In this article I analyze the possibilities of the hidden meaning behind the infamous Evilstick Princess Wand. If you haven't heard about it yet, it was a $2 toy sold at various discount stores across the USA. It became famous in the media after one mother complained. To her, at first appearance it looked to be an innocent princess wand child's toy, but upon further inspection it revealed something of a more "evil" nature. I wanted to further inspect the toy to gain information about its distributor, where it was made etc., and I also saw that this toy was going to be worth a lot of buckaroolies, so I set out to find one. 

The top of the wand is a flower with a foil type mirror on the front. The packaging is bright, colorful, and a typical example of a sweet little barbie girly toy. It looks innocent and was styled after adorable Japanese anime girls. The package promises "I can send out beautiful music." It doesn't. It makes a creepy laugh like a witch. Obviously, the first indicator that something may be slightly off about this product is simply the name: "Evilstick." Inevitably, if you buy this toy for your child you will probably get what you asked for — upon peeling off the foil mirror it reveals a disturbing image of a presumably white American woman attempting suicide by slitting her wrists. Yes, this is disturbing for a child's toy, but like most things that I write about, it joins a multiplicity of things that aren't what they seem. So I knew I had to buy one for myself.

This article is the story, thoughts, and analysis that I had while trying to fully understand this bizarre and slightly morbid mystery. But first a little background about what happened to bring this Evilstick to the public's awareness.

The Evilstick first gained publicity around early November 2014. A woman in Dayton, Ohio was angered after she bought the toy for her two year old daughter; her daughter clanged it around for a few days until the foil fell off. It spooked her mother so she went to the media to complain about it. The media then broadcast it nationally and before we knew it, information about the toy was all over the place - national news, blogs, YouTube videos etc. — the big time.
With all of the publicity I just knew that I had to buy one. My background is in marketing communications, so I knew that there was something else going on behind the scenes. First off, someone had to pose specifically for the photo. Who was it? An American college woman studying abroad in China who just wanted to make a few extra bucks for Halloween? Did she know what she was getting herself into? I wonder if she signed a nondisclosure contract? How do you think she feels about it now? Angry? Satisfied? Humiliated?

This toy was a well thought-out and planned creation by a team of professional marketers. It is definitely not a fluke. It had to be distributed and manufactured by a major company, presumably made in China. That is where most toys and consumer goods are manufactured. So this got my gears turning — what was their true agenda? Was it psychological warfare geared to corrupt and disturb the minds of America's female youth? Or was it simply a creative and genius marketing plan orchestrated by a company who wanted the most bang for their buck?

At the surface level one could agree this is a form of psychological warfare directed at America's female youth, in particular little girls ages 2 and up. Think about what the toy represents: it is a symbol encouraging suicide among "White" females — it is a mirror, so a child would be innocently gazing into the mirror, imagining herself looking lovely, prancing around the safety of her home, pretending to be a pretty little princess. All the while behind the scenes there is a disturbing photo gazing back at her, piercing her soul with those evil eyes, encouraging her to become the image behind the glass. 

The child would play with it for a few days until one day she either peels off the foil or it falls off on its own. The little girl would see the image and at a deep subconscious level the child may think, "This picture is supposed to be me." Maybe she would make this connection, probably not. She would more than likely just become scared and have nightmares about it, however, there could seriously be childhood trauma. Although, I don't believe that it is anything worse than certain movies, video games, and other things children are often accidentally exposed to.

After the child sees the scary image she would then freak out and run off to tell her mommy about the nasty devil behind the foil.

This is where the kicker is, and I believe this is where the conspiracy ends. As I mentioned I am a marketer. More specifically I am a viral video marketer. I attempt to create content that goes viral and spreads like a chain reaction throughout the media, so this to me has viral marketing written all over it. How does one successfully create a viral marketing campaign? Simple. Emotions. Strong emotions and lots of em'. The more powerful the emotional reaction the more likely it will be shared within their social circle and so the wild fire is started, and ultimately the more effective the campaign will be. I call it creating the emotional wave and then selling it. Bingo! 

The process went a little something like this: Evil product created, disguised under innocence; cheaply made to fall apart, then the true evil is revealed; emotional response - angry parents, media attention, and then adults rush to the stores to buy their very own stick of evil.

So in my opinion this cheap $2 toy is a genius and very clever marketing campaign by an unknown Chinese company. The packaging evidently did not link back to the creators, and for a good reason. They have the liberty to continue selling their products in America. However I do question the moral and ethical impact of the toy. It certainly is a questionable tactic and in America the manufacturer would be sued for psychological damages. However, in China they lack such restrictions, so they are able to create such a toy, make a little money, get away with it, and admire their creation from a safe distance of a 7,143 miles (Ohio to China).

Now this leads me to question who actually was their intended target market? One would think it would be the innocent little 2 year old girls. I say nope. Not hardly. After word got out about this product people stopped buying it for their children. Do you know why? First off because people heard what was behind the foil and refused to expose their children to it, and secondly because they were sold-out. Yup, not a single one left in the store. The true target market for this toy is adults ages 18 - 55+. Don't believe me? I think I can prove it, because I happen to fall in that demographic and as I said, I wanted one. 
So off I went on a mission. I set out to buy my very own, but where do I look? They are sold out in stores, so instinctively I turned to the internet search engines. To my surprise they were nowhere to be found. Not on Amazon, not in Walmart, and it wasn't possible to search the dollar stores because they do not have an online distribution system. All wasn't lost. I found a single one on eBay. There was only one left, and this was some month and a half after the initial media coverage. One and only one — I had to get it. 

The auction only had two days remaining and it was only $22 USD! 

Score! I found one and at a cheap and reasonable price! Only at a 1000% markup! Shew! What a deal! So of course I placed a bid. I knew I was going to be able to get one for $50. But nope.

I got outbid.

I placed another. 

Again I got outbid. 

I placed another.


So I thought, "Okay I will throw $100 down just to ensure I win, it's worth 100 bucks. Besides I am going to write an interesting article about it. It will make the story better. I may even make a product review video." The possibilities were endless... 

Yep. Yet again, I was outbid. 

At this point I was not willing to spend more than $100 on this specific toy. So I left it alone and forgot about it. 

Two days later I get a notification on my phone that said the bid was about it end. I thought, "okay just for laughs I will see how much it's at." I expected it to be around $200. Surely no one would pay more than $200 for a $2 toy from the dollar store? Right?

But nope. $200 was not even close.

The below images are the screenshots of the auction from my phone and how the bid ended. You may be as surprised as I was.

Pretty crazy huh?
So yup. There you have it. It sold in that specific auction at a 20,000% markup of the original price. Can you grasp that? A 20,000% markup. That's crazy profit to who ever was quick enough to run to the dollar store and invest two bucks. Not to mention the $14.65 shipping. That's the power of the Evilstick I suppose.

So what is The Evilstick? The Evilstick is a viral cult-classic collectible toy created with the intention to piss off a bunch of American parents, gain media attention, and then completely sell-out their inventory to the adults that see it has value as a collectors item. 

The Evilstick went down in history. It will be collectible for years to come. It wouldn't surprise me if the toy's collector value is $1,000 plus. Who knows what someone is willing to pay for it?  I wouldn't pay more than $100, but if I had been able to buy one I would have made a video about it. Similar videos have hundreds of thousands of views. YouTube views plus embedded advertising means cash money. Strong emotions = cash money. Strong emotions = a lot of views. A lot of views = cash money. Funny how emotions run this world. Money is equivalent to emotions.

Interestingly enough, evidently the Evilstick wasn't only shipped to the USA. Other sources say that they were sold in various parts of Europe. Also not all Evilsticks have the morbid photo, only a few of them do. So the majority of parents who purchased one for their children truly received innocent toys. Not everyone had the graphic photo. So rest assured, thousands of children's minds were not spoiled with the gruesome image. Just a few hundred. But I am sure they saw the nasty photo on the TV, so does it really matter? To me, this adds to the credibility of the toy being marketing as a collectors item. See the not so Evilsticks below. Pretty clever marketing ey?
The story doesn't end here though. According to one YouTube account, a lady said her friend happened to buy one 6 or 7 years ago. So the company who manufactures the Evilstick are not a new company and the toy has been on the market for years. This further leads me to believe a team of professional Chinese business people sat around during a product development meeting and concocted this crazy idea to get the most bang for their buck. Remember, marketers know best how to create emotion and manipulate the people. We call them Reality Engineers.

So how much money are we talking about? How much did the manufacturers actually make? I would say probably not that much. If they sold in discount stores for $2 each. How much did the Chinese manufacturer actually make net income? Maybe a quarter per-unit? They may have made 50 cents per Evilstick. It is hard to determine because I do not know what their labor expenses are, but I would say this is one reason why they had to go to such extreme measures to sell the product. They probably have been producing them over a half decade with sub-par sales; so in order to boost sales revenue they exhausted their supply of this product by retiring it into a collectible item. They sold all of the units and plus they have the bragging rights to know they were behind the infamous Evilstick. Clever but questionable. 

Okay now, as a final ending note. The Evilstick while controversial, is not so bad. If they truly had psychological warfare on their minds, they would have made every Evilstick possess the disturbing image, but not only that, they would have made a more gruesome image. The one they used is disturbing for a 2 year old to stumble across, but at least they didn't make it into something rated R with blood squirting everywhere. And if they were truly trying to be "Evil" it may have even had a picture of a small child as opposed to an adult. Just somethings to think about.

Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed my analysis of The Evilstick. Remember if you run across one in the dollar store either buy it and hang on to it, or put that sucker on eBay and make a quick extra few hundred dollars.

Thanks for stopping by.


If you enjoyed this article, perhaps you may like to read my experience with someone truly evil. A couple weeks ago I witnessed a demon attack at a Mexican restaurant. Read the story here.
This is a true story of a nasty demon attack that my friend and I witnessed at a Mexican restaurant.

In this instance the demons were inside two young people, aged in about their mid-thirties. They were sitting across the room in a booth. It was a typical night at a Mexican restaurant: people were laughing and joking, music was playing, people were drinking tall mugs of draft beer, and nothing was out of the ordinary.

That was until I heard a lady say in a loud and angry voice, "Excuse me. Excuse me ma'am. You are the rudest people I have ever met in my entire life. Sitting here while we are all trying to eat and he blows his nose right here in the restaurant!"

I looked to my left to see what the commotion was all about, and sitting there in a booth screaming was this young woman yelling at this elderly couple. The woman who was screaming was sitting with a man, and they both were wearing skull head shirts. The lady was overweight, the man looked mean and very angry, he had a pony tail, and he had a very dark and sinister serious piercing look in his eyes - a demon all the way through.

The elderly couple who were very sweet and timid looked to be in their 70's. The attacked old lady gathered some courage and replied in defense of her husband. She said, "You are the rude ones." A few moments later she said, "He was not blowing his nose. He is crying because his mother just died."

What the old lady had said might have justified the situation and made the screaming lady apologize under normal circumstances, but instead it simply enraged the demons even more. The female demon who started the fight went quiet, while the tough macho male demon stepped forward to attack. He then responded in retaliation to his woman. It was on. An all out war between light and dark. The demonic man growled with a deep lash of anger, "Well good. I'm glad she died! And I hope you die too!" He pointed his finger and shook with rage.

The room fell silent. No one said a word. The servers left the room. They ran and hid, while us patrons were all stuck to endure the experience. We were along for the ride whether we liked it or not.

I just sat there and stared into the evil eyes of the demonic man. I looked deep and long while he stared directly into my eyes. I did not look away. I just stared, not with anger, not with emotion, just with observation.
I was analyzing what exactly it was that I was truly looking at.

Initially this situation evoked many emotions in me - everything from anger to rage and sympathy. At one point I was even prompted to stand up walk over the the demon and sock him in the nose. However, I knew that this would only evoke more rage and escalate the situation, it would not help. Plus I knew that it was not my place. So I just stared at him and gently pushed the thought into his mind that it was time they needed to leave. 

The elderly couple were very distraught. They had no defense and no one to defend them. They were alone, engaged in a battle with low level demons. Real demons, but mostly demons of rage, not action. They were a type of demon that I have never encountered before. They were sane enough to go to a bar and buy food, drinks, leave a tip and pay. However, at that moment they were taken over and had lost control. Maybe temporarily, but filled with hatred nonetheless.

The old man who just lost his mother was shaking, nervous, humiliated and felt attacked. His wife tried to defend him. He was saddened by the loss of his mother. He was vulnerable.

The demonic couple got up, said a few more hateful words that I don't remember, and eventually they stormed out and left. 

Relief was on the way.

Once they had exited the building, the healing began. People from from all over the restaurant came up to the elderly couple. They placed their hands on them and prayed for them. They justified them that they were not in the wrong. "Everyone blows their nose in public" one man said. The surrounding patrons did a fine job at healing and banishing the negativity. One man said that he was a pastor and that he would pray for him and his family at their church service. Everyone stepped forward to do their part. This was comforting even for me as a silent observer.

I must admit, I also felt prompted to stand up and place a hand on the old man's back and offer my sympathy, but before I moved everyone else came forward and offered their love. It really made me feel good seeing how everyone banded together to help the old couple heal. It made me realize several things. To start off it allowed me to see the importance of people, their religious structures and communities. The community acts as a defense mechanism. People are strong together. People can come together to make a connection, heal pain, and make right the wrongs of others. They can also provide strength from the demonic forces that feed on others.

At the surface level it may just appear to be just an angry couple of rednecks that got offended by a man blowing his nose, but I do not believe that this is all that there was too it. It was much deeper than that, and much more sinister.

In reality, the angry couple were infested with demons. Whether those demons were the demons of self-hate, or of frustration with their life and current position, or the demons of poverty, or even whether they were the demons of substance abuse, the fact remains that the demons were unleashed on a vulnerable couple. It was an overt malicious attack. 

After realizing this I asked myself "why did this happen? And why did it happen to them?

The answer that I discovered was that because the elderly couple were weak, they were susceptible to an attack. Perhaps for them it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The victim - the old man - had just lost his mother, so he was crying, runny nose and all. The hateful younger lady noticed his weakness, and whether consciously or unconsciously she responded by releasing her demons on him. If the elderly couple were not weak and vulnerable, the demon would not have had the courage nor the opportunity to attack. Had they been strong it would have known that it would've lost and it would have waited until it had someone it could over power. The demon only attacked when it knew it could win, and in its mind it did win.

Demons prey on weak people. Demons attack by surprise because they are weak. They are cowards. 

Initially I wished that something else could have been done besides letting the demons escape through the front door, but I will tell you one thing that is a fact. The demons are seeking hell. They are praying desperately to end this life, and they are seeking death. Whether they die in a motorcycle accident while blinded by rage, or whether they get shot down and killed while messing with a demon a little more powerful than them, they will meet their end soon enough or be healed by the grace of Spirit. Getting involved with a demon is never a good idea. People must fight their own battles. All we can do is observe and help heal the aftermath. While it may appear to be noble to come to someone's defense, we never really know what the old man was going through. Perhaps it was a karmic backlash somehow related to his recently deceased mother. Who knows? We will never know.

On the note of the demon seeking to drive the human vehicle to death, the old man made the comment "I have a 9mm pistol in the car." So if the circumstances were different the old man could have very well ended the demon's misery right then and right there. Fortunately there were a group of kind souls around to protect and keep the man from conjuring what all demons seek to summon inside others: hatred.

Be mindful of what feeds you.

Blessings, love, respect, wisdom and strength to you all.

There is only one thing that controls manipulation. Fear. So if you are tired of being manipulated and pulled around like a puppet on a string, I highly suggest that you drop being afraid right now. Fear can come in many forms, and oftentimes it's not very obvious that you are afraid. Fear comes in varying grades and levels and you may or may not even be aware that you are being manipulated. In truth, most of us are totally blinded to the manipulations that we experience. We don't fully know what it is we can feel, yet we just know that there is something that we don't like, however we often go along and do whatever it is anyway. If you stand strong and say "I am no longer afraid" then you are free to do as you wish. People learn from a very early age how to manipulate. It is essentially a part of being a human being. The reason for this is because we want things, we have needs, and we are taught to use emotions to our benefit. We learn to use emotions as a way of pulling people's strings. The media does it, the government does it, advertisers do it, the church does it, your family does it, your new boy-toy does it, and maybe even you do it without realizing it.

So now lets examine where manipulation comes from. Manipulation comes from only one source, and that's people. People are the creators of manipulation. Now some may argue that manipulation comes from the devil or what have you, and yes, this is true. But people are either the custodians of light or they are custodians of darkness. What I mean by this is either people support the Godly idea of freedom and liberty, or they represent the ghoulish idea of manipulation and control. This does not mean that the people who manipulate are evil. It just means that they can have some pretty nasty and ghoulish traits from time to time. For example: the friend that calls and says something along the lines of "you never make time for me any more. Are you trying to replace me?" It is unfortunate that they are experiencing the emotion of loneliness and sorrow, but when someone says that, what does that typically do? How does it make you feel? God awful! Even if someone says this and they disguise it as a joke, it is still a ghoulish attempt at twanging your emotions, often times in "punishment" for "your" wrong doing. Depending on the situation and who the person is, it makes you say or think "ehhh, there is a reason why I have not been around!" I am either busy and genuinely can't help it, or it is because their neediness pushes you away because it does not serve you any justice. So no matter how insecure or weak you are, never try to emotionally manipulate others into doing what you want. Doing so is the most ghoulish thing you could do to others, asides from physically hurting them. It's true. However, trying to manipulate someone is actually a form of violence, it's called emotional violence. The manipulator is waging an emotional war with you, and they are trying to win! Why would they do this? They either do not care about you and your feelings, or they are unaware of what they are truly doing, most of the time it is a combination of the two. The manipulator is blinded by their own emotional needs so they just want you to react to pacify them. This is the selfish side of the human ego-personality. Another reason why people manipulate is because they lack a metaphysical understanding of how to attract what they want in a happy and positive way. It's either that, or they genuinely are ghoulish and just want what they want at the expense of other people's feelings.

This is what makes dating so difficult - one person wants one thing and the other wants another, but neither person has the balls to come out and say "hey, I like you and you like me, so let's just go ahead and hop in the bed and cut to the chase." Because after all, more than likely it's a mutual feeling - you are dating them for a reason, right? However, instead of coming right out with what they want, people resort to manipulative techniques and what we call mind games. But it's not a game. It's a dark manipulative ghoulish technique to get what you want without being honest about it. Ironically, the more brave you are, the less games that you must play! So honesty and bravery is a much needed shortcut in getting what you want. Don't be afraid to tell people what you want!  It is okay, just remember to leave manipulation for the ghouls.

In the previous example about the friend trying to manipulate you to hang out, look at how different it would have been if they were honest with both themselves and you and just came out and said "hey why don't we hang out anymore? Did I do something wrong?" Asking a direct question like this is courageous, but sadly, manipulators are not courageous. That's why they manipulate! They don't want to admit in the first place that they are the one who is fault. It's not your problem if you don't want to be around or talk to someone, is it? No it's not. It's their problem and if they are wise they should try to fix it. You don't have to explain yourself, but if someone compassionately asks, "Why don't you like me?" Then tell them what you perceive their problem is. You could say: "I do like you, I love you. However, I don't like the way that you try to guilt trip me into feeling bad for not doing what you want. I like you I just don't like the psychological games that you try to play.... and no, I'm not going to wash the dishes." 

Similar instances to this are very common, but deep down it is a little sad. Oftentimes the manipulation technique gets the manipulator what they want, but by doing this they start to dig a hole that they just keep digging themselves into, shovel-load of crap after shovel-load, and before you know it they are buried alive! Sure you may give in once, twice, three hundred and fifty-seven times, but eventually you will grow courageous and you might say, "Forget it! I want to do what I want to do! And I don't want to do it your way any longer!" Now when you finally stand up for yourself, the manipulator may try even harder to guilt trip you, but by avoiding the root cause of the issue you are not helping them at all. Eventually, if you truly care about someone, you have to be brave and assist them to face their shadow. Have a little courage, clench your fist if you have to and then relax and tell them how you feel. Face it full frontal. Yes, this may create conflict, but in the end they will have to admit that maybe they have been inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Also, helping someone to come to this realization is a great gift, for you will have healed them ever so slightly. This will help free them from the muck of manipulation, and little by little, you are helping set them free.... one pile of crap at a time.

Love love.

This is an old technique that I am almost certain every ancient culture was aware of and probably quite familiar with. It may be difficult to find a clear spot that is void of low levels of pollution, especially if you live in a city. So you may have to practice this the next time you go on a little scenic drive out in the country, or perhaps plan a special camping trip just to practice this powerful technique.

This technique is called Star Channeling.  It is very simple. It is not much different than the ol' familiar star-gazing, except that there is a bit of visualization required and a slight meditative state. I do this technique standing up, laying down, sitting, and basically however I am feeling at that moment, depending on where I am currently and the time of year that I am attempting to do it. It is December now and the temperature is usually well below freezing, so I do this technique standing up during the winter. 

To start off, find a spot that is peaceful and away from distractions; for me this is as simple as stepping outside into the backyard. Then I look up at the stars in the sky. I begin to clear my mind and slow my thoughts and enter into an alpha brain-wave state. Once I have slowed my mind and I am calm, I begin to imagine my chakras (energy centers) opening and spinning, from the root all the way up to the crown. As they begin to open and spin I look up at the sky and ask my intuition to guide me to the location of the highest wisdom. The last time I practiced this I was directed to look at the constellation Triangulum. So I started looking at this constellation and I imagined my consciousness expanding upward towards the stars. The only way to truly experience infinity is to look up at the night sky. We can basically see forever. It is an interesting feeling knowing we are looking into the past and seeing further into existence. Below I show a picture of the constellation and then I will tell you what happened.
It was about 1am, so the constellation was directly above my head. After I imagined my consciousness expanding millions of miles into the heavens, I looked in the direction that the constellation was pointing. I asked the heavens to show me something of inspiration. As soon as I made that request I saw a shooting star right at the end of the tip of the triangle. The constellation was pointing right where the shooting star was going to fly through. However, it did not happen until exactly after I asked for inspiration. It was pretty cool. I stood there for a moment reflecting on what I saw and how I felt. I put my hands up into the air and said "thank you for the experience." Then I imagined myself shrinking back down into my body and said thank you once more and went inside and went to bed. This was last night. This practice gave me the inspiration to write this article. Pretty cool huh? One thing I have learned about inspiration and wisdom, they both rarely come to people who are not searching for them in the first place. So you have to meet inspiration half way— meaning, you have to ask for it and you have to search for it. I heard an interesting story about the amateur mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan where he discovered some equations that seasoned pros in the field could not believe. When he was asked how he was capable of creating such profound equations without formal mathematical training, he responded: they came to him in dreams, specifically from his family Goddess Mahalakshmi of Namakkal. Now 100 years later the majority of his equations have been proven to be true (source). 

Interesting huh? We all can tap into the realms of greater understanding and inspiration, but first we have to meet the inspiration half way. 

Okay, now I am going to show you a series of images that I created to help illustrate how to perform the exercise. 
Step one: Clear your mind. Imagine your chakras beginning to open and spin.
Step two: Raise your energy upward from the ground to your crown. Do it slowly. As you do, begin to seek where you want to shoot your consciousness. Ask the heavens to guide you to grab inspiration from the highest location. When you feel that you know where to shoot your consciousness, that will be the right spot.
Step three: Once you know where you should go, shoot your imagination upward at the speed of light. You may feel some interesting body sensations as your consciousness expands towards infinity. You will feel your etheric body becoming stretched and elongated. You can shoot past the constellations. You can basically go for as long and as far as you choose to travel.
Then once you are ready to come home, reverse the process. Come back down into your body, close up your energy centers, and say thanks for the experience. It is also nice to jot down what you experienced in a journal.

But feel free to have fun with this and practice it at different times of year and different positions. Some constellations may offer different wisdom and who knows, you may discover some greater wisdom that the world needs to know. As many great thinkers have said, "it was in the air."

Thanks for reading. If you like what I do here on this site please share it with your friends. Leave some comments down below and tell me your experience of this exercise.

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Thanks again for visiting! Wishes of wisdom and inspiration. (AJ)
In a previous article I philosophized on what is the purpose of life. Today I am going to expand on it a little. In that article I said in a round-about way that the purpose of life was to escape from the Circle — the Circle being the physical boundary that we find ourselves confined within. The Circle is both a real thing and it is also a metaphorical thing. It has a dual existence, much like the properties of solid matter, it is both real and it is not real, it is both solid and it is not solid. 

In popular culture "the Circle" is referred to as the Matrix, in Wildeism it is both referred to as the Matrix and as the Sphere. But the Matrix contains little mini matrices, and the Sphere is just one of them - so is the Circle. 

You can think of "the Circle" like being inside of the box. If you want to be any type of pioneer or great creative mind, then you have to think outside of the box. But unfortunately, no amount of thinking will get you outside the box. Just like how you can't wish yourself out of a jail cell, or you can't wish yourself out of bed. You have to have a little concerted action.  In other words you have to get off your ass and go do something about it.

The Circle is all of those beliefs inside of your head that are self-limiting. The ideas of I am too weak, I am too fat, I am too stupid, I am too blah blah blah. The Circle also includes the opinions of others, whether it is the natural resistance of your friends and family members or it is just the casual resistance of your local tribal cluster i.e. the people of your culture and immediate area. 

In physics there exists a term called the coefficient of friction. As defined by Wikipedia: "A coefficient of friction is a value that shows the relationship between the force of friction between two objects and the normal force between the objects." Basically what this law says is that depending on the surface there will be varying levels of resistance that react against an object to keep it from moving. An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. So once the coefficient of friction has gone beyond the threshold to take off, the object will begin to move and has the propensity to keep moving until it runs out of energy. 

This movement is described by the famous Sir Isaac Newton's, Second Law of Motion. It states:

The vector sum of the forces (F) on an object is equal to the mass (m) of that object multiplied by the acceleration vector (a) of the object: F = ma.

So what this means in plain English is, the force is equal to the mass times the acceleration. So what does it require to have any force? It requires mass (weight) and velocity (movement). Once an object is moving in a direction the laws of momentum take over (an object in motion tends to stay in motion.) Momentum is also described as P = mv (mass times velocity)

So you can see that in the natural world, once the ball gets rolling it likes to keep rolling. The hardest part is getting the ball rolling in the first place. In the metaphysical world we have the same laws resisting us both physically and metaphysically. This is one reason why it is so important to remain active all of your life, because when you grow older you lose momentum, and not to mention, you don't see very many old fat people.

So once you begin collecting interesting experiences, more interesting experiences will come. But first you have to get outside of the Circle. You have to side-step all of the resistance that is placed before you and go out and start traveling the world. I specifically mention friends and family on multiple occasions, because oftentimes it is your family who loves you the most and yet do not want to see you succeed. Sure, they may say they want you to succeed. But in many family situations it is the very same family members who are beating you down into submission. They like to be over you and control you. I am not saying this is how it is all of the time, and of course every family is different. However, the people who love you the most are the ones who will cling on to you the hardest. They especially may not like the idea of you up and moving to Timbuktu, because they don't want to lose you.

So what is the solution? Well the only solution that I would follow is the one that makes you the most happy. If you are happy staying right there within your tribal cluster, then stay put. But if you would rather travel the world and gather exciting experiences, then go ahead and do so and come back and teach the people within your Circle that they too have the ability to be set free. 

It's simple. Step out of the cage and soar off in search of your destiny. Who knows? You may even find it.

UPDATE: 3/16/15                       I was only partially true with this article. 
I have always been fascinated with crop circles. Until just recently I thought that the only explanation would have to be other worldly, but now my opinion has changed and I will tell you why. I do believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe, and perhaps they have/do visit us here on Earth. But I have some pretty compelling evidence that all crop circles are man-made. I know. It sucks, and I know we all want to believe, but the evidence I discovered all points to the truth of crop circles' true nature.

The first thing that made me realize that the majority of crop circles are hoaxes was simply following the money trail. Almost all crop circles are found in Europe, specifically in England in the city of Wiltshire. At first I thought there may be some mystical reason, but then upon further reflection I realized that crop circles are big business tourist attractions. If you go to visit Wiltshire and there are no crop circles, then you will feel let down, and so demand was created. Just like with the UFO tourist attractions in Roswell, New Mexico. Something happened, but the excitement must continue to be perpetuated in order to sustain the UFO based economy. So the more buzz about crop circles, the more they will be created. 

Many crop circles have cues from popular culture, so that rules them out. And others are imperfect, so that rules them out. But many are so complex they would have to be made by something greater than humans, right? Well yes, and no. The people that make crop circles definitely are human, but they are humans at a higher level of consciousness. I will explain. This was my most recent realization of crop circles' purpose. The answer lies in Sacred Geometry.

I have been studying Sacred Geometry and upon the study of this; I discovered how simple it is to make mind blowing patterns very quickly and quite simply. To put it into perspective, I can make the below complex shape with a beer bottle while sitting at a bar, sipping on a Guinness. I do these drawings and write my website on it as a way of guerrilla marketing, then when someone asks I give the drawing to them. 
So what is my point? My point is, this is all a part of the expansion of consciousness. More and more people are learning about Sacred Geometry — the more people that learn the more people are enlightened. What is the best way to spread the word? Videos? Blogs? Yea they all help. But to reach the mass market the major media needs to be involved. How do you get the major media involved? Crop circles. They cover crop circles because they are so fascinating and the majority of people can't see how it is possible, but it is very possible — especially to a group of educated and enlightened people. So I believe crop circles are a way of spreading the most ancient and powerful geometric shapes to the masses. 

In a way, the crop circles that are made are other-worldly, but the creators are people from here. However, they are aligned to a deeper understanding of reality. These secrets reveal themselves once you start drawing these shapes yourself. Once you start drawing them you begin to see the beauty in their simplicity. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Can you see how simple it would actually be to make some of these designs? Rope, string, a board plank, and walking around and make a few circles. It's simple.

The most popular geometric shape in Sacred Geometry is The Flower of Life. It looks like this:
The Flower of Life is made of 7 circles attached at each others radius. So simple, but it looks so beautiful and perfect. The expanded version looks like this:
This is the complete version. It consists of only 19 circles. The reason it is most complete is because it has 7 flowers inside. Interesting huh? 19 circles makes that intricate of a pattern. 

So crop circles are not made by aliens. They are made by humans with a more sacred understanding of geometry.