UPDATE: 3/16/15                       I was only partially true with this article. 
I have always been fascinated with crop circles. Until just recently I thought that the only explanation would have to be other worldly, but now my opinion has changed and I will tell you why. I do believe that life exists elsewhere in the universe, and perhaps they have/do visit us here on Earth. But I have some pretty compelling evidence that all crop circles are man-made. I know. It sucks, and I know we all want to believe, but the evidence I discovered all points to the truth of crop circles' true nature.

The first thing that made me realize that the majority of crop circles are hoaxes was simply following the money trail. Almost all crop circles are found in Europe, specifically in England in the city of Wiltshire. At first I thought there may be some mystical reason, but then upon further reflection I realized that crop circles are big business tourist attractions. If you go to visit Wiltshire and there are no crop circles, then you will feel let down, and so demand was created. Just like with the UFO tourist attractions in Roswell, New Mexico. Something happened, but the excitement must continue to be perpetuated in order to sustain the UFO based economy. So the more buzz about crop circles, the more they will be created. 

Many crop circles have cues from popular culture, so that rules them out. And others are imperfect, so that rules them out. But many are so complex they would have to be made by something greater than humans, right? Well yes, and no. The people that make crop circles definitely are human, but they are humans at a higher level of consciousness. I will explain. This was my most recent realization of crop circles' purpose. The answer lies in Sacred Geometry.

I have been studying Sacred Geometry and upon the study of this; I discovered how simple it is to make mind blowing patterns very quickly and quite simply. To put it into perspective, I can make the below complex shape with a beer bottle while sitting at a bar, sipping on a Guinness. I do these drawings and write my website on it as a way of guerrilla marketing, then when someone asks I give the drawing to them. 
So what is my point? My point is, this is all a part of the expansion of consciousness. More and more people are learning about Sacred Geometry — the more people that learn the more people are enlightened. What is the best way to spread the word? Videos? Blogs? Yea they all help. But to reach the mass market the major media needs to be involved. How do you get the major media involved? Crop circles. They cover crop circles because they are so fascinating and the majority of people can't see how it is possible, but it is very possible — especially to a group of educated and enlightened people. So I believe crop circles are a way of spreading the most ancient and powerful geometric shapes to the masses. 

In a way, the crop circles that are made are other-worldly, but the creators are people from here. However, they are aligned to a deeper understanding of reality. These secrets reveal themselves once you start drawing these shapes yourself. Once you start drawing them you begin to see the beauty in their simplicity. 

What are your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Can you see how simple it would actually be to make some of these designs? Rope, string, a board plank, and walking around and make a few circles. It's simple.

The most popular geometric shape in Sacred Geometry is The Flower of Life. It looks like this:
The Flower of Life is made of 7 circles attached at each others radius. So simple, but it looks so beautiful and perfect. The expanded version looks like this:
This is the complete version. It consists of only 19 circles. The reason it is most complete is because it has 7 flowers inside. Interesting huh? 19 circles makes that intricate of a pattern. 

So crop circles are not made by aliens. They are made by humans with a more sacred understanding of geometry.