Nearly every decision you make involves a sacrifice. I was looking through my Facebook news feed earlier this morning and it made me question why I didn't have the life of one of my friends. I had a couple public speaking classes with this man, and he is a very soft, funny, and nice guy. He is much more straight edge than me. I am not saying I am a thug, and I'm not insinuating this guy is a pushover either.

Why is a question children learn early, and usually they learn pretty quickly to stop asking so many damn questions. Children are not limited on what they can think because they lack first hand experience. A small child may not understand what it means for something to be hot, but they learn quickly after giving in to the temptations of "Hey lets twist this knob and watch the stove get red and touch it!

Children do not know their boundaries and they constantly test to see what they can and can't do. As they grow up into their teenage years they may still have a dreamer mentality, and by the time they are 23, they start to realize they have put on an extra 30 pounds, and definitely won't be pursuing a career as a professional skateboarder. Don't laugh at me!

Opportunities pass you every day. Its right here right now, all you have to do is see it, reach out, and accept it.

But on to asking more questions. Why do we do the things we do? Sure you can say for money, or to get the ladies! Or even for the self satisfaction of achieving "things." But after a while of achieving "things" I started to ask why. "Why" can be the most disrupting question to ask yourself, because there is not always an answer. When you ask a question your brain gives you an answer. Why am I such a screw up? Ding! Ding! Ding! Because you made a D on your middle school science project and all the kids laughed at you because... Well you're stupid and the teacher thought you were stupid also. Heck, for all that matters your parents probably think you're a bit dim too. Does that answer your question? Okay... Okay... That may have been a bit excessive and over the top, but its 2013, come on! Let me show my ankles!
So if you are a constant questioner like myself then keep in mind when asking yourself a question, it is important to ask it in a way that is congruent with your goals. For example: instead of asking "Why am I such a screw up?" you should ask "What can I do to be better?" This will solve the majority of your petty stress because you are now commanding your life in a more positive direction. Its a simple habit with powerful results.

Okay. Here we are again sharing a moment. Me sitting here typing eloquent and poetic words, and you... the reader, gleefully reading away happily and content. Anxiously the reader read the next word! And another! And another! Until finally the reader began to question... What is this guy doing? He is in my head! His words are literally being vocalized in mind in the voice I imagine him to have! Alas! There must be relief. The relief comes from asking why? Why do we do the things we do?

Is it for sexual, financial, or social gains? The majority of the time, it is. It is for selfish gains. We live in a world that literally revolves around billions of "selves" at varying levels. It's survival of each individual that ensures the continuity of the whole. But where is the limit? How much do we need? Are you balanced?

We do the things we do, because we temporarily have the belief/opinion it is what we need at that point in time. I saw an advert for the new nick-nack. The next thing I know I am buying it. It serves me well. I enjoy the nick-nack. I love my nick-nack. Nick-nack no longer fun... I throw away... Hey is that the new razor scooter?! Wow only $19.95! I'll take seven!

Wash rinse repeat. This is why I ask so many questions. I demand answers in this life. The only way to answer life's mysteries is by searching for the truth. Keep asking questions. Ask the question to the question to the question. It's an infinite loop, but unfortunately many people settle with the first thing they are told. Don't shut yourself off to your full potential.

Now get out there and go question some people until they run you out the door!!! You can start with me by leaving a comment below. I guarantee I will answer most questions tee he.

How to do the Soul Maintenance Techniques by Cindy Moonrose

1. Calling your spirit back in:

use birth name and move arms intuitively pulling your spirit back in with your hands. It is good to do this out loud and with big body movements if you have the privacy to do so.

Note your thought and feelings after calling yourself back in.

The next options serve to untangle energy we have taken on.

2. Give back to a person, organization, task, God, who or whatever is bugging you.


I give my children back their anger. I give my mother back her sickness. I give society back it's definition of success. I give my sister back her blame.

End with "And I keep what is mine." This is your statement of taking responsibility for your part in interactions and your karma.

3. Take back. Good to use when you feel ripped off, stolen from, or you realize you gave too much away.

Example: I take back my love, I take back my heart, I take back my innocence.

4. Some form of Self-forgiveness, Compassion, and Understanding. Knowing that you had reasons for doing what you did.

More on spiritual maintenance tools


Pain of disconnect within self manifests as ''being hurt by others by their lack of understanding, projections, etc.''

''You just don't understand me.''

Recently during a class held to assist an intentional community, great tension arose because two members were misunderstanding each other.I see more than type of understanding.

1. Self understanding. There is no one who can understand ourselves more thoroughly than ourselves. Calling back in our spirit is maintenance we may need to perform several times a day in order to be present with ourselves.

2. Understanding communication between two or more people. We feel understood when our emotion or need is recognized by others. Again being present within ourselves helps this.

3. Carrying emotions or needs of another person. We make choices that reflect the energy (emotions or needs) of another person or we make choices that reflect our own energy. 

4. Different choices yield different life experiences. The Give-Back process changes our experience, so that we are expending energy for our own benefit, which creates a higher harmony. 

5. Daily practice of Calling back in our spirit and Give-back, helps us to become more sensitive to ourselves. We may become aware of missing specific qualities. Incidents in our lives that reflect upon as someone having taken our (blank), ripped off, stolen our (blank) might have a greater energetic reality than we would believe. These things may be gnawing senses, subtle thoughts that are easily briefly dismissed, but keep returning to haunt us. Things that we feel silly about taking seriously or speaking to someone else about. For instance, as an adult reflecting on how I felt sitting in the my fathers lap or my paternal grandparents laps. I recall that it felt both good and bad at the same time. Now I have come to understand that these members of my family were taking my love instead of nurturing me or even just sharing love. I did a Take back as I got in touch with the specific feeling sense of this experience in my life. 

6.  Self -forgiveness is a fourth specific tool.

Doubt over a way we have been handling an aspect of our lives can be the beginning of a shift into a different way of experiencing our lives. Calling our spirit back is the first thing to do. Then to see which of the other tools, Give-back, Take-back, or Self-forgiveness will be appropriate to use.

There may be pain and a tendency to harshly judge our past as we become aware of a different way of being. Understanding that we had very good reasons for what ever choices we made in the past, given the circumstances of the past is necessary to keep our spirits present. Choosing to see the past as a book we can close the cover on as we see ourselves as play directors makes our energies available to be present in our lives today. Saying something like '' I release all the actors and actresses from acting out this specific energy or pattern of events'' completes closing that chapter in our lives, and freeing us from that aspect to be present here Now.

And? like rings in an onion or in a tree, we heal ourselves in layer. For example, we work on our family of origin issues at one level. Then a few years later, we are working on the same issues.. from a slightly different angle. It seems to go on and on?. 

And there is the laws of attraction.. focus on what you want.. and do your underground foundation work of clearing the subconscious broadcast to the Universe that is yielding you stuff you don't like so much.. Ahhh, clearing past karma!

Going through our daily lives we collect all sorts of garbage and negativity. This negative energy attaches itself to our etheric body and energy fields. If you are unfamiliar with the etheric fields or don't believe in them, or don't understand them that's okay. This article still holds truth without all of the technical esoteric explanations. For now simply imagine your body is an electromagnet memory bank that absorbs words, ideas, opinions, and influence from others and our surroundings. The words and things others say to us effects us whether we consciously realize it or not. For example: an argument with your significant other or a casual remark can make your confidence/energy drop by conflicting your Ego's opinion of itself. This puts you in a defensive position and when people are defensive and insecure they do things to compensate. This makes the mind think it is vulnerable, weak, and therefore somehow closer to death. Suddenly an argument turns into something that is life threatening; which explains why some people overreact, because to them you are threatening them with the possibility of death. If the problem isn't resolved immediately, say before you go to sleep, your subconscious mind allows this negative energy work its way deeper into your etheric until it is literally accepted as a part of you.

This is why it is very important to release negativity early on, and not allow ourselves to say things that infringe upon others. It is important to express self-control, but of course we all know that and usually don't intentionally say hurtful things. Sometimes this is just a part of being human. If apologizing does not cure your discontent feeling and talking does not fix your problem, there is always the option of releasing the negativity out of your aura into the Universe. I will explain an effective way of doing this now.

Find a place to sit quietly where you won't be disturbed and sit down with your legs crossed. You don't have to make any specific position of the hands, just sit there with them on your lap, with your palms facing up. Close your eyes and begin breathing at a comfortable rate focusing on the air entering and exiting through your nostrils. Imagine as you breath in you are attracting all things that are good, loving, and peaceful, and as you exhale gently release all problems, fears, tension, and frustration. Imagine a nice calming purple energy falling upon you from above. This purple healing mist is breathed in through your nose and distributed throughout your body healing everything it comes in contact with. It is effortless and natural. You force nothing, you just relax. Continue breathing slower and slower with each breath you are healing your body and balancing your energy. As you balance yourself your aura has no room for negativity because it has no place to attach. If your etheric is jagged and broken, negative energy can attach itself, but if you are calm and balanced your aura is smooth and balanced so you are invincible to negativity. Do this exercise for about 24 minutes sitting completely still. The reason I say 24 minutes is because its one for each hour of the day. I think that is reasonable. Your Ego may try to fight you with thoughts of doing the dishes or checking Facebook, but if you persevere you will come to feeling refreshed and centered, and the negativity will be gone from your energy field.

Doing an exercise such as this is a discipline. It probably won't be comfortable to begin with, but then again you aren't comfortable feeling in the first place, thats why you are doing the exercise. The lesson here is to love yourself enough to take action to release negativity before it has the chance to work its way deeper. As I said in my book the "Book of Powers" love is nothing more than concentration. If you concentrate on yourself then you love yourself, if you concentrate on a loved one, you give them your attention and focus, therefore you love them. So remember love yourself enough to release all negativity as early as you pick it up. Its like a stinky shoe, if you don't clean it or throw it out, it will stink up the whole house.

Sincere Blessings,

A.J. Chirstoph

Stuart Wilde.
  It has been a while since my last post, but the passing of my revered teacher Stuart Wilde has inspired me to action. The energy that was Stuart Wilde has left the physical plane in it's most well known form, but good news. The energy has been absorbed by many people. A vision came to me and in the vision I absorbed a tiny particle of Stu. A portion of his wisdom was directly absorbed through my crown chakra. Many people are taking his place as teachers. This is one thing he taught me to do. It has taken time for the transformation to take place, but now I understand. 

  It is sad and he will be missed, but the work must go on. The Tolemac will not be forgotten. I see a major event taking place and it starts with each and every one of us. Let the light live in you. Be a metaphysical light house and cast away all darkness. That is a metaphysical reality that will bring us to a new age.

Bright Blessings.

A.J. Christoph

The Tolemac Glow


The Tolemac Symbol
My ole' teacher has been speaking about The Tolemac Glow for years now. I have been a student of esoterism since 2009, and I am just now beginning to comprehend some of the more advanced concepts. There are many mysterious energies in the inner worlds, and very few people are open minded enough and disciplined enough to venture away from their comfort zone to experience them. Few are open to the idea of leaving their physical body behind, and nearly everyone doubts we have the ability to explore worlds outside this concrete physical reality. I can assure you  reality is much more complex and dimensional than popular opinion leads us to believe. Astral travel is unexplainably uniform across the world and is found in nearly all ancient cultures. 

There are a few disciplines necessary to acquire the ability to travel between worlds. The first being physical and mental control. You must be able to focus your mind on a single thought for more than a minute. You must be able to tone out distractions and slow your mind down to a theta state meditation. The theta rhythm is an oscillatory pattern in EEG oscillations in the 4–7 Hz frequency range. Slowing down the mind below daily functioning and allowing yourself to enter trance is vital for exploring the inner worlds. The inner worlds exist within us. It is projecting your consciousness inside of your body and exploring the infinity of your mind. Astral projection has many names, bi location, astral projection, astral travel, and etc. 

Many people argue these worlds do not exist, and it is appropriate to agree with them. Arguing is a mental disease that stems from an uncontrolled ego. It is no matter to me if you agree with me or not, but I can assure you they are real. We enter trance every night while we sleep, but the dimension you enter is erratic and is usually uncontrolled, undisciplined. The average person can not control their dreams, but some people are born with this psychic ability. Others have to learn how too the hard way, and this comes with practice, dedication, and meditation.

The Tolemac Glow is also described as The Divine Light of the Higher Self in some other esoteric teachings. There are many commonalities between the two, but I am not 100% certain if a distinction should be drawn. For now we will assume they are two in the same.

We are composed of light. We are energy and the warming radiating energy of the Tolemac offers us protection, warmth, and security. It is the essence of the God Force. A protecting energy available to all who accept it and to those who are unafraid to address it's reality. Many religious people would stop reading here, because I am not referring to it as "God's power" or whatever, but the reason I call it the God Force is because I am describing spiritual matters with the modern terminology of metaphysics. Metaphysics is the scientific approach at explaining those things not tangible and explainable with mathematics alone. All cultures have theology, but metaphysics is an advanced process that combines all that we know to better and more accurately define reality.

It is no secret the Universe possesses divine energy, and most religious people can agree there is a mysterious power that created and sustains life. There has been thousands of different names it has been given from thousands of different cultures and societies. But the reality exists it is impossible to fluently define, for infinity has no definition.

The Tolemac is the fundamental goodness and essence of the universe. It provides and maintains everything in perfect harmony. It is the alternative title for those of us who want a scientific explanation of God. It is not disproving God for we very much believe, but it is better defining the "God Force" because we are aware it exists, and defining things is what we are made to do.

Bright blessing to all who read. May the golden glow be strong with you at all times.

A.J. Christoph

PictureThe Tolemac Symbol
Balance is perhaps the most important & fundamental discipline of life. Balance keeps our bodies alive with the complexities of homeostasis. Balance keeps us erect as we walk, balance is a fundamental element of the physical plane. Without balance nothing would function properly. If one sways too far in any direction you become off balance and stumble.

A comedian requires balance with his words. If he becomes too rude and offensive he is just an unfunny asshole. Balance requires knowledge and understanding of people, your audience, and the currently accepted social norms. My martial arts teacher taught me the importance of physical balance. We would stand on one foot and stretch our limbs before class, the stretching and balancing exercises were approximately 50% of the class. The remaining segment would be meaningless if we were not able to maintain on our feet. Martial arts teaches balance both physically and mentally. The expended energy balances out the chakras (energy centers) of your body. Kinetic movement helps your chi flow. It promotes well being both spiritually and physically. 

In Taoism balance is known as yin yang. Yin being the feminine spirit and yang being the masculine spirit. This concept can be applied to everything. It is part of the Universal Law. It spans across all planes of existence: for balance is the root of Karma. 

Our spiritual journey is to maintain balance in our lives. We are to take responsibility for our actions. Our lives are our responsibilities and no ones else's. 

I strive for truth and balance in my life. For I know, if I seek truth and balance I will not leave any negative energy in my spiritual footprints. Negative energy is the cause of problems, stress, and emotional turmoil. Not handling situations in a neutral and emotionally removed manner is the cause for grief and malice. Maintain balance and no one will have the ability to emotionally control you.

Think of this life as an energy game. Everything is composed of energy. (Energy is the genetic name of the fundamental power of life. I call it "The God Force.") Our energy comes from the sun. The sun radiates quanta's of electromagnetic radiation 93 million miles across space to warm the Earth in only 8 minutes. This radiation allows liquid water to exist; liquid is the perfect balance between solid and gas. The plants absorb the sunlight and in combination with carbon dioxide photosynthesis occurs. The plants release the oxygen we need to breath, and they also provide the calories necessary for our bodies to sustain life.

The process is infinitely complex and the above description barely touches on the subject. There are entire series of books on photosynthesis alone, but the concept of energy still remains elusive. To begin defining energy let us discuss the nature of atomic physics. Atomic physics begins to zoom in deeper inside the plants and past the cells, through the organelles, inside the atoms to a world that is infinitely small but mostly empty space. Here we begin pondering about the nature of energy, but even that is not sufficient to describe the nature of reality. Alas! Theoretical physics comes to the rescue with a deeper understanding with many subsections of String Theory, M theory, and P Brane theory. But even still the concept of energy escapes us, for reality is infinite. As we discover new it opens doors to other worlds. Other realms reveal themselves as our understanding and technology increases.

String Theory suggests the universe is comprised of infinitely small loops or strings of "energy" that act in a chaotic and totally random manner which compiles together to create quarks. The quarks bind into atoms (the basic unit of matter), different numbers of atoms fused together make the 92 natural elements of the periodic table and molecules. The 92 natural elements that exist in nature makes up the building blocks of our physical reality. IE: your face, the toilet, the grass, your phone, the clouds, and everything that is physically tangible, matter.

If we continue to zoom out and focus specifically on organic elements (CHNOPS) carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus  and sulfur, we are given the building blocks of all things "biotic" This is the study of biology. Here you will discover the perfect balances of the human body, (anatomy, nursing, botany, mycology, and plenty more.) If we continue to zoom out we encounter the social sciences. Which describes how we function in balance as a society and individually. We also encounter the balance of the economy, politics, sociology, culture, history, and more. 

If you see the fractal trend of the universal programming everything works in balance. It may not appear relative to your position. A friend or loved one may die which causes your emotions to become chemically unbalanced, but as your loved one dies it acts as a butterfly effect of the continuous change of existence. It opens doors for new life.

Now we are zoomed out far enough to be looking down on the Earth. Imagine us somewhere in space looking at a tiny Earth the size of a baseball. See it resting in your hand. Now think: This is all we know in a tangible sense. Everything on Earth is our home. We can see it, breath it, touch it, hear it, and perceive it. Now turn about face 90 degrees. You see a black infinitely expanding horizon of deep space with an enumerable amount of stars, other worlds existing at the same time, but they are totally separate from our own existence. This moves us from the micro level to the macro level, dealing with the astronomical ideas of galaxies, solar systems, and finally to the totality of the Universe. One of my previous posts I posted a video of Theoretical Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku talking about the idea of multiple universes. Our universe is probably just a tiny grain of sand on Gods beach. Nothing exists to stop this ideas from being true. As we learn our perceptions are opened to new worlds. It wasn't long ago we believed the Earth was flat. It is my belief there is no end. 

This is the totality of our physical existence, but it is no where near being totally accurate. We all have our own world we live in. There are worlds inside of your body, mind, and spirit. There are worlds that exist on other planets, there are worlds within worlds. Worlds within the cells of your body. We live in an infinite multiverse, and there are literally no boundaries, from the negative infinity to the positive infinity. It goes for eternity both ways, the smallest of the small to the largest of the large. 

It is humbling to accept we are only a small piece of the infinite puzzle of existence. Everything is connected and exists in perfect harmony, and we are blessed to be a piece of the system.

Boundaries are only drawn from the perspective of a finite view. We are all as one and one as all. We are a part of the God Force. Our only responsibility is to contribute in a positive manner, to take responsibility of our own energy footprint, live our lives to the fullest potential, and assist others along the way.

Blessings and understanding.

A.J. Christoph

Balance is an Element of the Universal Law. From the big to the small. Balance is the law.