You've got to be specific in dealing with what we call The Universal Law, The Universal Law only understands concise communication. For example, if you say in your conscious mind "I want fulfillment." What the universe hears is "I don't know what I want." So you must be very specific in asking of what it is you want. There is nothing wrong with getting what you want, contrary to popular belief. The Universe wants you to receive everything that you've ever desired, but in order for it to deliver, you must meet it half way. So instead of saying "I want fulfillment and happiness." You think to yourself "What makes me feel fulfilled?" By asking the question this forces your sub-conscious mind to deliver an answer. It's a way of engaging and commanding your will of mind. Aka will power.

This is another reason why being specific with your internal dialogue is so important. If you ask yourself "why am I such a screw up?" Your mind will give you one thousand and one reasons for why you are a screw up, and from there it will create a ripple as to other reasons why you are unworthy of success. Instead, if you reframe your mind set and ask yourself "How can I live a more fulfilling life?" Again, your sub-conscious mind will deliver responses. 

So what I recommend is to sit down with pen and paper and make a vertical line and on one side calculate the variance that exists in your life. A variance is by definition something that you think is true but is not a total truth. For example "I live a productive life style." Is this true? You may say "yes, certainly I do, but I tend to over sleep and procrastinate." So analyze your life from everything from your finances, health, fitness, emotional wellbeing, discipline, house hold, family, and etc. What you may find is that you are living a life that is not 100% dedicated to being honest with yourself. And of course everyone lives in a variance of some degree, the point is to narrow the margin of variance within your own life. This will set you on a path that is closer to self-actualization. Which is basically living a life that is congruent with your internal destiny: what we call "your higher self."

Everyone has a higher destiny, which is only available to people who accept full and complete responsibility for themselves and their actions. Assuming this belief turns ones perspective from being a victim to being in control. Again, I am not saying this is how you are, but if you affirm that your reality is controlled by yourself, this is the key to tapping into what you are fully capable of.

In the inner worlds there exists what is called "planes of consciousness." It takes approximately 1000 days of work to reach the first plateau, you may stop and take a break for a minute, day, or even years, but as Lao Zu said in the Tao Te Ching. "The Journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step."

So step forward, day by day, and eventually, one day you will wake up and the power will be there waiting for you.