really got me thinking. The problem with the majority of the world is with people's rigidity of definitions. We often tend to forget we not only created the term, but also the definition. As far as the word "alien", it is defined by thefreedictionary.com as "Owing political allegiance to another country or government; foreign:." There is an entire list of possible definitions, but to most people it means "from outer space, or simply not from this world."

So by the definition when the first people landed on the moon in 1969, humans became the first aliens factually known to exist. This is interesting because many people argue the existence of "aliens" when a handful of astronauts technically were "aliens" at one point in their lives. As I said, the problem lies with our rigidity of definitions. We have created a mental construct of what something is, and due to stubbornness we refuse to see it any other way; when that construct is not necessarily the truth, but it's just our description and personal understanding. 

One may argue that that isn't an alien because its just a human on the moon, but humans did not grow, live, and evolve on the moon. So by definition humans are indeed aliens relative to the moon. There are not any lifeforms living on the moon to observe us and define us as aliens, but based on the common definition an alien is any creature that did not originate from the specific location. It is all relative. That is why some people are so concerned about "illegal aliens" because they feel they don't belong here. The illegal alien was born someplace else so that's where they should stay. So practically everything is relative to the way you perceive it and understand it. Most people wouldn't think of humans as aliens, but if we have to wear a space suit in order to survive, I think its safe to say we don't belong there, therefore are alien.

I hope this article has made you question your definitions of what exactly is alien. Remember, all words are the invention of people. Its just by habit and time that we assume they have always existed.

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Going through our daily lives we collect all sorts of garbage and negativity. This negative energy attaches itself to our etheric body and energy fields. If you are unfamiliar with the etheric fields or don't believe in them, or don't understand them that's okay. This article still holds truth without all of the technical esoteric explanations. For now simply imagine your body is an electromagnet memory bank that absorbs words, ideas, opinions, and influence from others and our surroundings. The words and things others say to us effects us whether we consciously realize it or not. For example: an argument with your significant other or a casual remark can make your confidence/energy drop by conflicting your Ego's opinion of itself. This puts you in a defensive position and when people are defensive and insecure they do things to compensate. This makes the mind think it is vulnerable, weak, and therefore somehow closer to death. Suddenly an argument turns into something that is life threatening; which explains why some people overreact, because to them you are threatening them with the possibility of death. If the problem isn't resolved immediately, say before you go to sleep, your subconscious mind allows this negative energy work its way deeper into your etheric until it is literally accepted as a part of you.

This is why it is very important to release negativity early on, and not allow ourselves to say things that infringe upon others. It is important to express self-control, but of course we all know that and usually don't intentionally say hurtful things. Sometimes this is just a part of being human. If apologizing does not cure your discontent feeling and talking does not fix your problem, there is always the option of releasing the negativity out of your aura into the Universe. I will explain an effective way of doing this now.

Find a place to sit quietly where you won't be disturbed and sit down with your legs crossed. You don't have to make any specific position of the hands, just sit there with them on your lap, with your palms facing up. Close your eyes and begin breathing at a comfortable rate focusing on the air entering and exiting through your nostrils. Imagine as you breath in you are attracting all things that are good, loving, and peaceful, and as you exhale gently release all problems, fears, tension, and frustration. Imagine a nice calming purple energy falling upon you from above. This purple healing mist is breathed in through your nose and distributed throughout your body healing everything it comes in contact with. It is effortless and natural. You force nothing, you just relax. Continue breathing slower and slower with each breath you are healing your body and balancing your energy. As you balance yourself your aura has no room for negativity because it has no place to attach. If your etheric is jagged and broken, negative energy can attach itself, but if you are calm and balanced your aura is smooth and balanced so you are invincible to negativity. Do this exercise for about 24 minutes sitting completely still. The reason I say 24 minutes is because its one for each hour of the day. I think that is reasonable. Your Ego may try to fight you with thoughts of doing the dishes or checking Facebook, but if you persevere you will come to feeling refreshed and centered, and the negativity will be gone from your energy field.

Doing an exercise such as this is a discipline. It probably won't be comfortable to begin with, but then again you aren't comfortable feeling in the first place, thats why you are doing the exercise. The lesson here is to love yourself enough to take action to release negativity before it has the chance to work its way deeper. As I said in my book the "Book of Powers" love is nothing more than concentration. If you concentrate on yourself then you love yourself, if you concentrate on a loved one, you give them your attention and focus, therefore you love them. So remember love yourself enough to release all negativity as early as you pick it up. Its like a stinky shoe, if you don't clean it or throw it out, it will stink up the whole house.

Sincere Blessings,

A.J. Chirstoph

Are you an etheric vampire?
   I am sure most of you have been lead to believe vampires are just silly kids stories or sometimes erotic fables in movies, fairy tales, or children's books. Especially since the major hype over the recent expansion of erotic teen vampire fables, but what if I were to tell you they very much are real? You probably have met several throughout your life. Or what if I told you a rather large percentage of people alive are infested with this horrible disease? Or perhaps you may even be one yourself but are completely unaware of it? 

   Maybe you feel there is something wrong, but just can't place precisely what it is. You just seem slightly "off" and consistently have a growing craving, a thirst that can never seem to be quenched. You might argue, "Alex, don't be silly. I know I'm not a vampire because I have no problem being outside in sunlight, and besides I can't stand the taste of blood." What if I were to tell you that you were what some refer to as a day-walker, and that the the hunger you constantly crave isn't necessarily blood, but it's the substance blood offers to all living things, life. 

   The unfortunate reality is vampires do truly exist and many actually thrive throughout this world. They thrive in every community, every congregation, every country, city, and there may even be one in every family... Now before you run to the grocery store and begin pillaging the fresh produce section scavaging for garlic, I must inform you it will have little real benefit against the real vampires. You see, over the years somehow the truth about vampires has became inflated and exaggerated, probably just for the excitement of ghost stories, or perhaps it's because we have lost our connection to our etheric life-source, or perhaps we have became dull and our keenness of perception has been lost or misplaced. Or I suppose it could be a combination of them all?

   Real vampires are people just like you and I, but they are infected with a malicious mental disease that causes them to be in a state of constant discontent. Their Ego personality is damaged from years of neglect and abuse that it takes on a very sinister disposition towards others in order to etherically feel "alive." The etheric Life-Force of others is the only thing that keeps the vampire alive. Every second spent near a vampire drains and sucks on your etheric energy, making you feel agitated, weak, tired, and increasingly uncomfortable. Your presence temporarily gives the vampire a boost of energy so they are able to live if not only for one more day, but when you leave they begin to decay back to their original energy level, back to their natural state where they came from. They can't sustain the higher energy because its borrowed, its not theirs. The only way to sustain it is to create it yourself, but a vampire lacks the energy and understanding to do so.

   The reason you desperately want to escape their grasp is because they are so insecure they are metaphysically trapped in a program of perpetual insecurity, its a disease of the mind that makes them infringe on you. They are like a sinking ship, they bring you down with them. In the physical world the reason it bugs you is because they have no interest in giving you attention because their mind is too busy trying to feed off you in order to please itself. By constantly focusing on themselves and constantly calling on you to do things for them, and constantly leaning on you as if you are their life raft this saps the energy right out of you and makes you want to desperately escape. 

   Often etheric vampires are the monsters they have became because over the years their heart has grown cold and shriveled due to a lack of love, support, and compassion. Really almost always it is because of a lack of meaningful connection in the world. So when a straggler accidentally stumbles into their lair they pounce on them and etherically zap them until you are either dead and no use to them or you manage to slip away. When we are supported by our friends and family it is much easier to maintain higher "spirits", because we literally have their etheric support. Others are lifting us up into a higher more desirable dimension. We are not left alone and tossed in the cellar left to rot and die like some unfortunate people are, and astonishingly to everyone's surprise one night they hear a rapping tapping at the cellar door, suddenly grandma who has miraculously came back to life, busted through the cellar door, launched across the living room, knocked over a house plant, and plopped down on the sofa demanding your love and attention because she refuses to die and much less go away. Even if you stab her in the heart, shove a quarter-pound of garlic cloves down her throat and pray she begone she's here to stay.

   You see etheric vampires aren't some evil sick twisted soulless monsters we have been lead to believe, that's much to romantic and considerably easier to deal with than reality. Vampires are just extremely lonely and confused people that are tossed aside, neglected, and unloved. They lack the knowledge and understanding of how to effectively control their etheric energy that is necessary in order to thrive. Etheric vampires are typically people who lacked true connection and love as a child. They were not necessarily physically abused or hurt, but perhaps their parents were just too busy slaving away trying to provide them with physical things and a place to live, or maybe their parents lacked the intelligence or understanding required to make any meaningful connection, perhaps their parents were dead, and of course its always possible they just didn't care. This is why vampirism is a contagious disease that is passed on for generations, its not only in your blood, but also in your genetic memory.

   Now before you become too indignant, please let me offer the solution, no, it is not to kill the vampire or banish it to it Hell, it is to love it and concentrate on it to heal it, and to teach it how to heal itself by loving itself. This isn't the easiest option because it requires your time, effort, your sincerity  your concentration. It requires your love. Love is nothing more than concentration. When you love someone you think about them, you concentrate on them, you empower them with your mind. Your focus, your Will Power is the most powerful tool available to you, it is the heart of your true power. You can be a healer that heals sicknesses, diseases, anger, depression, and much more, but you have to care to begin with. You have to love yourself.

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This is an excerpt from chapter one of my book "The Book of Powers." Become a Member and gain access to the eBook for free.
Chapter 1: Understanding Dimension
Moving through Dimensions
   To begin with let me explain what true power is. True power is self-mastery. True power comes from within. True power is not gained by coercive force. It is not a mysterious gift from God only available to the few elite members of some society or congregation. For the most part power of this nature is temporary and only powerful in the terms and opinions of the Ego, ie: religious, military, or social control. When you think about it, it is quite the opposite of true power. It is enslavement and entrapment to what ever it is that you must control. Always having to express control over others is insecure and weak. It is a tactic of the Ego to compensate for the lack of internal security and control.

   True power is a spiritual conscious agreement that takes place from within. It is the awakening of the Spirit and the opening of the chakras, making you perceptive to a heightened sense of awareness and being. It comes from humility, discipline, and the thirst for knowledge and understanding. True power is never wielded over others, feeling you must control others is insecure because of the failure to accept others for who they are. Allow people to make their own decisions no matter how silly they choose to be. A Sage is emotionally removed from the actions of others. Because they know others have no effect on them, and they know everything is the way it is for a reason.

   People must be given the freedom to make their own decisions and actions, especially when it comes to who or what to believe in. True power like a Sage possesses is quietly and ever so gently expressed, it is the subtle flow of the etheric life-force through your physical and spiritual body. It is manifested by total self-control over all aspects of life including exercise, diet, communication (both external & internal), intellectual study, posture, bed time, what time you rise, meditation habits, and literally everything in between. A Sage neglects nothing.

   Mastery of this energy or concept begins to magically pull your desires inward and closer to physical reality.  In the physical plane we are accustomed to seeking out and obtaining the things we desire. This is how the normal waking life functions, but in the inner worlds what we call the etheric worlds, everything acts in reverse. First let me explain exactly what the etheric worlds actually are. There are many layers of reality that exist simultaneously on top of each other. There are worlds within worlds folded on top of each other, some are interconnected and others are not, but they all exist right here, right now, some even before our very eyes. The way to perceive these other worlds is by entering into trance and through meditation, exercise, and discipline. The fastest and easiest is by entering into a meditative state. Before you jump to any conclusions assuming I’m off my rocker let me explain it scientifically.

   There are dimensions all over the place, if you are interested in physics you will know that the universe behaves considerably differently depending on your relative position. The simplest way to describe this idea is to have you imagine you are deep inside an animal cell. Scientists define a cell as the most basic unit of life. Within a cell is an entire world of things that only exist inside the cellular dimension. They exist in both worlds, but relative to the position a Mitochondria could never exist outside a cell, at least not naturally. Mitochondria only exist within the dimensions of a cell. Mitochondria are organelles that help with metabolism and the survival of the cell. You can think of it as a cellular power plant. All cells are compiled to create an organ or tissue. A heart consists of billions of interconnected heart cells that function in unison to make a living heart. A liver consists of billions of liver cells, and so on and so forth.

   Inside of the cells contains the entire dimension reality of that cell. For example: a pizza does not exist in the cellular world, but a mitochondria could exist inside a pizza (assuming it has toppings with eukaryotic cells). The laws of physics has a tendency to bend and changes the bigger or smaller you travel. Inside of a cell everything is suspended in a gel like substance called cytoplasm so within the dimension of a cell everything kind of floats around, and is affected differently than we are here right now. These are two realities that exist simultaneously, but they are happening at the same time and even within the same body. Freaky huh?

   The cellular dimension is just one small example of the possibly millions of dimensions that could exist. The reason I classify them as alternate dimensions is because different variables exist within the differing natural worlds, and most importantly the laws of nature drastically change. A general rule of thumb is the smaller you go, the more the physics changes. This is a major problem with subatomic physics and cosmology. Scientists are vigorously trying to create a theory that mathematically combines the two together, but this seems to be exceedingly difficult because we really have no way of observing at the subatomic level, yet.

   A good example of the laws bending at the subatomic dimension is with the omission of the law of gravity. Normally we experience gravity 24 hours a day seven days a week, but if you were to travel inside an atom, say someplace inside of your body, the laws of gravity no longer apply, at least to our current understanding. This is why physicists have difficulty combining the astronomical with the subatomic. To explain it a little more clearly it is a living paradox. Everything on Earth experiences the force of gravity, but the substances things on Earth are made of are omitted from the forces of gravity. This is one reason physicist have postulated the idea of a gravitron, a particle of gravity that attracts matter. The idea of a gravitron works because it explains why at the subatomic level gravity doesn’t exist. The reason being, gravity affects the dimension outside, not the dimension inside. A rather crude way you could think of this is to imagine attaching a rope to a house that is built on top of a cart, and pulling the cart with a Mac Truck, the rope is not directly pulling you, but it is pulling the thing you are sitting inside of. So you are free to move about inside, do jumping jacks, pour a glass of milk, and basically anything else you could do outside. Relative to your position you are unaffected; but if you were to stick your head out the window and leave the confines of your inner home dimension, you would realize your brother who is driving the truck has you whizzing down the highway at 90 miles per hour headed straight towards the drive through of Mc Donalds. 


The Book of Powers


   Every so often one crosses paths with a true master. A subtle transaction of energy takes place. There is a mysterious and internal communication that exchanges silently. It is beguiling, enchanting, and empowering. The person is magical and mysterious, warm and empowering.  To most people they just can’t place their finger exactly on what it is that attracts you to this person, the exact words to explain this subtle feeling are fleeting. For some magical and seemingly unknown reason the person acts as a magnet pulling in successful relationships, money, love, inspiration, and anything else they desire. Everything works in perfect harmony for them. Life is easy, their physical body, energy, posture, and charisma all act as a magnet that makes people go crazy over them. They are successful and powerful, but quiet, controlled, and humble. Their power is not necessarily that of riches and glamour  but it is more so an immense level of respect and fascination of others to where he/she almost appears to be Godlike, this is because they are consciously connected. Everyone wants to be like them but very few know how or even what it is they need to do to create this feeling.

   From now on out we will refer to this person as a Sage. A Sage is a master of them self. A Sage is the highest position a person can be because he or she is the lowest. A Sage puts everyone else above themselves, and in turn it makes them the highest. It sounds like a paradox, but speaking above others is being combative. Trying to be smart, trying to be cool and trying to win approval is weak energy. It is making others feel less because you think you are the best, so the other person has no room to feel empowered. We are here to empower others, not ourselves. Empowering others is the true source of power for a Sage. A Sage is the highest position of power any human can obtain, but they do so without exerting power or control over others. The only power they seek is the power to control themselves. A Sage has complete and total control over themselves. This is the purpose of this book, to teach you how to become a Sage, to teach you how to control yourself and in turn empower others.  You will become a master and a teacher, but only if you take the steps necessary. It will not be easy and the reality is many of you may fail. But failing only happens if you give up, and if you do fall, start climbing again. You have control over your life; now show it, but not to prove it to everyone else, but to prove it to yourself. Do it for others, but tell no one of your journey. It is sacred, it is private, it is personal. Together we can heal the world. Persevere and live the life of a Sage. This is the path to eternal happiness. This is the ultimate love you can give the world.

   If you give up you are destined to fall back to your normal humdrum state from which you came. If you are reading this, chances are you are like me and want to escape the humdrum world we call “Tick Tock”.  You probably seek a higher energy level and have the desire to make a change. This little book has the potential to positively change your life forever if you allow it. If you honestly apply the lessons taught you will be rewarded with a humbling gift. But it is a journey that will never end. It is continuously making the conscious decision to act, talk, walk, and become the Sage. It gets easier the more you learn, and eventually, with discipline, meditation, and perseverance you will be doing what I am doing now. You will become the teacher in your own way, which will empower others to take action in their lives to change for the best. This is my goal: to inspire the world to empower themselves to empower others. To me this is the greatest blessing of them all. Come now. We have much to learn.