PictureThe Search for the Hidden Door by Marshall N Lever
UPDATE: 3/18/15 The Search for the Hidden Door is now in print again for the first time in 35 years! Buy it here!

If you are on the Journey for "Inner Truth" then you will probably be familiar with the Hidden Door. For those of you who are not familiar, this article may make little sense. But the Hidden Door is not really all that hidden. It is in broad daylight in nearly every continent in the world. It exists 24/7 and is so humble you may not even notice it as you walk by. 

For reasons unannounced I will not directly state exactly what the Hidden Door is, simply because it is your own personal responsibility to discover it. But to offer a slight nudge in the right direction, the Hidden Door is more terrestrial than one might believe. 

You could climb the vine leading into other dimensions where ego is left behind, back inside the world from which you came. Through the jungle of fear rests a world hidden without the chaos of the human intellect. Here you can rest and gently drift into the infinity of creation, free from your own insecurities and limitations.

The Hidden Door has been discovered by many great people throughout history, but it has also been discovered by the most unknown and humble people you have never heard of. To be "great" often involves the competition of humanity, to be humbled requires nothing more than interest outside of thyself. 

The search for the Hidden Door is the first step. Maybe you feel there is a "splinter in your mind" that you just can't seem to explain. Maybe you feel you live in a world full of illusion, deception, and feel everyone around you is playing a silly and immature charade we call life.

Needless to say, you are here reading my website, and therefore it was your destiny to be here, right now. You may skim through and not even bother to dig any deeper, and perhaps the roots to your solution are left undug.

But for the very small percentage who "feels" it is their destiny to learn more, your prayers will be answered. You will find the solution to these questions. I do not feel it is my responsibility to hand it over to you, most want life delivered on a platter. We do not live in a fair world. We don't have a level playing field, but the great thing about a field is it is open for play, to all who declare themselves in. Your solution may be right there under your feet. 

The riddle of the Hidden Door is that of the Holy Grail and many other legends passed down since the dawn of mankind.

We as a modern society have became clouded by the rustle and bustle of the chaos of the world ego. We no longer have to rely on our atavistic qualities we once expressed while surviving in the forests. If you want to find the Hidden Door, stop relying on "thinking" and switch to "feeling."  Logic and intellect relies on all the things the mind already knows and can piece together with facts and evidence. 

Feeling allows you to discover the things the intellect cannot possibly know. 

Intuition and spirit. 
Relationships with creation.
Teachers that can't speak.
Students that can't ask questions. 
Answers that are not heard.

Feeling your way.
Sideways, not up.

Step through the Hidden Door.





Keith spinDeL
08/15/2013 11:29pm

Hey, u speak of things i want to hear and itching for more. I know these things butbsince i have noone confirming and affirming it, its hard for me and my kundalini to proceed as we should. I saw ur post on godlike production by searching in google "kundalini escaping the matrix". Kundalini led me to believe i was pi 314

08/16/2013 5:14am

Yes, I feel like a victim, and by all right I've been mirdered and left to rot . I'm just watching my potential wasted thru things like no money no sex no friends. My kundalini used to be so strong and off the grid, but within weeks I was put on psych meds Risperdal and Prozac that totally killed my kundalini and my sex chakra(the onset) and I was devoid of kundalini for years, until I found phenibut and used it to earn my kundalini back but it will never be the same again. I was strong enough to turn my 3rd eye on but now I'm begging for it but afraid to cuz it may make me appear even crazier. Ideally I want to live with my 3rd eye on and my life at the sane time and have heaven and Eden best of both worlds at the same time, but it's looking like I will fall short minus having a lucky one night , but what I have going for me is I think I can score if given a good open shot at the goal. This would be alot easier with a woman. Sorry for ranting. I look forward to reading more of ur site , for I didn't know there was such a large volume of alternative "facts". Thank u man

Madeline Rose
08/20/2013 7:08am

Thank you Alex. I enjoy your writings.

01/22/2014 5:43am

This ought not to be so. What cannot be denied is that the law should apply to all and a common morality observed by all.

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