According to CBS news the Vatican announced the pope will pardon those who follow him on Twitter. I don't know if this is just a light hearted joke to attempt to connect with younger "followers", but it reveals the arrogance of their authority. It is the heroin of power that corrupts. Anyone who sits on a throne proclaiming he is superior to anyone, is blinded by the arrogance of ignorance, they can't see outside their own self importance. It is an unstable tower designed to entrap "followers", feeding off their energy, donations, and attention. All to exalt themselves someplace between us, the common person and God, they sustain this illusion by placing confirming symbols atop their heads, pure white robes, special golden hats that only they are qualified to wear. This silently suggests they are somehow holier than thou, separate from the fate of normal peons. It is all so dark and perverted they should be asking for forgiveness instead of offering a watered down version of salvation. It is a nasty concoction that is designed to enthrall anyone in proximity of their control.

Before you become too enraged please let me offer a thought to give you a more balanced view: The Church is losing control and with each instance of their arrogance their "control" gently slips away. Between their old wrinkly fingers their followers have been dripping down to freedom. Slowly they are losing all that their collective egos have conquested for. The governments of Europe and around the world are beginning to lose faith in the Vatican, and one day in the distant future the Vatican will just be a novelty and a remembrance of our past. We know this as truth because we can view the battle plan of the Vatican. They are evolving to change with the modern world, and fortunately for us, the modern world has little room for a perverted hierarchy that desperately needs people to control. This is all an evolution of humanity. It is simply something that takes centuries to overcome.




07/19/2013 6:31am

God in the old testament set the the tribe of levi apart to become holy priests of God wearing special robes and special rituals just like the Catholic church.

Jeremy Ross
07/19/2013 6:40am

What a lot of rubbish your comment ıs. Unfortunately you wıll never realise the relationship between power and consciousness. We are not all the same some some people are better than others. The problem with people like you is you think travelling to İndıa ıs the path to spiritual enlightenement not realising enlightenment ıs to be found ın the highest levels of civilizatıon not the lowest.

His Excellency Pope Francıs ıs the most amazing Pope we have seen ıs modern tımes. What you also massively faıl to relise ın your naiviety ıs the Catholic Church holds the candle and ensures ıts flame never goes out even ın the darkest of tımes. Think of all the beauitful Art, Musıc and Literature that ıs preserved by the Church.

Look up my frıend and you wıll gain a better prespective.

07/19/2013 11:00am

Jeremy your comment is very much out of line with the teachings of Jesus . To say one person is better than another and that spiritual enlightenment is found with the highest levels of civilization is hypocrisy at best . Jesus sought out the poor and needy who he called the salt of the earth .

I was catholic for 48 Years and believed like you they carried the torch of Christ but in picking up the bible I found they perverted the truth of Jesus with man made doctrines which make void the word of God .

The pope seems like a very good man and humble unlike the articles author stated labeling him superior on his throne to others which the pope has already dispelled . The new age movement is just another lie of Satan just like the many of the man made traditions of most churches ,the Catholics are just as guilty . There is only one mediator between God the Father and us and that is Jesus , not one other name under heaven , no not one .

richard breveglieri
07/19/2013 10:54am

great article and absolutely true ...their end is near

12/16/2014 4:25pm

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