UPDATE: 3/18/15 The Search for the Hidden Door is now in print again for the first time in 35 years! Buy it here!

I recently obtained an original copy of the increasingly rare out-of-print book The Search for the Hidden Door by Marshall N Lever. The book was published in 1981, and follows the diary and series of realizations by the author Marshall N. Lever during his sessions with the Chung Fu. Much of the information is not necessarily new concepts since it was one of the first books published about the "Old Chinese" philosophy. If you were/are a student of Chung Fu, Stuart Wilde, Khris Krepcik, or any derivative of "Old Chinese" you will probably be familiar with most of the teachings. Nonetheless the book is worth obtaining and it offers a deeper understanding of the philosophy and history.

Here Marshall first introduces the concept of the Nature Self (the natural you that flows effortlessly like an animal: The instinctual human side of your psyche.), which is the basis of many of Stuart Wilde's books, Geof Spaldings 33rd Sage series, and Chung Fu's own book Under the Plum Tree edited by Marjorie Giles. To the best of my knowledge this book is the beginning of the publications in regards to Chung Fu with the exception of personal jottings, diaries, or other publications I have not been able to locate.

The purpose of this blog post is to share some of the contents online because it is becoming increasingly hard to obtain a copy, and the information is not readily available. I am limited as to what I can share because I want to respect the current copyright laws, but what I can share will be beneficial and it will bring you one step closer to "knowing" the books contents. Nothing can replace owning a physical copy but for now this is all ya got!

Lets begin with a detailed list of the chapters, something you will not be able to find elsewhere on the web, and I am happy to be the first to share! Each chapter begins with the chapter title and a quote from "An Old Sage." Which is presumably direct words of Chung Fu. If you missed my blog post before last I talk about the correct pronunciation and meaning of Chung Fu. I clarify a few misconceptions that will help you better understand; if you wish to read it please click here.

Book Contents:


Chapter 1.-- The Search for the Hidden Door.
       Spiritual growth is an individual accomplishment. Others may point the way, but you do the growing. 
       An Old Sage

Chapter 2. --The Journey Begins.
       Man never reaches his highest potential when he is safe and takes things easy.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 3. --Thought - Word - Action
       Your thought can never rise higher than the state of realization created by your thought.
        An Old Sage

Chapter 4. --The Universal Laws
       Universal Law is the only law. All other laws are formed from the results of the Universal Law.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 5. --Denial and Affirmation
       An affirmative word used at the right time and with the right thought behind it has more value than a sack of
       polished emeralds.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 6. --Impossibilities [in the book the "im" of impossibilities is crossed out.]
       Nothing is impossible providing you believe you're God.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 7.-- Unlimited Limitations
       To be unlimited in thought, word, and action is to be a completely free human being.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 8. -- Change
       Change is necessary if you ever want to know where you have been.
       An Old Sage

Chapter 9. -- The Journey Continues
       The man who does a thing always has the thing he has done before his own eyes.
       An Old Sage.


The book is fairly short with only 147 pages and 9 chapters, and much of it is wrote in a nontraditional way such as a diary format, thoughts, and etc. Below I have attached some photos of the books contents. I will continue to write about this book as the weeks go on. I am currently reading this book along with two others, The 33rd Sage. A Modern Fable, and Under the Plum Tree by Chung Fu. I will incorporate what I learn into the upcoming articles and hopefully this will give you a better insight into the philosophy, along with a clearer picture of the unveiling of the wisdom that is "Old Chinese."

As always, thank you for reading and visiting my blog. Stay tuned. The Truth Awaits.

~A.J. Chirstoph



12/25/2013 5:28pm

Hi Alex,

Thank you for publishing the chapter outline of "The Search For The Hidden Door".

I am also keen to find the book, which is unavailable on amazon and I imagine in all other shops I can think of.

Would you be willing to scan it and send me a copy against some form of payment.

It will be interesting to have the book continue to make a positive impact and it is a shame it has gone out of print.

Please let me know what you think.

Kind regards,


01/28/2014 8:13pm

Dear Nick,

Pardon the delay, I just saw this message. Email me if you are still looking for a copy of The Search for the Hidden Door. thetruthawaitsweb@gmail.com



04/08/2014 12:07pm

ATTN: If you are still looking for this book or any other books related to Old Chinese. Consider joining the members area of the site. Among members we have several books and manuscripts that are becoming increasingly hard to locate. We also encourage people that are following a similar path to join the site and share the information you have. Thanks.

Rebecca Friedman
10/13/2014 4:35pm

I was a student of Marshall/Chung Fun in London in the 70s. Would like to connect with others and also obtain copies of writings. I hear that Sally Pullinger is now the channel. Do you know about her and how to contact her?

10/13/2014 9:30pm

Yea sure. Shoot me an email and I can help put you in contact. Thetruthawaitsweb@gmail.com

Dan Fogliati
11/27/2014 3:56am

Hi. I meet Marshall in the 1990s. Now I am revisiting the material of 'old chinese'. And would like to know more.
I would like to some how get a copy of The 33rd Sage. A Modern Fable, and Under the Plum Tree by Chung Fu.
Find out how to contact Sally Pullinger if she is now the channel.
And like to hear from anyone who knows of Marshall,s where abouts or how to go about contacting him.
Many thanks

12/24/2014 7:34pm

I have a pretty good condition copy of this particular book, which I found in a 2nd hand book store some years ago. Anyone have any idea what sort of price it is worth?

AJ Christoph
12/24/2014 8:15pm

Hi Tim,

It is hard to determine the value of the book. Shoot me a picture of it and I will take a look. AJ

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