This is an old technique that I am almost certain every ancient culture was aware of and probably quite familiar with. It may be difficult to find a clear spot that is void of low levels of pollution, especially if you live in a city. So you may have to practice this the next time you go on a little scenic drive out in the country, or perhaps plan a special camping trip just to practice this powerful technique.

This technique is called Star Channeling.  It is very simple. It is not much different than the ol' familiar star-gazing, except that there is a bit of visualization required and a slight meditative state. I do this technique standing up, laying down, sitting, and basically however I am feeling at that moment, depending on where I am currently and the time of year that I am attempting to do it. It is December now and the temperature is usually well below freezing, so I do this technique standing up during the winter. 

To start off, find a spot that is peaceful and away from distractions; for me this is as simple as stepping outside into the backyard. Then I look up at the stars in the sky. I begin to clear my mind and slow my thoughts and enter into an alpha brain-wave state. Once I have slowed my mind and I am calm, I begin to imagine my chakras (energy centers) opening and spinning, from the root all the way up to the crown. As they begin to open and spin I look up at the sky and ask my intuition to guide me to the location of the highest wisdom. The last time I practiced this I was directed to look at the constellation Triangulum. So I started looking at this constellation and I imagined my consciousness expanding upward towards the stars. The only way to truly experience infinity is to look up at the night sky. We can basically see forever. It is an interesting feeling knowing we are looking into the past and seeing further into existence. Below I show a picture of the constellation and then I will tell you what happened.
It was about 1am, so the constellation was directly above my head. After I imagined my consciousness expanding millions of miles into the heavens, I looked in the direction that the constellation was pointing. I asked the heavens to show me something of inspiration. As soon as I made that request I saw a shooting star right at the end of the tip of the triangle. The constellation was pointing right where the shooting star was going to fly through. However, it did not happen until exactly after I asked for inspiration. It was pretty cool. I stood there for a moment reflecting on what I saw and how I felt. I put my hands up into the air and said "thank you for the experience." Then I imagined myself shrinking back down into my body and said thank you once more and went inside and went to bed. This was last night. This practice gave me the inspiration to write this article. Pretty cool huh? One thing I have learned about inspiration and wisdom, they both rarely come to people who are not searching for them in the first place. So you have to meet inspiration half way— meaning, you have to ask for it and you have to search for it. I heard an interesting story about the amateur mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan where he discovered some equations that seasoned pros in the field could not believe. When he was asked how he was capable of creating such profound equations without formal mathematical training, he responded: they came to him in dreams, specifically from his family Goddess Mahalakshmi of Namakkal. Now 100 years later the majority of his equations have been proven to be true (source). 

Interesting huh? We all can tap into the realms of greater understanding and inspiration, but first we have to meet the inspiration half way. 

Okay, now I am going to show you a series of images that I created to help illustrate how to perform the exercise. 
Step one: Clear your mind. Imagine your chakras beginning to open and spin.
Step two: Raise your energy upward from the ground to your crown. Do it slowly. As you do, begin to seek where you want to shoot your consciousness. Ask the heavens to guide you to grab inspiration from the highest location. When you feel that you know where to shoot your consciousness, that will be the right spot.
Step three: Once you know where you should go, shoot your imagination upward at the speed of light. You may feel some interesting body sensations as your consciousness expands towards infinity. You will feel your etheric body becoming stretched and elongated. You can shoot past the constellations. You can basically go for as long and as far as you choose to travel.
Then once you are ready to come home, reverse the process. Come back down into your body, close up your energy centers, and say thanks for the experience. It is also nice to jot down what you experienced in a journal.

But feel free to have fun with this and practice it at different times of year and different positions. Some constellations may offer different wisdom and who knows, you may discover some greater wisdom that the world needs to know. As many great thinkers have said, "it was in the air."

Thanks for reading. If you like what I do here on this site please share it with your friends. Leave some comments down below and tell me your experience of this exercise.

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