I have been very busy working quite closely with a very mysterious man, he only goes by 1.3.0. He is what is called a "Chime", he is here on Earth to share a message from The Council in Aldebaran. It has been very strange getting to know "1.3.0". At first I didn't believe him. I thought he was just making wild claims in order to get a message across, but now... I believe every word he says. His teachings have made me question everything that I previously believed about this world. I now see things differently... In a good way.

He is very mysterious. During his Earth human life he was trained as a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Military. All of this has been verified. He is also a 32nd Degree Freemason and a "card holding" member of the Scottish Rite. He knows things and has real secrets to expose. He is exposing them.

He is very private, he does not want to be known by anyone other than the people who he is immediately connected with. I asked for some photos to help with publishing his book, he agreed and gave me these, per his request he asked if I would mosaic his face out. So I created these pictures. 

I have been in contact with this "man" for almost a year. To begin with I didn't believe him. I thought he was just a clever genius trying to get a message out to the world in a mind expanding way, but as I said... Now I believe him.

I may not understand everything that he says, but with time, what he says is revealed as truth.

There is much disinformation out there about WWII and our history and how we came to be the people that we are. In his book, The Children of R, he explains much of it. It is wild. It is challenging, and it is not for the faint of heart. 

He does not spare anything from racism, religions, drugs, homosexuality, Nazi history, and the most important topics, "aliens".

He claims we are being influenced by a group of multidimensional beings that he calls the "Dominion." The Dominion want it all, everything, all of the Earth, and they will lie to people to get them to be loyal slaves to their programs. 

He says he is from the star system Aldebaran, in the constellation Tarus. Aldebaran is the "Bull's Eye." There are a few planets there that are inhabited by what he just calls "Aldebarans". They are physical humaniod peoples similar to humans, they are described as Nordic, but taller than Earth People. They can travel interdimensionally also. He can too.

There is another group called "The Administrators". The Administrators are the overseers of the galaxy. They are not physical beings. They are more so energies, they allow the Dominion and The Council to operate under certain restrictions. Essentially The Administrators are responsible for balancing the galaxy (potentially the Universe), but I do not know.

His teachings are challenging like I said, they basically go against everything that popular culture is currently promoting. 

He said that The Administrators criteria are to deny hostility and to reach an understanding that the ultimate goal is to balance the universe.

If humans can accomplish this, then we will defeat the Dominion. If we do not, then we will be destroyed, wiped out of existence. Poof. Gone. The Council does not want Earth to fall into the evil grasps of the Dominion, and if we do, then they will take us out. They don't want Earth to become a enemy to the Galaxy. I don't want that either. I want peace, love, understanding, and balance. This is what the superior beings want of us also.

1.3.0 is not a human. Yes, he has a human body, but he is definitely not a human. He is a good guy. A powerful ally to have on Earth. Not powerful with money. He says that money is a tool that the Dominion use to gain control over people. The music industry is a good example. Young talented and innocent musicians are offered millions to become agents of the Dominion: to spread the propaganda to the masses, look at Justin Beiber, a good kid, 13 years old, now he is a rebellious punk, throwing eggs at peoples houses, fighting, out of control. I believe he is fighting in rebellion against the Dominion. His actions are just external manifestations of his internal feelings; the hatred that he has for the beings that are controlling him. The hatred that he has to the "people" that are controlling him. It's nasty and shouldn't be ignored.


These things are real, I can now see it. It's not all happy dappy like I wanted the world to be. Yes, there are positive people and positive messages to be shared, but we are beginning to come off balance. As of now we are 53% Dominion and 47% Allies (The Galactic Council).

If the scale tips too much our world will fall off balance. That will be bad. Very bad.

The moment of death is where it gets worse. He says the moment we die we will be judged between our heart and a feather. If your heart is heavier than a feather, you will not be able to sustain yourself in the next realm. 

You will slip off the balance and literally fall into the mouth of a little creature, it will eat you alive and then shit you out. 

A dung beetle will then roll up your soul into a little ball and push you into the river to be dissolved out of existence.

No reincarnation, no second chance, no fiery pit of hell, just non-existence. Nothing. 
I know this isn't a happy message and I would love to be more positive about it, but in the end, being positive and happy-dappy is only a partial truth. Death is something that we will all face at one point in time. So we are advised to balance our hearts, balance our souls, cleanse ourselves, and understand that we may not be offered second chances like we would like to believe...

If you would like to hear The Council's message in it's entirety, get the book. Read it and pass it along to someone else. It's now available on Amazon.

He says this is humanity's last chance to get things right. We are facing another cataclysm and it is coming fast. We better get it right this time around...
UPDATE: 3/16/15                       I was only partially true with this article. 
I have always been fascinated with crop circles. Until just recently I thought that the only explanation would have to be other worldly, but now my opinion has changed and I will tell you why. I do believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe, and perhaps they have/do visit us here on Earth. But I have some pretty compelling evidence that all crop circles are man-made. I know. It sucks, and I know we all want to believe, but the evidence I discovered all points to the truth of crop circles' true nature.

The first thing that made me realize that the majority of crop circles are hoaxes was simply following the money trail. Almost all crop circles are found in Europe, specifically in England in the city of Wiltshire. At first I thought there may be some mystical reason, but then upon further reflection I realized that crop circles are big business tourist attractions. If you go to visit Wiltshire and there are no crop circles, then you will feel let down, and so demand was created. Just like with the UFO tourist attractions in Roswell, New Mexico. Something happened, but the excitement must continue to be perpetuated in order to sustain the UFO based economy. So the more buzz about crop circles, the more they will be created. 

Many crop circles have cues from popular culture, so that rules them out. And others are imperfect, so that rules them out. But many are so complex they would have to be made by something greater than humans, right? Well yes, and no. The people that make crop circles definitely are human, but they are humans at a higher level of consciousness. I will explain. This was my most recent realization of crop circles' purpose. The answer lies in Sacred Geometry.

I have been studying Sacred Geometry and upon the study of this; I discovered how simple it is to make mind blowing patterns very quickly and quite simply. To put it into perspective, I can make the below complex shape with a beer bottle while sitting at a bar, sipping on a Guinness. I do these drawings and write my website on it as a way of guerrilla marketing, then when someone asks I give the drawing to them. 
So what is my point? My point is, this is all a part of the expansion of consciousness. More and more people are learning about Sacred Geometry — the more people that learn the more people are enlightened. What is the best way to spread the word? Videos? Blogs? Yea they all help. But to reach the mass market the major media needs to be involved. How do you get the major media involved? Crop circles. They cover crop circles because they are so fascinating and the majority of people can't see how it is possible, but it is very possible — especially to a group of educated and enlightened people. So I believe crop circles are a way of spreading the most ancient and powerful geometric shapes to the masses. 

In a way, the crop circles that are made are other-worldly, but the creators are people from here. However, they are aligned to a deeper understanding of reality. These secrets reveal themselves once you start drawing these shapes yourself. Once you start drawing them you begin to see the beauty in their simplicity. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Can you see how simple it would actually be to make some of these designs? Rope, string, a board plank, and walking around and make a few circles. It's simple.

The most popular geometric shape in Sacred Geometry is The Flower of Life. It looks like this:
The Flower of Life is made of 7 circles attached at each others radius. So simple, but it looks so beautiful and perfect. The expanded version looks like this:
This is the complete version. It consists of only 19 circles. The reason it is most complete is because it has 7 flowers inside. Interesting huh? 19 circles makes that intricate of a pattern. 

So crop circles are not made by aliens. They are made by humans with a more sacred understanding of geometry. 

I love thinking about aliens. Of all the possibilities of the many interesting creatures that could possibly exist, I especially like the idea that something exists that is greater than humans. I mean we can't be the top of the food chain. Maybe here on Earth we are, but I don't really think so. Try going out into the African bush alone and see how long you can make it. The reason humans dominate in this world is because of numbers - we can cling together, accomplish a common goal, and we can communicate in a method that other animals can not: Written language.

So let me expand your mind for a moment. Let me explain what and where we are right now. To start off we are on Earth, the third rock from the sun. The sun is a star. A rather normal star. Every point of light you see in the night sky is a star. They are little suns. Sometimes you can see really bright objects in the sky, and when you do those will be planets. But the spots of light that make up the constellations are suns that are very far away. Each little star more than likely has planets, and depending on the conditions, temperature, elemental make up, etc, each star could support a planet that has life. 

Now the common argument is "we can't possibly know that." Well no shit. We can't know anything unless we can directly observe it, however, we have ways of coming to very accurate estimations. It's called math. So let me give you an understanding of what the probability of life being elsewhere in the UNIVERSE is.

Okay, scientists say that there are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy. One hundred billion looks like this 100,000,000,000. That's 100 billion. How much is that? Well below is what one billion dollars looks like. Now multiply that by 100 to get an idea of how much paper we are talking about. But we are not talking about paper. We are talking about stars. Really really really freaking BIG flaming balls of nuclear fusion that power everything in our solar system! Our one little sun is like our God. That's why native people worshiped the sun. They understood that all life comes from the sun. So imagine 100,000,000,000 of them in our galaxy alone.
Okay, now that you have a slight idea of how many stars there are in our galaxy (called the Milky Way), there is an estimated minimum of 100 billion known galaxies. Okay so there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy and 100 billion galaxies known. So let me show you what a galaxy looks like. 
That's what the Milky Way Galaxy would look like from a point very far away. See that big huge ball of light in the center? That is the core of the galaxy. At each and every individual point in the center is a cluster of stars, so densely packed the light blurs together to look like a big friggin' blob of butter milk. So the image above estimates some 100 billion stars. Each of these stars has potential to be just like our sun and support life. But that's not all. No where near. The next image that I am going to show you is the most important image that has ever been taken. It is important because it puts it into perspective how firggin' large the Universe is. 
What you are looking at here is the Hubble Deep Field. It is basically a super zoomed-in photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope that shows not stars, but thousands of galaxies (composed of billions of stars). That's right each colorful splotch of light is hundreds of billions of stars densely packed together. So just quickly counting what I see here I see. Well shit I lost place of my count. But let's just say its an even one thousand. So some elementary math at astronomical levels:(1,000 galaxies seen in this picture alone) multiplied by (100,000,000,000 stars in each galaxy) = 1e14 which is a 1 with 14 zero's after. It looks like this.100,000,000,000,000
That's a number I can't even friggin' pronounce. So let's be very moderate and say 1% of the stars in each galaxy can possibly sustain life. That gives you 1e12. Again 1 with 12 zeros after it. That looks like this:


So that means just in this photo alone there would be one trillion stars that could possibly support life. ONE Trillion! And that is just in this small section of the known universe. 

So now let's speculate there are 100 billion galaxies in the universe. Here's some quick math:

100,000,000,000 X 100,000,000,000 = 1e22

So there would be a total estimated 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the Universe. Yep...

As you can see this is a number practically approaching infinity. 

So humor me and continue reading if I apply the meager 1% of stars could possibly sustain life calculation again. 

That would mean there are 1e20 stars that could possibly sustain life. Or written out only a very small number like this:


But wait that is not all either. Lets assume each star has an average of 5 planets. So 5 times all the stars in the universe gives us 5e22. So there would be approximately 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 PLANETS IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!

So let's assume only 1% of planets could possibly sustain life. Wait for it. Wait for it. Waaaiiitt for it. That's 5e20. Again another super long number but for humor I will type it out again.


So to answer the question "Do aliens exist?"

Of course they do.

Besides, we proved aliens exist when we we landed on the moon. Read that article for further thoughts on aliens and how when we landed on the moon, we became the first aliens to factually be known to exist.

Open your mind. We are tiny little meat bags and really not so significant. 

I have been very busy the last couple months and have not had much time to devote to interdimensional travel, but last night I found myself stepping between the gap yet again. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed a shift in my writing topics away from topics of other dimensions and inner worlds. As I said I have been very busy and have been neglecting my own ventures, but that all changed last night. I will tell a brief story about what I mean by "Stepping Between the Gap" and hopefully you will learn a few practical methods for trying this for yourself. Relax and read with an open mind, it will hopefully make sense in just a few moments.

PictureA human alien standing on the moon.
I recently bought Erich Von Däniken's controversial book Chariots of the Gods?, and it has really got me thinking. The problem with the majority of the world is with people's rigidity of definitions. We often tend to forget we not only created the term, but also the definition. As far as the word "alien", it is defined by thefreedictionary.com as "Owing political allegiance to another country or government; foreign:." There is an entire list of possible definitions, but to most people it means "from outer space, or simply not from this world."

So by the definition when the first people landed on the moon in 1969, humans became the first aliens factually known to exist. This is interesting because many people argue the existence of "aliens" when a handful of astronauts technically were "aliens" at one point in their lives. As I said, the problem lies with our rigidity of definitions. We have created a mental construct of what something is, and due to stubbornness we refuse to see it any other way; when that construct is not necessarily the truth, but it's just our description and personal understanding. 

One may argue that that isn't an alien because its just a human on the moon, but humans did not grow, live, and evolve on the moon. So by definition humans are indeed aliens relative to the moon. There are not any lifeforms living on the moon to observe us and define us as aliens, but based on the common definition an alien is any creature that did not originate from the specific location. It is all relative. That is why some people are so concerned about "illegal aliens" because they feel they don't belong here. The illegal alien was born someplace else so that's where they should stay. So practically everything is relative to the way you perceive it and understand it. Most people wouldn't think of humans as aliens, but if we have to wear a space suit in order to survive, I think its safe to say we don't belong there, therefore are alien.

I hope this article has made you question your definitions of what exactly is alien. Remember, all words are the invention of people. Its just by habit and time that we assume they have always existed.

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