I am you and you are me. Just as I am the water in the mountain stream, flowing gently down the path to a peaceful humble place. I am the yak slowly trekking to overcome the peak of a mountain, resisting all that water yields to. I am the lion prowling the safari, waiting patiently for my moment of opportunity. I am the Stallion running free. I am a speckle of dust floating alone in space, the emptiness between particles, the vast nothingness that creates all things. I am one. I am two. Heaven, earth, human beings United as One.

I am what I am, the subtle feelings that I exude. The electricity of the Life Force, manifested as an imprint of a man.

I am AJ

© Copyright 2016 – Alex Johnson – All Rights Reserved

Whatever it takes to twang your emotions - tools to bend around the commotion. Take the edge off your mind - bend it right, in a straight line. What is this subtle feeling that I am feeling? It's like my skin crawling, peeling and peeling. 

Normal functioning was never my summoning. I exist parallel to common mans bustling. This dimension of yours is an illusion of thought, constructed by ideas and opinions of what? 

A block is placed here, this is how it should be. Don't question the architect, can you not see? Perfection is a projection complicated by human selection. Erecting perfecting this prophetic complexion - It's the selection of human interjections.

My life is one without limits - I straddle both worlds. Living two lives - On the surface is where I reside, internally is where I thrive. 

There is more to this life than acquiring a budget. Corporate pensions can barely budge it. Take my words as the honest truth. All that you need is here under your roof.

All that you need is here under your roof.