Hello everyone, exciting news here. After spending almost a year in Taiwan, I am now back in the United States. It was a challenging experience and it tested my character, patience, and my ability to survive. I would love to talk about it in greater detail, but for now I want to move on and let everyone know what the future holds.

As you may know, I published three books via my publishing company Taijitu House prior to leaving the country. Basically as soon as the books were finished I set off on a journey to Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan I explored the city on my motorcycle, met many interesting people, made great friends, awesome business connections, and became part of a family of wonderful people. 

While in Taipei, I started another project called The Rich Review, this was started after meeting and befriending a very wealthy plantation owner from Hong Kong. It got the gears moving for what is next. Check out those links if you haven't seen any of my previous projects before, also if you haven't read my book, it offers some insight on what led me to Taiwan. 

All of these smaller projects have led me to what is next and they offered me insight into what I feel is THE lasting project for me. So without spoiling it or giving too much information prematurely, I will soon be producing quality fashion wear under the brand name AJ Christoph. I already have a sample prototype of the first watch on the way and from there the brand will expand into a full line of fashion wear.

For now the website http://www.ajchristoph.com redirects here to this blog, but soon it will be redirected to a completely new site and we will be offering products directly to consumers.

Once the first prototype is finished being manufactured and I have it in hand I will release more information as things move along. So please stay tuned for future releases about this new project. I look forward to serving the world and their needs for quality fashion accessories.

It's time.

Aj Christoph

Hello everyone. I hope this day finds you with peace and understanding. Recently I have been soaring the streets of Taipei on my motorcycle, one thing that I've noticed is that people here almost do not have any road rage. They deal with near accidents in a very Daoistic way. They simply flow around the obstacle and don't sweat about it. Today a little boy ran out in front of a woman and her two children riding a scooter. It could have been nasty, but the boy scurried across the road to his friends where I was sitting. The lady yelled something at him to the effect of "be careful." This was the only time I have seen anyone actually be vocal about a near accident. 

Whatever you're going through, don't sweat it. It will be okay. And what's the absolute worst that can happen?

Well I will tell you. The worst that could possibly happen is, you die...

So once you come to terms with the unknown what else do you have to fear? Nothing, notta, zilch. 

That's it. That kid could have been bumped across the street. He didn't get mad, he didn't get scared, he didn't hardly even acknowledge what happened.  He just looked at the lady and smiled. There was something magical about the whole experience. Before it happened I had a feeling something was going to happen.

And then it happened. Well, actually the unhappening, thankfully.

So to wrap up what I am trying to get across.

Let it go. Smile about it. Move on. Everything will be okay.


The books are doing fabulous. Seriously thank you to everyone that has contributed. 

Also I have been getting a surge of emails in regards to spiritual psychic attacks. I do not claim to be an expert in this sort of thing, but I am here to offer my wisdom to those that may need some advice. If you have anything for me, shoot me an email at thetruthawaitsweb@gmail.com

Until next time.

Hello there all of my beautiful friends and family. I love you all. It feels so good to be alive. Feels so, feels so, feels so good to be alive. Feels so good to be alive. And I pray that you are all well, warm and happy.

I just wanted to take a moment to update with some positive vibes and inspiration, and let y'all know a little whats been going on with me in my neck of the woods. Things here have been interesting, strange, bizarre, and even at some points a little spooky. But as a new friend told me: "What doesn't kill you makes you." ~P's Up

Today and the past few days things have made a positive change towards real understanding and I have a feeling of deep love, connection and compassion to all people. I got the message, and I know what I need to do next. Love. Be free. "I can be I and you can be you."..."Just stop and listen to yourself before you listen to anyone else. Let's kick it in a conscious place." ~Justin Ratowsky

I've been reflecting on some memories, thinking about my friend Justin Ratowsky and listening to his music right now. Check out that link above and meditate on his songs. They will make you happy. I love that guy. I love what he's doing for the world also. That's the wonderful thing about music, everything is a vibration, and if your vibration is right, then it will change the world around you regardless whether it is mass distributed. I always used to say it only takes one person to have an audience, one person to make a book read, only one person to have a friend, and it only takes one person to make a difference. The right intention will deliver the right result. :)

Ahh, peacefulness, relaxation. 

Spring is here and summer is near. Today is a beautiful day, it's warm. It's beautiful outside, the flower garden is in full bloom and the bees are busy doing their magic. It is a beautiful life. It truly is. 

Other than reflecting on my old friends and memories (my phone is broken so I am using my old phone, many good memories are stored in there.) I finally finished my book. I have been working on The Book of Powers for over two years. From Easter Sunday 2013 until this past Easter, 2015. So that's a load off my shoulders - we also published two other books in the meantime. So now all three books are published and available. Thank you, I am grateful. I am fulfilled. I am happy. And I have faith in the beauty within my intentions. :) 

The next chapter is coming. And I have made my decision. It has been a tough decision, especially considering everything that I need is right here, with the exception of one. So my decision has been made. I bought my plane tickets and I am moving to Taiwan. I don't know how long I will be gone, but nothing is really certain. I am just thankful for every single breath that I am given. At any moment life as we know it could leave us. But there is nothing to fear if your heart is balanced and you possess the purity of a child. A heart lighter than a feather will soar.  

So soon I will be boarding a plane and flying out of the USA and will land in Taipei, Taiwan. I place my faith in the hands of God and I know that I will be fine. So to all of my family and close friends, please do not worry, I will be fine, everything will be fine and I will be back =). I promise. :)    <3

As for this website and the publishing company, Taijitu House and everything else, the work will still continue, I will still write on here and publish books. Ranald and I are working on a second book together, co-writing this one, and also we are translating The Children of R into German, that should be finished pretty soon. The other book we are working on will be a short one. Ole' Ranald is a funny guy, he has a good sense of humor.

I also made a new friend and I feel that he deserves recognition here. Thank you P. I got your 6 bruh. 

So my friends, family, and anyone else who reads on here, I am about to embark on a new adventure and will keep you all updated on here, my Facebook page, and on The Truth Awaits.com FB page. I will be bringing my camera with me, so you can expect to see some sweet photos of the adventure and the beauties Taiwan holds. I will also make videos over there and may even create a new YouTube channel. Either way. This is going to be fun. 

I love you all,