God is within and God is external. God is all around, but no where to be seen. God is seen everywhere. God is you and God is me. We are all one. It is our own perceptions that create separation. It is our own emotions that allow us to struggle. It is our own poor decisions that allow us to suffer circumstances that are not congruent with peacefulness.

My readers need to know one thing. You are God. You are not separate from this existence. You are a part of this greatness. Negative experiences are filtered through your mind. The feelings of despair do not have to be accepted. You can reject them and refuse to accept anything other than ecstatic bliss.

Think of this. Your body is composed of billions of microscopic life forms called cells. Cells function together to make organs. All of that compiled together create you, a living breathing human being. Cities work the same way. A city is nothing more than a compilation of buildings, people, roads, and space. A state is the same also. A state or province is a collection of land mass defined by some governments definition. There is no real separation between cities/states/countries other than what we agree on. It's all just a location on Earth, floating someplace in the infinity of space.

We are the same as all other things in this world, we are bounded by our accepted definitions. The notion that we are God can be misinterpreted as an offensive statement. The conflict comes with a divergence of opinions, nothing more. It is pushing against the status quo that makes people feel uncomfortable. Sometimes that is a good thing, other times it is bad. 

You see, we are all one. We are a part of the bigger whole. As I've talked about before, we are simply a numerical digit in the infinite fractal of the universe's programming. Its all a pattern that repeats itself over and over at varying degrees depending on dimensional size.

Some people view God as an external being that is not a part of his creation. That is not how I view it. I view God as the totality of everything that has ever existed and ever will exist. Some say God is infinite, scientists say the Universe is infinite, and my stance is: God is the fundamental energy that makes all of creation. God is what fuels the Universe. As the Law of Conservation of Energy says, "Energy can not be created or destroyed." Energy has always existed in one form or another. It is simply rearranged. This is the basis for reincarnation and many other philosophical beliefs. As I said in a previous article, my cat died, we buried him, and sometime later the grass grew big, dark, and green. My childhood pet, Tom... Well... He was recycled. 

It is an infinite loop we are all contained within. That loop is the physical domain, our energy can not leave the physical world, because it is a part of God. We are simply living on borrowed matter. What happens to our consciousness upon death? Well that's the greatest mystery of all time now isn't it?


A.J. Christoph
It's my job to use math at work. I especially like looking at numbers represented graphically. Google analytics, SEM rush, Alexa, and traffic estimate are some of my biggest tools. A few numbers can describe everything. If you don't understand the number then you don't understand the situation. When you think about it, the only thing numbers are good for is counting. Counting is required for measuring, and if you can size up a situation, then you stand a better chance at success. Life is a numbers game. Life is an ongoing fractal program which we control by our decisions. Life is a program that created us, but we control our lives by making decisions. I believe that's why early humans were so obsessed with astrology, numerology, and math. They have the program laid here before them - i.e life - and the way to describe the program is by measuring it. We can see it visually but to describe that to another requires a mathematical understanding. 

Math can be intimidating, but so can the infinity that we call creation. We are a part of this creation. We are given power over certain aspects of the world, for example: a dog is limited by the amount of power it can express because it can't make tools, or communicate efficiently. Apes lack the brain sophistication to create advanced tools, therefore squishing their possibilities of advancement, they are simple. And us humans have basically free and total reign over the Earth. We believe we are at the top of the food chain.

Humans in general are much like The North Korean mentality. We think we rule the nation, world, and etc. but in reality there are always someone bigger, richer, more powerful, a higher power. North Korean leadership has their people convinced North Korea is the best, most Holy, most blessed, and whatever. It's human nature. It's human ego. It's ego that blinds us from honestly judging and comparing ourselves.

As I said that's the basic human mentality. We tend to think we are the most evolved beings on this planet. This is partly because of observation as in the dog example, and also because of our theological books tell us so. 

Now here is the mathematical tie in...

The program is infinite. It's a fractal. Zoom in and it goes forever. Zoom out, and it goes forever. There is always a smaller fish, but there is also always a bigger fish.

My perspective of God is the infinity of creation. We are just a minuscule combination in the sequence. Just like how our bodies are comprised of billions of cells, the cells are living units, but compiled they make us. What if its this way all the way down and all the way up, for infinity...

Thank you for reading.

PictureA human alien standing on the moon.
I recently bought Erich Von Däniken's controversial book Chariots of the Gods?, and it has really got me thinking. The problem with the majority of the world is with people's rigidity of definitions. We often tend to forget we not only created the term, but also the definition. As far as the word "alien", it is defined by thefreedictionary.com as "Owing political allegiance to another country or government; foreign:." There is an entire list of possible definitions, but to most people it means "from outer space, or simply not from this world."

So by the definition when the first people landed on the moon in 1969, humans became the first aliens factually known to exist. This is interesting because many people argue the existence of "aliens" when a handful of astronauts technically were "aliens" at one point in their lives. As I said, the problem lies with our rigidity of definitions. We have created a mental construct of what something is, and due to stubbornness we refuse to see it any other way; when that construct is not necessarily the truth, but it's just our description and personal understanding. 

One may argue that that isn't an alien because its just a human on the moon, but humans did not grow, live, and evolve on the moon. So by definition humans are indeed aliens relative to the moon. There are not any lifeforms living on the moon to observe us and define us as aliens, but based on the common definition an alien is any creature that did not originate from the specific location. It is all relative. That is why some people are so concerned about "illegal aliens" because they feel they don't belong here. The illegal alien was born someplace else so that's where they should stay. So practically everything is relative to the way you perceive it and understand it. Most people wouldn't think of humans as aliens, but if we have to wear a space suit in order to survive, I think its safe to say we don't belong there, therefore are alien.

I hope this article has made you question your definitions of what exactly is alien. Remember, all words are the invention of people. Its just by habit and time that we assume they have always existed.

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