Source photo credit www.stuartwilde.com
In the Olympics there is the Torch Relay, where the runners run a certain distance and pass on the torch to the next runner, and they must then pass it on and so forth. Each torch must stay lit and it must successfully be delivered to the next runner. You can't let the flame go out. The Torch Relay is much more symbolic than at first glance, and so is the title of being "the keeper of the light." The distance the runner runs is a symbol for their lifetime and the torch is a symbol for love, compassion, and ultimately warmth. Like the Olympic runners we all possess a responsibility to be the relay runner and keep the light moving. We are all embodiments of this powerful light, call it what you will, God, the God-Force, Energy, Chi, or simply spirit or love. The people in this world who are abused and mistreated as children often learn to do the same to their offspring and people who they can physically overpower. Being a keeper of the light is a noble responsibility and passing on the light is what fills this world with compassion. For the most part we all have been taught the Golden Rule, but the Golden Rule lacks one thing. The way I was taught to remember the Golden Rule is "treat others as you want to be treated." But what if we expanded on it? What if we strived a little further? What if we altered it to make it say:

"Treat others better than you treat yourself."

Pass on the torch and let the light guide your life and your life decisions.