Massive Esoteric Book Collection
I found this huge collection of esoteric books. The collection is available to read online for free. It is a very impressive collection and the author said he will continuously add to it. Hope you enjoy! Click here to visit his site.

Whatever it takes to twang your emotions - tools to bend around the commotion. Take the edge off your mind - bend it right, in a straight line. What is this subtle feeling that I am feeling? It's like my skin crawling, peeling and peeling. 

Normal functioning was never my summoning. I exist parallel to common mans bustling. This dimension of yours is an illusion of thought, constructed by ideas and opinions of what? 

A block is placed here, this is how it should be. Don't question the architect, can you not see? Perfection is a projection complicated by human selection. Erecting perfecting this prophetic complexion - It's the selection of human interjections.

My life is one without limits - I straddle both worlds. Living two lives - On the surface is where I reside, internally is where I thrive. 

There is more to this life than acquiring a budget. Corporate pensions can barely budge it. Take my words as the honest truth. All that you need is here under your roof.

All that you need is here under your roof.
It's my job to use math at work. I especially like looking at numbers represented graphically. Google analytics, SEM rush, Alexa, and traffic estimate are some of my biggest tools. A few numbers can describe everything. If you don't understand the number then you don't understand the situation. When you think about it, the only thing numbers are good for is counting. Counting is required for measuring, and if you can size up a situation, then you stand a better chance at success. Life is a numbers game. Life is an ongoing fractal program which we control by our decisions. Life is a program that created us, but we control our lives by making decisions. I believe that's why early humans were so obsessed with astrology, numerology, and math. They have the program laid here before them - i.e life - and the way to describe the program is by measuring it. We can see it visually but to describe that to another requires a mathematical understanding. 

Math can be intimidating, but so can the infinity that we call creation. We are a part of this creation. We are given power over certain aspects of the world, for example: a dog is limited by the amount of power it can express because it can't make tools, or communicate efficiently. Apes lack the brain sophistication to create advanced tools, therefore squishing their possibilities of advancement, they are simple. And us humans have basically free and total reign over the Earth. We believe we are at the top of the food chain.

Humans in general are much like The North Korean mentality. We think we rule the nation, world, and etc. but in reality there are always someone bigger, richer, more powerful, a higher power. North Korean leadership has their people convinced North Korea is the best, most Holy, most blessed, and whatever. It's human nature. It's human ego. It's ego that blinds us from honestly judging and comparing ourselves.

As I said that's the basic human mentality. We tend to think we are the most evolved beings on this planet. This is partly because of observation as in the dog example, and also because of our theological books tell us so. 

Now here is the mathematical tie in...

The program is infinite. It's a fractal. Zoom in and it goes forever. Zoom out, and it goes forever. There is always a smaller fish, but there is also always a bigger fish.

My perspective of God is the infinity of creation. We are just a minuscule combination in the sequence. Just like how our bodies are comprised of billions of cells, the cells are living units, but compiled they make us. What if its this way all the way down and all the way up, for infinity...

Thank you for reading.