Hello everyone, exciting news here. After spending almost a year in Taiwan, I am now back in the United States. It was a challenging experience and it tested my character, patience, and my ability to survive. I would love to talk about it in greater detail, but for now I want to move on and let everyone know what the future holds.

As you may know, I published three books via my publishing company Taijitu House prior to leaving the country. Basically as soon as the books were finished I set off on a journey to Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan I explored the city on my motorcycle, met many interesting people, made great friends, awesome business connections, and became part of a family of wonderful people. 

While in Taipei, I started another project called The Rich Review, this was started after meeting and befriending a very wealthy plantation owner from Hong Kong. It got the gears moving for what is next. Check out those links if you haven't seen any of my previous projects before, also if you haven't read my book, it offers some insight on what led me to Taiwan. 

All of these smaller projects have led me to what is next and they offered me insight into what I feel is THE lasting project for me. So without spoiling it or giving too much information prematurely, I will soon be producing quality fashion wear under the brand name AJ Christoph. I already have a sample prototype of the first watch on the way and from there the brand will expand into a full line of fashion wear.

For now the website http://www.ajchristoph.com redirects here to this blog, but soon it will be redirected to a completely new site and we will be offering products directly to consumers.

Once the first prototype is finished being manufactured and I have it in hand I will release more information as things move along. So please stay tuned for future releases about this new project. I look forward to serving the world and their needs for quality fashion accessories.

It's time.

Aj Christoph