Love for love, hate for hate, anger for anger,
jealousy for jealousy, your external life is a direct reflection of your
internal thoughts and feelings. Your external reality is a program that can be
manipulated simply by changing the way you feel. This was described by the
ancients as karma, or as we all know the common phrase "what goes around comes

If you feel you are experiencing external turmoil, remember it
may be a consequence of your internal thought patterns.

Your social reality is not only formed by your communication with others, but also with
yourself. Prayer is not only a minute here or a minute there, prayer is
communicating with truthful consciousness at all times; it is radiating the
warmth of love, humility, and sincerity with every breath.

To be true is to be real, it is only with the solidity of truth that allows one to be

A.J. Chirstoph


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