The Book of Powers: Practices for Unleashing Your Full Potential  is a life changing little book of disciplines; energies that will help carry you and your awareness on to higher plateaus of consciousness. Without discipline your efforts are diluted, futile, and weak. So in order to strengthen your efforts, concentration is required. When you think about it, concentration is a form of discipline, the more concentration you exert, the higher the probability the event you desire will come true. What this book is is an action plan to help assist you in developing discipline, concentration, and unrelenting dedication. 

The structure of the book follows three broad categories of disciplines: physical discipline, emotional discipline, and mental discipline. From there it expands into the deeper disciplines of Being the Controlled Master, Discipline of the Diamond, Discipline of Balance, and much more. Read More

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Chapter 1: Understanding Dimension
Moving through Dimensions
   To begin with let me explain what true power is. True power is self-mastery. True power comes from within. True power is not gained by coercive force. It is not a mysterious gift from God only available to the few elite members of some society or congregation. For the most part power of this nature is temporary and only powerful in the terms and opinions of the Ego, ie: religious, military, or social control. When you think about it, it is quite the opposite of true power. It is enslavement and entrapment to what ever it is that you must control. Always having to express control over others is insecure and weak. It is a tactic of the Ego to compensate for the lack of internal security and control.

   True power is a spiritual conscious agreement that takes place from within. It is the awakening of the Spirit and the opening of the chakras, making you perceptive to a heightened sense of awareness and being. It comes from humility, discipline, and the thirst for knowledge and understanding. True power is never wielded over others, feeling you must control others is insecure because of the failure to accept others for who they are. Allow people to make their own decisions no matter how silly they choose to be. A Sage is emotionally removed from the actions of others. Because they know others have no effect on them, and they know everything is the way it is for a reason.

   People must be given the freedom to make their own decisions and actions, especially when it comes to who or what to believe in. True power like a Sage possesses is quietly and ever so gently expressed, it is the subtle flow of the etheric life-force through your physical and spiritual body. It is manifested by total self-control over all aspects of life including exercise, diet, communication (both external & internal), intellectual study, posture, bed time, what time you rise, meditation habits, and literally everything in between. A Sage neglects nothing.

   Mastery of this energy or concept begins to magically pull your desires inward and closer to physical reality.  In the physical plane we are accustomed to seeking out and obtaining the things we desire. This is how the normal waking life functions, but in the inner worlds what we call the etheric worlds, everything acts in reverse. First let me explain exactly what the etheric worlds actually are. There are many layers of reality that exist simultaneously on top of each other. There are worlds within worlds folded on top of each other, some are interconnected and others are not, but they all exist right here, right now, some even before our very eyes. The way to perceive these other worlds is by entering into trance and through meditation, exercise, and discipline. The fastest and easiest is by entering into a meditative state. Before you jump to any conclusions assuming I’m off my rocker let me explain it scientifically.

   There are dimensions all over the place, if you are interested in physics you will know that the universe behaves considerably differently depending on your relative position. The simplest way to describe this idea is to have you imagine you are deep inside an animal cell. Scientists define a cell as the most basic unit of life. Within a cell is an entire world of things that only exist inside the cellular dimension. They exist in both worlds, but relative to the position a Mitochondria could never exist outside a cell, at least not naturally. Mitochondria only exist within the dimensions of a cell. Mitochondria are organelles that help with metabolism and the survival of the cell. You can think of it as a cellular power plant. All cells are compiled to create an organ or tissue. A heart consists of billions of interconnected heart cells that function in unison to make a living heart. A liver consists of billions of liver cells, and so on and so forth.

   Inside of the cells contains the entire dimension reality of that cell. For example: a pizza does not exist in the cellular world, but a mitochondria could exist inside a pizza (assuming it has toppings with eukaryotic cells). The laws of physics has a tendency to bend and changes the bigger or smaller you travel. Inside of a cell everything is suspended in a gel like substance called cytoplasm so within the dimension of a cell everything kind of floats around, and is affected differently than we are here right now. These are two realities that exist simultaneously, but they are happening at the same time and even within the same body. Freaky huh?

   The cellular dimension is just one small example of the possibly millions of dimensions that could exist. The reason I classify them as alternate dimensions is because different variables exist within the differing natural worlds, and most importantly the laws of nature drastically change. A general rule of thumb is the smaller you go, the more the physics changes. This is a major problem with subatomic physics and cosmology. Scientists are vigorously trying to create a theory that mathematically combines the two together, but this seems to be exceedingly difficult because we really have no way of observing at the subatomic level, yet.

   A good example of the laws bending at the subatomic dimension is with the omission of the law of gravity. Normally we experience gravity 24 hours a day seven days a week, but if you were to travel inside an atom, say someplace inside of your body, the laws of gravity no longer apply, at least to our current understanding. This is why physicists have difficulty combining the astronomical with the subatomic. To explain it a little more clearly it is a living paradox. Everything on Earth experiences the force of gravity, but the substances things on Earth are made of are omitted from the forces of gravity. This is one reason physicist have postulated the idea of a gravitron, a particle of gravity that attracts matter. The idea of a gravitron works because it explains why at the subatomic level gravity doesn’t exist. The reason being, gravity affects the dimension outside, not the dimension inside. A rather crude way you could think of this is to imagine attaching a rope to a house that is built on top of a cart, and pulling the cart with a Mac Truck, the rope is not directly pulling you, but it is pulling the thing you are sitting inside of. So you are free to move about inside, do jumping jacks, pour a glass of milk, and basically anything else you could do outside. Relative to your position you are unaffected; but if you were to stick your head out the window and leave the confines of your inner home dimension, you would realize your brother who is driving the truck has you whizzing down the highway at 90 miles per hour headed straight towards the drive through of Mc Donalds. 


The Book of Powers


   Every so often one crosses paths with a true master. A subtle transaction of energy takes place. There is a mysterious and internal communication that exchanges silently. It is beguiling, enchanting, and empowering. The person is magical and mysterious, warm and empowering.  To most people they just can’t place their finger exactly on what it is that attracts you to this person, the exact words to explain this subtle feeling are fleeting. For some magical and seemingly unknown reason the person acts as a magnet pulling in successful relationships, money, love, inspiration, and anything else they desire. Everything works in perfect harmony for them. Life is easy, their physical body, energy, posture, and charisma all act as a magnet that makes people go crazy over them. They are successful and powerful, but quiet, controlled, and humble. Their power is not necessarily that of riches and glamour  but it is more so an immense level of respect and fascination of others to where he/she almost appears to be Godlike, this is because they are consciously connected. Everyone wants to be like them but very few know how or even what it is they need to do to create this feeling.

   From now on out we will refer to this person as a Sage. A Sage is a master of them self. A Sage is the highest position a person can be because he or she is the lowest. A Sage puts everyone else above themselves, and in turn it makes them the highest. It sounds like a paradox, but speaking above others is being combative. Trying to be smart, trying to be cool and trying to win approval is weak energy. It is making others feel less because you think you are the best, so the other person has no room to feel empowered. We are here to empower others, not ourselves. Empowering others is the true source of power for a Sage. A Sage is the highest position of power any human can obtain, but they do so without exerting power or control over others. The only power they seek is the power to control themselves. A Sage has complete and total control over themselves. This is the purpose of this book, to teach you how to become a Sage, to teach you how to control yourself and in turn empower others.  You will become a master and a teacher, but only if you take the steps necessary. It will not be easy and the reality is many of you may fail. But failing only happens if you give up, and if you do fall, start climbing again. You have control over your life; now show it, but not to prove it to everyone else, but to prove it to yourself. Do it for others, but tell no one of your journey. It is sacred, it is private, it is personal. Together we can heal the world. Persevere and live the life of a Sage. This is the path to eternal happiness. This is the ultimate love you can give the world.

   If you give up you are destined to fall back to your normal humdrum state from which you came. If you are reading this, chances are you are like me and want to escape the humdrum world we call “Tick Tock”.  You probably seek a higher energy level and have the desire to make a change. This little book has the potential to positively change your life forever if you allow it. If you honestly apply the lessons taught you will be rewarded with a humbling gift. But it is a journey that will never end. It is continuously making the conscious decision to act, talk, walk, and become the Sage. It gets easier the more you learn, and eventually, with discipline, meditation, and perseverance you will be doing what I am doing now. You will become the teacher in your own way, which will empower others to take action in their lives to change for the best. This is my goal: to inspire the world to empower themselves to empower others. To me this is the greatest blessing of them all. Come now. We have much to learn.