This is a true story of a nasty demon attack that my friend and I witnessed at a Mexican restaurant.

In this instance the demons were inside two young people, aged in about their mid-thirties. They were sitting across the room in a booth. It was a typical night at a Mexican restaurant: people were laughing and joking, music was playing, people were drinking tall mugs of draft beer, and nothing was out of the ordinary.

That was until I heard a lady say in a loud and angry voice, "Excuse me. Excuse me ma'am. You are the rudest people I have ever met in my entire life. Sitting here while we are all trying to eat and he blows his nose right here in the restaurant!"

I looked to my left to see what the commotion was all about, and sitting there in a booth screaming was this young woman yelling at this elderly couple. The woman who was screaming was sitting with a man, and they both were wearing skull head shirts. The lady was overweight, the man looked mean and very angry, he had a pony tail, and he had a very dark and sinister serious piercing look in his eyes - a demon all the way through.

The elderly couple who were very sweet and timid looked to be in their 70's. The attacked old lady gathered some courage and replied in defense of her husband. She said, "You are the rude ones." A few moments later she said, "He was not blowing his nose. He is crying because his mother just died."

What the old lady had said might have justified the situation and made the screaming lady apologize under normal circumstances, but instead it simply enraged the demons even more. The female demon who started the fight went quiet, while the tough macho male demon stepped forward to attack. He then responded in retaliation to his woman. It was on. An all out war between light and dark. The demonic man growled with a deep lash of anger, "Well good. I'm glad she died! And I hope you die too!" He pointed his finger and shook with rage.

The room fell silent. No one said a word. The servers left the room. They ran and hid, while us patrons were all stuck to endure the experience. We were along for the ride whether we liked it or not.

I just sat there and stared into the evil eyes of the demonic man. I looked deep and long while he stared directly into my eyes. I did not look away. I just stared, not with anger, not with emotion, just with observation.
I was analyzing what exactly it was that I was truly looking at.

Initially this situation evoked many emotions in me - everything from anger to rage and sympathy. At one point I was even prompted to stand up walk over the the demon and sock him in the nose. However, I knew that this would only evoke more rage and escalate the situation, it would not help. Plus I knew that it was not my place. So I just stared at him and gently pushed the thought into his mind that it was time they needed to leave. 

The elderly couple were very distraught. They had no defense and no one to defend them. They were alone, engaged in a battle with low level demons. Real demons, but mostly demons of rage, not action. They were a type of demon that I have never encountered before. They were sane enough to go to a bar and buy food, drinks, leave a tip and pay. However, at that moment they were taken over and had lost control. Maybe temporarily, but filled with hatred nonetheless.

The old man who just lost his mother was shaking, nervous, humiliated and felt attacked. His wife tried to defend him. He was saddened by the loss of his mother. He was vulnerable.

The demonic couple got up, said a few more hateful words that I don't remember, and eventually they stormed out and left. 

Relief was on the way.

Once they had exited the building, the healing began. People from from all over the restaurant came up to the elderly couple. They placed their hands on them and prayed for them. They justified them that they were not in the wrong. "Everyone blows their nose in public" one man said. The surrounding patrons did a fine job at healing and banishing the negativity. One man said that he was a pastor and that he would pray for him and his family at their church service. Everyone stepped forward to do their part. This was comforting even for me as a silent observer.

I must admit, I also felt prompted to stand up and place a hand on the old man's back and offer my sympathy, but before I moved everyone else came forward and offered their love. It really made me feel good seeing how everyone banded together to help the old couple heal. It made me realize several things. To start off it allowed me to see the importance of people, their religious structures and communities. The community acts as a defense mechanism. People are strong together. People can come together to make a connection, heal pain, and make right the wrongs of others. They can also provide strength from the demonic forces that feed on others.

At the surface level it may just appear to be just an angry couple of rednecks that got offended by a man blowing his nose, but I do not believe that this is all that there was too it. It was much deeper than that, and much more sinister.

In reality, the angry couple were infested with demons. Whether those demons were the demons of self-hate, or of frustration with their life and current position, or the demons of poverty, or even whether they were the demons of substance abuse, the fact remains that the demons were unleashed on a vulnerable couple. It was an overt malicious attack. 

After realizing this I asked myself "why did this happen? And why did it happen to them?

The answer that I discovered was that because the elderly couple were weak, they were susceptible to an attack. Perhaps for them it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The victim - the old man - had just lost his mother, so he was crying, runny nose and all. The hateful younger lady noticed his weakness, and whether consciously or unconsciously she responded by releasing her demons on him. If the elderly couple were not weak and vulnerable, the demon would not have had the courage nor the opportunity to attack. Had they been strong it would have known that it would've lost and it would have waited until it had someone it could over power. The demon only attacked when it knew it could win, and in its mind it did win.

Demons prey on weak people. Demons attack by surprise because they are weak. They are cowards. 

Initially I wished that something else could have been done besides letting the demons escape through the front door, but I will tell you one thing that is a fact. The demons are seeking hell. They are praying desperately to end this life, and they are seeking death. Whether they die in a motorcycle accident while blinded by rage, or whether they get shot down and killed while messing with a demon a little more powerful than them, they will meet their end soon enough or be healed by the grace of Spirit. Getting involved with a demon is never a good idea. People must fight their own battles. All we can do is observe and help heal the aftermath. While it may appear to be noble to come to someone's defense, we never really know what the old man was going through. Perhaps it was a karmic backlash somehow related to his recently deceased mother. Who knows? We will never know.

On the note of the demon seeking to drive the human vehicle to death, the old man made the comment "I have a 9mm pistol in the car." So if the circumstances were different the old man could have very well ended the demon's misery right then and right there. Fortunately there were a group of kind souls around to protect and keep the man from conjuring what all demons seek to summon inside others: hatred.

Be mindful of what feeds you.

Blessings, love, respect, wisdom and strength to you all.