How to do the Soul Maintenance Techniques by Cindy Moonrose

1. Calling your spirit back in:

use birth name and move arms intuitively pulling your spirit back in with your hands. It is good to do this out loud and with big body movements if you have the privacy to do so.

Note your thought and feelings after calling yourself back in.

The next options serve to untangle energy we have taken on.

2. Give back to a person, organization, task, God, who or whatever is bugging you.


I give my children back their anger. I give my mother back her sickness. I give society back it's definition of success. I give my sister back her blame.

End with "And I keep what is mine." This is your statement of taking responsibility for your part in interactions and your karma.

3. Take back. Good to use when you feel ripped off, stolen from, or you realize you gave too much away.

Example: I take back my love, I take back my heart, I take back my innocence.

4. Some form of Self-forgiveness, Compassion, and Understanding. Knowing that you had reasons for doing what you did.

More on spiritual maintenance tools


Pain of disconnect within self manifests as ''being hurt by others by their lack of understanding, projections, etc.''

''You just don't understand me.''

Recently during a class held to assist an intentional community, great tension arose because two members were misunderstanding each other.I see more than type of understanding.

1. Self understanding. There is no one who can understand ourselves more thoroughly than ourselves. Calling back in our spirit is maintenance we may need to perform several times a day in order to be present with ourselves.

2. Understanding communication between two or more people. We feel understood when our emotion or need is recognized by others. Again being present within ourselves helps this.

3. Carrying emotions or needs of another person. We make choices that reflect the energy (emotions or needs) of another person or we make choices that reflect our own energy. 

4. Different choices yield different life experiences. The Give-Back process changes our experience, so that we are expending energy for our own benefit, which creates a higher harmony. 

5. Daily practice of Calling back in our spirit and Give-back, helps us to become more sensitive to ourselves. We may become aware of missing specific qualities. Incidents in our lives that reflect upon as someone having taken our (blank), ripped off, stolen our (blank) might have a greater energetic reality than we would believe. These things may be gnawing senses, subtle thoughts that are easily briefly dismissed, but keep returning to haunt us. Things that we feel silly about taking seriously or speaking to someone else about. For instance, as an adult reflecting on how I felt sitting in the my fathers lap or my paternal grandparents laps. I recall that it felt both good and bad at the same time. Now I have come to understand that these members of my family were taking my love instead of nurturing me or even just sharing love. I did a Take back as I got in touch with the specific feeling sense of this experience in my life. 

6.  Self -forgiveness is a fourth specific tool.

Doubt over a way we have been handling an aspect of our lives can be the beginning of a shift into a different way of experiencing our lives. Calling our spirit back is the first thing to do. Then to see which of the other tools, Give-back, Take-back, or Self-forgiveness will be appropriate to use.

There may be pain and a tendency to harshly judge our past as we become aware of a different way of being. Understanding that we had very good reasons for what ever choices we made in the past, given the circumstances of the past is necessary to keep our spirits present. Choosing to see the past as a book we can close the cover on as we see ourselves as play directors makes our energies available to be present in our lives today. Saying something like '' I release all the actors and actresses from acting out this specific energy or pattern of events'' completes closing that chapter in our lives, and freeing us from that aspect to be present here Now.

And? like rings in an onion or in a tree, we heal ourselves in layer. For example, we work on our family of origin issues at one level. Then a few years later, we are working on the same issues.. from a slightly different angle. It seems to go on and on?. 

And there is the laws of attraction.. focus on what you want.. and do your underground foundation work of clearing the subconscious broadcast to the Universe that is yielding you stuff you don't like so much.. Ahhh, clearing past karma!



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