We were not born into a just world. Injustice is something we must all overcome, you could say this is one purpose of life; to experience life and persevere until we are ready to leave this world. We as humans are not fair to each other or to the animal kingdoms, and we certainly are not fair to the plant kingdoms and even the Earth from which we came. Injustice is a reality in the nature of physical existence, and to accept responsibility for your actions is the path towards enlightenment.

People are born under different circumstances and we must make due with what we have. It is easy to become overwhelmed with your own problems, and if you allow yourself to store your sorrow it can bring you to rock bottom.

There is a technique that was taught to me called "The Three Liberations." This meditation will allow you to release much of your hidden sorrow and allow you to be enlightened and free from your past actions. The first liberation is allowing yourself to let go of the all of the people that have harmed you. Whether it is your family, your boss, a stranger, or even the collective karma of your race/family/country. We carry the karma of our ancestors through stories in our memories. Let your past go, breath out all hurt, pain, and grief. Liberate yourself from the collective karma of our ancestors. Imagine in your minds eye everyone that has ever hurt you. Visualize them in front of you one at a time and as you breath in, breath them into you, and as you exhale gently breath them out and wish them a peaceful goodbye. As they leave so does all their negativity that they imposed upon you. It does not belong to you. It is theirs. Wish them well and liberate yourself from them and their influences.

The second liberation is one of liberating yourself of the damage you may have done to others, whether intentionally or unintentionally. We all infringe upon others at one point, but it is important to realize it and release it at once. Ask yourself for forgiveness for anyone you may have hurt. Come to atonement with them in person if it is possible. If you can't because they have moved away, promising to make up for it with not allowing it to happen to others will suffice. Harm no one intentionally and do not vent your own frustrations onto others. Release it out into the universe where it can be redistributed. Never infringe upon others by unburdening yourself onto them. You can talk about your situation, but do so carefully and with control.

The third liberation is liberating yourself from the negative karma you have collected by injustices you have committed to the Earth. We are literally children of the Earth. The Earth provides us a home, nourishment for our bodies, and the atmosphere required for us to survive. Be thankful for each breath, forgive yourself, and accept the apologies of others. Vow to make change in the way you live, if you occasionally litter make a promise to never litter again. It is hard to live a perfectly "green" life, but if we all strive to make change we are stepping in the right direction. Animals have grown extinct over the years, and so have many plants. Sometimes this happens regardless of human influence, but now that we are to a level of consciousness that we are aware, we must stop while we still can. We must liberate ourselves from our own injustices. This is the only way to live free. To be enlightened does not mean to become a guru that people gawk over. Enlightenment is living free and not being burdened by internal and external influences. It is entering into gentle peacefulness and responding with love in every way. Love is enlightenment, but you must be soft to love. We become hardened through life, but enlightenment is the process of becoming soft. Liberation allows you to chip away at all the things that makes you hard.

So allow yourself to be liberated from the influence of others, from your own justice, and allow yourself the opportunity of forgiveness. God forgives you, but you must forgive yourself to truly feel forgiven. 


A.J. Chirstoph



In the Beginning 


Everything that exists or ever has existed had a beginning. We are a small segment of the fractal programming of the universe. Everything is interconnected and separation only exists relative to the position of the one perceiving it. 

Here on Earth we draw separation between us, the grass growing out of the concrete, the dog barking next door, and the borders we live within. We create barriers that help us distinguish things, ideas, and concepts. It would cause much confusion if no one knew exactly where the border of the US & Mexico precisely was. Miguel would be shouting "Amigo! Amigo! America starts 3km to the north!" While the confused border patrol officer is scratching his head.

But separation is only a partial truth. Separation serves purpose on a micro level, but it is a narrow perception of the total reality. The whole truth is we are all interconnected. We are all creations of the Earth/Universe/God or what ever you choose to believe. 

My cat, Tom, died a few years ago. The next summer I was outside enjoying the electromagnetic radiation the sun provides, and I noticed a patch of grass growing almost knee high. The surrounding grass was barely pricking through my toes. My dead childhood pet was recycled by the Earth and converted into vital nutrients for my yard. It took a little while for Tom to be reincarnated, but eventually the energy of the cat was released back into the Earth.

Everything is about energy. The energy required to do the dishes is the same energy required to make a million bucks. The same energy required to warm the earth is the same energy required to make the universe tick.

We are separate, but equal. We are divided, but whole. We are infinitely large and infinitely defined. We are a piece to this strange puzzle we call life. We are energy. 


A.J. Christoph