The Book of Powers


   Every so often one crosses paths with a true master. A subtle transaction of energy takes place. There is a mysterious and internal communication that exchanges silently. It is beguiling, enchanting, and empowering. The person is magical and mysterious, warm and empowering.  To most people they just can’t place their finger exactly on what it is that attracts you to this person, the exact words to explain this subtle feeling are fleeting. For some magical and seemingly unknown reason the person acts as a magnet pulling in successful relationships, money, love, inspiration, and anything else they desire. Everything works in perfect harmony for them. Life is easy, their physical body, energy, posture, and charisma all act as a magnet that makes people go crazy over them. They are successful and powerful, but quiet, controlled, and humble. Their power is not necessarily that of riches and glamour  but it is more so an immense level of respect and fascination of others to where he/she almost appears to be Godlike, this is because they are consciously connected. Everyone wants to be like them but very few know how or even what it is they need to do to create this feeling.

   From now on out we will refer to this person as a Sage. A Sage is a master of them self. A Sage is the highest position a person can be because he or she is the lowest. A Sage puts everyone else above themselves, and in turn it makes them the highest. It sounds like a paradox, but speaking above others is being combative. Trying to be smart, trying to be cool and trying to win approval is weak energy. It is making others feel less because you think you are the best, so the other person has no room to feel empowered. We are here to empower others, not ourselves. Empowering others is the true source of power for a Sage. A Sage is the highest position of power any human can obtain, but they do so without exerting power or control over others. The only power they seek is the power to control themselves. A Sage has complete and total control over themselves. This is the purpose of this book, to teach you how to become a Sage, to teach you how to control yourself and in turn empower others.  You will become a master and a teacher, but only if you take the steps necessary. It will not be easy and the reality is many of you may fail. But failing only happens if you give up, and if you do fall, start climbing again. You have control over your life; now show it, but not to prove it to everyone else, but to prove it to yourself. Do it for others, but tell no one of your journey. It is sacred, it is private, it is personal. Together we can heal the world. Persevere and live the life of a Sage. This is the path to eternal happiness. This is the ultimate love you can give the world.

   If you give up you are destined to fall back to your normal humdrum state from which you came. If you are reading this, chances are you are like me and want to escape the humdrum world we call “Tick Tock”.  You probably seek a higher energy level and have the desire to make a change. This little book has the potential to positively change your life forever if you allow it. If you honestly apply the lessons taught you will be rewarded with a humbling gift. But it is a journey that will never end. It is continuously making the conscious decision to act, talk, walk, and become the Sage. It gets easier the more you learn, and eventually, with discipline, meditation, and perseverance you will be doing what I am doing now. You will become the teacher in your own way, which will empower others to take action in their lives to change for the best. This is my goal: to inspire the world to empower themselves to empower others. To me this is the greatest blessing of them all. Come now. We have much to learn.

My intention of this post is to help those of you not versed in magick to develop a deeper understanding of the concept of magick. First off I am speaking about "real magick", not stage magic. Stage magic is the art of illusion. Which is equally real, but is obviously an optical illusion, a visual trick. So to distinguish between the two we will refer to it as "magick"

Ok... Magick... the stuff that isn't real. Popular belief has it, nothing is real outside what we can't visually perceive or is immediately tangible to the five senses. But in the realm of magick there exists the sixth sense. Ohhh. I threw you for a trip there didn't I? 

So in order to even begin contemplating magick you must believe/hope/open your mind to perception outside of daily life. This is often difficult because we have such a tight grip on our perception we won't allow ourselves experiment for fear of ridicule or humiliation by the opinion of others, but in truth a social reality does not exist. It is a combination of opinion and culture. Culture being geographic opinion. 

So let us visualize a moment in your life when you experienced intuition that is outside our five normal senses. Say for example you are walking to your car thinking about your long lost best friend Billy Bob, and coincidentally Billy Bob is contacting you via your cell phone and the conversation goes a little something like this: "Holy crap dude! I was just thinking about you!" Billy Bob replies "Great minds think alike!" And then you both catch up on what ever it is you have missed. 

My point is these things happen far too often for them to be sheer coincidence. Do this. The next time this happens make a silent note about it and move on. Then the next time a similar event occurs recall back and calculate the time in between. It happens far more often than you'd think.

Okay now that we fully understand and believe in the sixth sense we can now open up the discussion of magick. Magick as defined by the ever popular and totally noncontroversial Aleister Crowley is as follows "Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will."  The Science and Art that causes change to occur in conformity with will. Magick is not a twist of a wand or a flick of a wrist; no it is not that simple. However some people do those things and get results, that is not the definition. Those are just psychological tools that help manipulate reality in your liking. Okay, so that last sentence had a little hocus pocus lingo to it. Lets talk about manipulating reality in a magickal context for a minute. What does it mean to manipulate reality in conformity with will? I will give you a real life example, one that I have used often to get the results that I desire.

Example: I want to save money on the purchase of this fast food order. So I make it happen without infringing on the nice lady accepting my money at the window. What I do is while driving up to the window I affirm it into reality "Thank you for saving money on this meal." Then as the lady tells me what the total is I place a dilemma in our conversation. I may say something like this: "Which discount is better? A military discount or a college ID discount?" I be sure to look the most precious as possible and maintain a sweet and sincere eye contact. The sweet lady responds with "Awe I'm sorry sir, we don't have a military or student discount. =( " Then I look her directly in the eyes and say "That's okay. I will take the senior citizen discount." Slightly confused but amused at the same time she says "ha okay I can do that for you."

I collect my food and save a whopping $1 and drive away. To an outsider they would say that wasn't magick you idiot. That was just smooth talking and speech craft skill. But to another individual they would say "Damn man. You worked your magic!" The point is it is all relative to your perspective. One man's magick is another mans common skill. There are many occult techniques that can be utilized to benefit you, but remember, we are ethical people. We are the Ace of Spade. We get what we want, but we do not infringe on other people. To infringe would be unethical and dancing on the boarders of Black Magick, and we don't want that Karma on us.

In summary: Magick is not hocus pocus, while it can be, but by definition it is not. Magick is Will Power. Will Power is overcoming obstacles to get what you want. There is nothing wrong with getting what you want. Do not allow yourself to be held down by limiting thoughts. It is all a test. Test other people and if your Will Power is stronger you will win. Sports are another great example. There is no problem with winning the game, but the only way to win is to out "Will" the other team. "If you want to win you have to have a really bad case of the wants."

Thank you for reading.


A.J. Christoph