AJ US Marine Circa 2009
AJ US Marine Circa 2009
This is my experience of the spiritual journey, transforming myself from defensiveness to openness, toughness to tenderness, moving from the world of fear to peace, and learning to accept the evolution of others. When I was a teenager I wanted to be tough, because with toughness came what I perceived as safety, security, and success. 

So I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Infantry, to become as tough as I possibly could become.  Sure enough my body was hardened, my emotions were controlled, and I was a living, breathing, walking fighting machine. I was a warrior. I had no fear of death, and I lived life to the fullest because I was at my maximum physical potential. I could run 9 miles in 55 minutes and I seemed to never get tired.

There are many pathways to happiness and there are many doors to choose, but no matter which direction you go a decision must be made.

For the past couple days snow has been accumulating in my town. Instead of staying inside we decided to mountain bike in the forest. Out of the 65,000 people that live in my city, we were the only ones mountain biking down the trail. Many were outside sledding, and some were making snowmen, and even fewer were walking up the snowy mountain trails. But we were the only two mountain biking, fighting the cold, and fighting gravity as well.