It was exactly a year ago that my friend Justin Ratowsky invited me to donate to his charity water campaign. I felt it was important to give because it is such a small privilege I have taken for granted. Not having access to clean or even cold water is hard for me to imagine, much less entire communities that are deprived of basic resources. But the reality is there are people elsewhere in the world where clean water is a blessing. I am inspired to help change that.

People want what you have, whether they consciously realize it or not. We feed off each other both emotionally & physically. Life feeds on life. All things must consume something in order to continue to survive. Nothing is completely self perpetuating because there is always some type of friction.

Nearly every decision you make involves a sacrifice. I was looking through my Facebook news feed earlier this morning and it made me question why I didn't have the life of one of my friends. I had a couple public speaking classes with this man, and he is a very soft, funny, and nice guy. He is much more straight edge than me. I am not saying I am a thug, and I'm not insinuating this guy is a pushover either.

God is within and God is external. God is all around, but no where to be seen. God is seen everywhere. God is you and God is me. We are all one. It is our own perceptions that create separation. It is our own emotions that allow us to struggle. It is our own poor decisions that allow us to suffer circumstances that are not congruent with peacefulness.

My readers need to know one thing. You are God. You are not separate from this existence. You are a part of this greatness. Negative experiences are filtered through your mind. The feelings of despair do not have to be accepted. You can reject them and refuse to accept anything other than ecstatic bliss.

Think of this. Your body is composed of billions of microscopic life forms called cells. Cells function together to make organs. All of that compiled together create you, a living breathing human being. Cities work the same way. A city is nothing more than a compilation of buildings, people, roads, and space. A state is the same also. A state or province is a collection of land mass defined by some governments definition. There is no real separation between cities/states/countries other than what we agree on. It's all just a location on Earth, floating someplace in the infinity of space.

We are the same as all other things in this world, we are bounded by our accepted definitions. The notion that we are God can be misinterpreted as an offensive statement. The conflict comes with a divergence of opinions, nothing more. It is pushing against the status quo that makes people feel uncomfortable. Sometimes that is a good thing, other times it is bad. 

You see, we are all one. We are a part of the bigger whole. As I've talked about before, we are simply a numerical digit in the infinite fractal of the universe's programming. Its all a pattern that repeats itself over and over at varying degrees depending on dimensional size.

Some people view God as an external being that is not a part of his creation. That is not how I view it. I view God as the totality of everything that has ever existed and ever will exist. Some say God is infinite, scientists say the Universe is infinite, and my stance is: God is the fundamental energy that makes all of creation. God is what fuels the Universe. As the Law of Conservation of Energy says, "Energy can not be created or destroyed." Energy has always existed in one form or another. It is simply rearranged. This is the basis for reincarnation and many other philosophical beliefs. As I said in a previous article, my cat died, we buried him, and sometime later the grass grew big, dark, and green. My childhood pet, Tom... Well... He was recycled. 

It is an infinite loop we are all contained within. That loop is the physical domain, our energy can not leave the physical world, because it is a part of God. We are simply living on borrowed matter. What happens to our consciousness upon death? Well that's the greatest mystery of all time now isn't it?


A.J. Christoph
Why is a question children learn early, and usually they learn pretty quickly to stop asking so many damn questions. Children are not limited on what they can think because they lack first hand experience. A small child may not understand what it means for something to be hot, but they learn quickly after giving in to the temptations of "Hey lets twist this knob and watch the stove get red and touch it!

Children do not know their boundaries and they constantly test to see what they can and can't do. As they grow up into their teenage years they may still have a dreamer mentality, and by the time they are 23, they start to realize they have put on an extra 30 pounds, and definitely won't be pursuing a career as a professional skateboarder. Don't laugh at me!

Opportunities pass you every day. Its right here right now, all you have to do is see it, reach out, and accept it.

But on to asking more questions. Why do we do the things we do? Sure you can say for money, or to get the ladies! Or even for the self satisfaction of achieving "things." But after a while of achieving "things" I started to ask why. "Why" can be the most disrupting question to ask yourself, because there is not always an answer. When you ask a question your brain gives you an answer. Why am I such a screw up? Ding! Ding! Ding! Because you made a D on your middle school science project and all the kids laughed at you because... Well you're stupid and the teacher thought you were stupid also. Heck, for all that matters your parents probably think you're a bit dim too. Does that answer your question? Okay... Okay... That may have been a bit excessive and over the top, but its 2013, come on! Let me show my ankles!
So if you are a constant questioner like myself then keep in mind when asking yourself a question, it is important to ask it in a way that is congruent with your goals. For example: instead of asking "Why am I such a screw up?" you should ask "What can I do to be better?" This will solve the majority of your petty stress because you are now commanding your life in a more positive direction. Its a simple habit with powerful results.

Okay. Here we are again sharing a moment. Me sitting here typing eloquent and poetic words, and you... the reader, gleefully reading away happily and content. Anxiously the reader read the next word! And another! And another! Until finally the reader began to question... What is this guy doing? He is in my head! His words are literally being vocalized in mind in the voice I imagine him to have! Alas! There must be relief. The relief comes from asking why? Why do we do the things we do?

Is it for sexual, financial, or social gains? The majority of the time, it is. It is for selfish gains. We live in a world that literally revolves around billions of "selves" at varying levels. It's survival of each individual that ensures the continuity of the whole. But where is the limit? How much do we need? Are you balanced?

We do the things we do, because we temporarily have the belief/opinion it is what we need at that point in time. I saw an advert for the new nick-nack. The next thing I know I am buying it. It serves me well. I enjoy the nick-nack. I love my nick-nack. Nick-nack no longer fun... I throw away... Hey is that the new razor scooter?! Wow only $19.95! I'll take seven!

Wash rinse repeat. This is why I ask so many questions. I demand answers in this life. The only way to answer life's mysteries is by searching for the truth. Keep asking questions. Ask the question to the question to the question. It's an infinite loop, but unfortunately many people settle with the first thing they are told. Don't shut yourself off to your full potential.

Now get out there and go question some people until they run you out the door!!! You can start with me by leaving a comment below. I guarantee I will answer most questions tee he.