UPDATE: 3/18/15 The Search for the Hidden Door by Marshall N Lever channel of Chung Fu is now in print again for the first time in 35 years! Available on Amazon!

The teachings of "Old Chinese" has been a major influence in my life. I was unknowingly introduced to Chung Fu's teachings about 4 years ago. At that time I was in the military when I stumbled across a book by the author Stuart Wilde. Stu was very mysterious in his writings and much of what he writes is in code. There are many things hidden from normal sight, and with experience and dedication many of the secrets reveal themselves. 

Through my research I discovered who my teacher's teacher was, and in turn who his teacher's teacher was. It is a long line that goes back some 2,400 years, if not more. These are secrets I am hesitant to share, but I feel it is necessary to help others that are on the same path. I took about 4 years for me to make the connections that lead to the teachings of Chung Fu, and from there it sent me down a path that has been unbelievably deep and mysterious. Some of the books that are required to further my study are so rare they hardly can't be found, and if they are found they can cost upwards of $5,000 a copy. So needless to say the secrets are only available to the select few that are inspired enough to pursue. It isn't a path that is geared for the masses, and we understand that. It is available to anyone, but like any study, it is a discipline, and it also has to coincide with your personal destiny. For me it seems to be the right path.

So what I am wanting to clarify is we have all been slightly confused by the translations of Chinese Mandarin to English. The English word Chung Fu is actually a mistranslation of the pinyin. The reason I want to clarify this is because since I have been learning Mandarin I have had much difficulty finding the Chinese characters to accurately understand what Chung Fu means. The correct pinyin spelling is zhōng fú. So it should more accurately be spelled in English as Zhong Fu instead of Chung Fu. The meaning of "Chung Fu" is inner truth, which in simplified Chinese is

Zhong Fu comes from the I Ching: 61, and in the above photo you can see a very brief explanation of its meaning. Chung Fu was a Taoist master and disciple of Lao Zu circa 2,400 years ago. Similarly to Chung Fu, Lao Zu was not really the original authors name. In English Lao Zu should actually be Laozi, which simply means old man. Chung Fu is just a reference name to the spirit of Inner Truth. They may or may not be literal people, but the truth remains in their lessons.

I hope this has helped clarify to anyone studying "Old Chinese", and if you would like more information for further research feel free to contact me or leave a comment. 


A.J. Chirstoph




Madeline Rose
06/28/2013 8:21am

Thank you :)

Sherry Sacred Warrior
08/19/2013 5:43pm

Hi I am SO GRATEFUL to you for your effort in this page!
I am on the very same path that Stu has introduced me to.
I would like to email with you if you have time please thank you

nice posts

Mauraine riggs walshe
10/30/2014 4:57am

Dear A J
I am so pleased to find your site. I studied with Marshall Lever
From about 1974 when I lived in Alameda, Ca. I am 76 now
But my first spiritual teachings were channelled thru Marshall by 'Old Chinese' also known as Reincarnation of Chung Fu.
It was a very exciting time. Marshall and quinta and their two children
Travelled around the world using Free Flow as their method of being taken care of financially. It was a totally secret society and I was notified when and where they would be channelling Old Chinese.
The locations were always beautiful places and homes.
Marshall raised. money also by doing nutritional readings for individuals. Everything was donation, what you could afford.
Marshall used to astral travel. I. Can tell you anything you might
Like to know about.

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