The following is report from a group facilitation Cindy MoonRose lead on "A Remedy for Psychic Manipulation".

Everyone who attended this meetup had at least been introduced to the Spiritual Maintenance Tools. The first thing we did was to share what our experience with those tools had been. that discussion led to other things. Then we mind mapped the topic of the day. 
Mindmapping is a way of brainstorming and using both halves of the brain. We had 3 big sheets of paper and colored markers. "Remedy", "Psychic", "Manipulation" was written, one word per paper sheet, in the center of the page. We walked around, adding one word or phrase to that of other folks. This was a very interesting way to discuss the topic. You could feel the thoughtfulness and concept morphing in the room. We discussed that experience and the insights that arose from the group mindmapping.

We had called our spirits back in before that mindmapping activity. 

In addition to developing our experience with soul maintenance techniques, laws of attraction, and mind mapping, we also discussed "pain bodies" and other entities that feed on negative emotion and forgiveness, conscious and unconscious manipulation... well, you just had to be there to "get" the experience we had together. Writing about it doesn't convey real well what all happened. 

As we ended the facilitated portion, we all were experiencing gratitude for our lives.. I felt really good in my heart chakra! Of course talk continued over supper and clean up. I feel very well rewarded for the work I put in and so appreciate the presence and input of others in the cocreation of this experience.

Cindy MoonRose



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