The Warrior’s Prayer

I am what I am.
In having faith in the beauty within me I develop trust.
In softness I have strength.
In silence I walk with the gods.
In peace I understand myself and the world.
In conflict I walk away.
In detachment I am free.
In respecting all living things I respect myself.
In dedication I honour the courage within me.
In eternity I have compassion for the nature of all things.
In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.
In freedom I have power.
In my individuality I express the God-Force within me.
In service I give of what I have become.
I am what I am:
Eternal, immortal, universal.

~ Stuart Wilde

I love thinking about aliens. Of all the possibilities of the many interesting creatures that could possibly exist, I especially like the idea that something exists that is greater than humans. I mean we can't be the top of the food chain. Maybe here on Earth we are, but I don't really think so. Try going out into the African bush alone and see how long you can make it. The reason humans dominate in this world is because of numbers - we can cling together, accomplish a common goal, and we can communicate in a method that other animals can not: Written language.

So let me expand your mind for a moment. Let me explain what and where we are right now. To start off we are on Earth, the third rock from the sun. The sun is a star. A rather normal star. Every point of light you see in the night sky is a star. They are little suns. Sometimes you can see really bright objects in the sky, and when you do those will be planets. But the spots of light that make up the constellations are suns that are very far away. Each little star more than likely has planets, and depending on the conditions, temperature, elemental make up, etc, each star could support a planet that has life. 

Now the common argument is "we can't possibly know that." Well no shit. We can't know anything unless we can directly observe it, however, we have ways of coming to very accurate estimations. It's called math. So let me give you an understanding of what the probability of life being elsewhere in the UNIVERSE is.

Okay, scientists say that there are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy. One hundred billion looks like this 100,000,000,000. That's 100 billion. How much is that? Well below is what one billion dollars looks like. Now multiply that by 100 to get an idea of how much paper we are talking about. But we are not talking about paper. We are talking about stars. Really really really freaking BIG flaming balls of nuclear fusion that power everything in our solar system! Our one little sun is like our God. That's why native people worshiped the sun. They understood that all life comes from the sun. So imagine 100,000,000,000 of them in our galaxy alone.
Okay, now that you have a slight idea of how many stars there are in our galaxy (called the Milky Way), there is an estimated minimum of 100 billion known galaxies. Okay so there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies known. So let me show you what a galaxy looks like. 
That's what the Milky Way Galaxy would look like from a point very far away. See that big huge ball of light in the center? That is the core of the galaxy. At each and every individual point in the center is a cluster of stars, so densely packed the light blurs together to look like a big friggin' blob of butter milk. So the image above estimates some 100 billion stars. Each of these stars has potential to be just like our sun and support life. But that's not all. No where near. The next image that I am going to show you is the most important image that has ever been taken. It is important because it puts it into perspective how firggin' large the Universe is. 
What you are looking at here is the Hubble Deep Field. It is basically a super zoomed-in photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope that shows not stars, but thousands of galaxies (composed of billions of stars). That's right each colorful splotch of light is hundreds of billions of stars densely packed together. So just quickly counting what I see here I see. Well shit I lost place of my count. But let's just say its an even one thousand. So some elementary math at astronomical levels:(1,000 galaxies seen in this picture alone) multiplied by (100,000,000,000 stars in each galaxy) = 1e14 which is a 1 with 14 zero's after. It looks like this.100,000,000,000,000
That's a number I can't even friggin' pronounce. So let's be very moderate and say 1% of the stars in each galaxy can possibly sustain life. That gives you 1e12. Again 1 with 12 zeros after it. That looks like this:


So that means just in this photo alone there would be one trillion stars that could possibly support life. ONE Trillion! And that is just in this small section of the known universe. 

So now let's speculate there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Here's some quick math:

100,000,000,000 X 100,000,000,000 = 1e22

So there would be a total estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the Universe. Yep...

As you can see this is a number practically approaching infinity. 

So humor me and continue reading if I apply the meager 1% of stars could possibly sustain life calculation again. 

That would mean there are 1e20 stars that could possibly sustain life. Or written out only a very small number like this:


But wait that is not all either. Lets assume each star has an average of 5 planets. So 5 times all the stars in the universe gives us 5e22. So there would be approximately 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 PLANETS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!

So let's assume only 1% of planets could possibly sustain life. Wait for it. Wait for it. Waaaiiitt for it. That's 5e20. Again another super long number but for humor I will type it out again.


So to answer the question "Do aliens exist?"

Of course they do.

Besides, we proved aliens exist when we we landed on the moon. Read that article for further thoughts on aliens and how when we landed on the moon, we became the first aliens to factually be known to exist.

Open your mind. We are tiny little meat bags and really not so significant. 

Compassion: Compassion is an empathy that allows us to connect intimately to the hearts of others. Compassion grants us awareness and understanding that allows us to relate with other people's feelings and emotions - it also acts as a guiding intuition that helps us to just "know" the right things to say or not to say. Compassion is an act of humility; the most true, the most honest, and the most heart-felt way to communicate with another human-being. With this, compassion is necessary for realizing a truthful understanding of ourselves and the world that we all live within. 

When one is compassionate the focus is removed from "me" and is instead transferred towards that of someone other than yourself. In focusing on someone else you are momentarily replacing your own needs for the needs of others. You are showing them love and you are consciously making the effort to try to understand them in their entirety—regardless of your own opinions, judgment and emotions. It has been said that the spiritual journey is very short, only three feet long. One foot down from your head to your heart and two feet outward to embrace the person nearest.

Compassion is an awareness that must be cultivated, grown, and tended to. One does not usually become compassionate overnight or without discipline. The human natural state is to be selfish, compassion is reverse to what is typically pleasing to self-interest. And that is not to say once one becomes compassionate they will always be compassionate, but if compassion is made a constant daily, hourly, minutely, a priority at every moment, then it will act as a guiding intuition that will help ensure we rarely step wrong, and when we do... We will compassionately ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves, and atone it by agreeing that we will step more carefully in the future.

Compassion, forgiveness, and absolution: the three keys to unlocking your heart.

Thank you for reading. (AJ)
A.J. & Dan
Healing your life and psychological well-being can be as simple as doing a few practical actions that increase your self-esteem. However, you have to expend some energy in order to do so, and yes it can take a little money and a little effort, but everything requires both money and effort. That is a fact that we should have grown used to by now. 

Healing your life can be as simple as getting a haircut, buying some new clothes, taking some nice photos of yourself, and then going out into public to allow others the opportunity to give you the healing compliments that will further solidify your progress. Sure it takes a little effort and confidence to bring yourself out into the public eye, especially if you have been down in low energy, but it will pay off when others acknowledge your efforts. This is part of the process of closing the gap between you and money - wealthy people generally take care of themselves. Your physical appearance is important because this subtly communicates to everyone your deep innermost feelings about yourself. To look rich is to feel rich and to feel rich is to be rich. 

Now many of you may not care about being rich, and you may associate negative emotions towards wealthy people. Don't judge others - it robs you of your self-worth. Ironically I have found that poor people and middle class people are just as likely to judge the wealthy as wealthy people are to judge the less wealthy! Let me offer an interesting and slightly bizarre exchange of events that happened when I was in Asheville, North Carolina recently. I was there spending some time downtown with my cousin who recently moved there. We made our round through a few bars, talked to several people, played some music with a homeless group of troubadours, and spoke Mandarin to a Chinese restaurant owner. It was a good night. I was wearing a nice blazer, jeans, tennis shoes, and a collared shirt. I was just wearing my normal day-to-day clothes for when I am out and about - it wasn't anything extravagant - but I was dressed a little nicer than most people around. As we walked outside the bar there was this homeless man standing outside with this huge 4 feet tall pearl white Teddy Bear. He was going on with a story about how it was his daughter's Teddy bear and she just passed away, and he was going to give it away to one of the women inside the bar. He continued talking about the bear and how his daughter loved it dearly and how much it means to him. Now keep in mind the bear looked brand new and he more than likely did not carry that thing with him everyday for 6 years, it was still white and clean. So he went on telling the people that was sitting out front of the bar how he was going to give it to them and they should take good care of it. Whenever he looked over at me I asked him "What should they feed it?" 

This is when the man and woman sitting there at the table flipped out. The black bearded 6 foot tall man stood up and starting screaming at me saying something along the lines of "DON'T DISRESPECT HIM!" I calmly looked at him and quietly said "Don't worry, I have this under control." Now in the commotion of the chaos that was quickly evolving the homeless man began to cry. When I saw that he was upset I went over to him and placed my hand on his back and starting talking to him sincerely to calm him down. I apologized and told him I didn't mean to upset him. Then the couple that was screaming at me came over beside us and starting trying to calm him down also. Once he had calmed down the lady began talking to me telling me how I should never judge people that it was not my place to judge people. I found this rather ironic because I had no judgment at all - I was just trying to joke with the man. When in fact she was the one that was judging me because of the way that I was dressed. Not to mention the man did not become upset until her husband started screaming and escalated the situation. After things calmed down I asked the man if he wanted a beer. He said yes so I gave him $10. The couple failed to see the man was just playing a psychological game with us to get someone to buy him a beer. Instead they bought into his pity game and attacked me when I made a joke about the bear. Yet in the end everyone got what they wanted. The homeless man sold the bear and got a couple beers, the couple felt they defended someone in need, and I got an interesting experience to go down in my book of strange situations that I have gotten myself into. So the point of this story is to demonstrate that it isn't necessarily always the wealthy people that judge the poor, the poor can judge the rich, and even the middle class can judge the poor & the wealthy. In reality I am just a normal guy with a normal income, but I choose to dress nice because that is how I feel the best. Dressing nice I get judged probably more often than the poorest of the poor because I stand out more. Interesting huh? 

Now moving on with what this has to do with healing your life.

Not all healing has to be mystical mumbo-jumbo, and for the most part, the most powerful healings are the practical things that you can do to better yourself. But almost all healing comes from within, so you have to focus on healing yourself with taking action. There may be people who remind you of your potential, but ultimately you are your own shaman, you are your own guru, you are your own guardian angel. You must identify with your spirit and acknowledge your divine power within, and sometimes before you can identify internally you must do some external actions that further solidify the power internally. This is why taking care of yourself is so important. It is difficult to feel good about yourself if deep down you know you are not healthy, but the reverse trick is to affirm in your mind that you are healthy and you are making progress to make the changes in your life. For example: at one point in my life I got up to 210 pounds. That is very big for me, considering just a few years ago I weighed 145 pounds. I was a small thing, so when I was writing my first book, "The Book of Powers" I had some negative emotions towards being overweight. These negative emotions were not doing me any justice, but I was trying to convince myself that I needed to lose weight. I have since then lost weight and edited out the anger I was experiencing towards myself in the book, and have replaced that section with an attitude that is more loving and positive. But the point is if you have negative emotions about yourself it makes it that much more difficult to manifest the changes that you want. Instead, replace the self-hating thoughts with powerful thoughts that evoke healthy responses. If you feel that you are slipping and beginning to lose control of your physical health, instead of saying "Man I am overweight and getting fat." Replace that affirmation with "I am growing healthier each and every day." Saying the latter affirms it into your subconscious that you are making a conscious effort to change. Saying the first one further solidifies that you are just a worthless slob and you are not going anywhere in life, and that just digs you deeper and deeper into the despair of depression.

Finally, in closing remember that people judge the perceived wealthy just as often if not more often than people who judge the poor. Judgement does not serve anyone justice. Take care of yourself, get the haircut, buy some nicer clothes, take some pretty photos, and get out and go do something that makes you feel good. 

Have fun. (AJ)
Enlightenment is what most New Age seekers strive for, but who is to say enlightenment is the end of the journey? Enlightenment is a trap, and usually it requires people to be subjugated to the enlightened one's needs, whims, and "emotions." The "enlightened" individual needs an ashram, a throne, cushions, fancy pillows, someone feeding them grapes, belly dancers, flute players, cellos, and a whole assortment of things that act as confirming symbols of her or his spiritual status. Sure enlightenment sounds nice, but I don't fully buy into it. I think it's mostly an act combined with a little knowledge of metaphysics, and a whole lot of PR and marketing. Now this is not to say "enlightened" people do not serve a purpose - they do. But I want you to question what real enlightenment would look like. Do you think a truly enlightened person would require all of that? Probably not. So many of the people who act as the world's great teachers and claim to be "enlightened" are in fact just savvy marketers and they lack the real tools to help you journey all of the way. Think of this, how can anyone teach you how to go beyond themselves? They can't. So be wary of those people. Learn what you can from them, but do not allow yourself to get trapped under their control. It may be a hard fact to swallow, but the truly enlightened ones are the teachers that go beyond enlightenment. You are infinitely capable, so why would you want to get snarled up in the trappings of "enlightenment" when you could go infinitely beyond the one little title of the so called final destination? Think of this: from your experience, is it or is it not true that anyone that tells you they have transcended human emotions and have entered into a state of enlightenment are more than likely going to turn around and try to suck the money out of your bank account? Of course they are! Because being enlightened is an incredibly expensive title! I chose the above photo because this is what real enlightenment would look like. Do you see an ashram? Do you see any followers, do you see any grapes? No, not a one. He is journeying alone.

Now to a certain extent enlightenment is true. Enlightenment as most people know it simply means to be "spiritually free." Now it is true most people do need a little weight loss for the mind, but human emotions serve a purpose. Emotions act as our protecting mechanism that helps guide us to make wise decisions, but unfortunately emotions do not always follow the rules of rational logic. The reason is because emotions are not always logical. Most people walk around in such a cloud of emotions they are constantly angry, pissed off, or depressed. So when you are in any of those emotional states it is nearly impossible to make a rational decision. This makes it even harder to escape and realize your full potential. I'll give you an example: Imagine a beautiful woman who has been in an unhealthy relationship for some period of time, she hates her situation but she feels powerless to change it. All of her friends question her why she doesn't just dump the rat and move on, but what is her response? "Because I love him..." 

Emotions guide us, however, that doesn't mean that they are guiding us any closer towards our higher destiny or our full potential. This is where the mastery of your emotions comes into play. Mastery of your emotions is the closest thing to enlightenment that exists. Mastery of your emotions will help guide you to live a less painful and more fulfilled life. Emotions are what cause psychological pain. What is psychological pain?  Psychological pain comes from one source: fear. Very intense fear. Where does fear come from? Fear comes from the death of things. I don't necessarily mean physical death, but the change in a pattern or rhythm that you are comfortable with. The loss of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, the loss of money, the loss of anything that you value. Any combination of those can threaten your well-being and your lifestyle. So suddenly an argument with the boyfriend can set off a chain reaction of negative emotions that spirals out of control. When things change it makes your life uncertain, but when you can accept uncertainty (and especially accept your own death) you are set free. Being free is being enlightened, and emotions are what hold us down. So stop being afraid and become enlightened! That does not mean you have to have a whole ashram of followers and a fat bank account. The ashram of followers comes along with taking on the role of being a teacher, and if you want to reach a mass-market it will certainly take a certain amount of money and support from friends, followers, and helpers. Just because one is enlightened does not mean they have to teach, and just because one teaches does not mean they are enlightened. Remember that. It will spare you much time. My way is the quick way, I don't like the diddling about. I prefer to helicopter in, do my thing, and get the hell out!

So to wrap up what I am saying, enlightenment is usually little more than a title of power, and it does not necessarily mean that the person is anymore emotionally free than you or I. Now the popular spiritual teachers of the world would argue otherwise, but considering that they have a vested interest in your willing and loyal obedience, they would have to now wouldn't they? The title of "enlightened" is a power similar to momentum. Once the ball gets rolling, the quickening then happens and your life will change drastically in what seems like overnight, but acquiring this quickening does take time and dedication. You will wake up one day and the power will all be there, however that doesn't mean that you have to claim the title of enlightened now does it? Enlightenment is a powerful first step in stepping through the Hidden Door, and yet ultimately the goal is to journey far far beyond acquiring all of the complications of an "enlightened" being. 

If you like what I do and would like to support my efforts; buy my books, donate, or join the members area. I can't claim that you will become enlightened, but you will certainly learn the importance of going beyond it. Now I know you may be thinking, "What? This contradictory ole' dude, saying to go beyond enlightenment and then tries to turn right around and sell me something?" Let me answer the contradiction for you. First off I do not claim to be enlightened, and secondly all things that have value require a fee, at least here in the physical dimension. And without offering my goods and services I would not be able to do what I do, but at no point do I expect anyone to subjugate themselves to me, my website, my teachings, or any combination of the above. I simply want to help set people free and help people raise their energy to the understanding of myself and beyond, and once I have nothing more to teach you. I will shake your hand, give you a hug, pat you on the back, and gently say "Thank you for your support and service. Now get the hell out of here!"


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In the Olympics there is the Torch Relay, where the runners run a certain distance and pass on the torch to the next runner, and they must then pass it on and so forth. Each torch must stay lit and it must successfully be delivered to the next runner. You can't let the flame go out. The Torch Relay is much more symbolic than at first glance, and so is the title of being "the keeper of the light." The distance the runner runs is a symbol for their lifetime and the torch is a symbol for love, compassion, and ultimately warmth. Like the Olympic runners we all possess a responsibility to be the relay runner and keep the light moving. We are all embodiments of this powerful light, call it what you will, God, the God-Force, Energy, Chi, or simply spirit or love. The people in this world who are abused and mistreated as children often learn to do the same to their offspring and people who they can physically overpower. Being a keeper of the light is a noble responsibility and passing on the light is what fills this world with compassion. For the most part we all have been taught the Golden Rule, but the Golden Rule lacks one thing. The way I was taught to remember the Golden Rule is "treat others as you want to be treated." But what if we expanded on it? What if we strived a little further? What if we altered it to make it say:

"Treat others better than you treat yourself."

Pass on the torch and let the light guide your life and your life decisions.
What is it that separates the haves from the have nots?  The ability to have...

What makes someone possess the ability to have? By convincing others that you are worthy of receiving...

What makes someone worthy of receiving? The communication of credibility...

What makes someone credible? They make their word the law...

So what is it that makes someone wealthy? Their creation of the feeling of value...

How do you create the feeling of value? By being a desirable person...

So how do you provoke desire? By knowing what others want to hear and see...

How do you know what others want to hear and see? By possessing intuition... 

How does one expand their intuition? By observing the world around you...

So what is it that separates the haves from the have nots? Simply the ability to see...

A.J. Christoph