People want what you have, whether they consciously realize it or not. We feed off each other both emotionally & physically. Life feeds on life. All things must consume something in order to continue to survive. Nothing is completely self perpetuating because there is always some type of friction.

My blog offers you something, that's why readers check back and read it. How important or great it is varies from person to person depending on their personality and current level of spiritual development. All I have to offer are my words, my thoughts, and my experiences. The quality of what I offer is where the value lies. Quality is the most important factor of success. This is one detail the majority of people either do not understand or are too lazy to put forth the effort to succeed. 

Musicians are a great example. Every musician wants to be seen, heard, and admired. But many of them fall short of their goal and usually only because of one reason: they don't offer something of value to their audience. Their music fails to move. Their music lacks sophistication and emotion. Emotion is what moves people to action. Great musicians have the ability to literally bring tears. This requires metaphysical knowledge, this requires feeling and being in tune with the world. 

Strive to move people and strive to make an impact, this is the formula for success. Many musicians go on about how they don't want to "sell out." So they just do what they want to do. This is a foolish attitude when you are wanting to be successful. Ignoring the advantages of understanding peoples needs is a setup for disaster. You are the general of your army, you command the world around you by your actions. Life works that way, if you want people to help support you, you don't demand it. They will resent you, instead you subtly move them to action with your charisma. This is a strategy that will never fail. Connect with those around you in a meaningful way and you will always have an army of help. It's called friendship - family - unity.

Now there might be musicians and successful people who don't know why they are a success, they just do what they do and people love it. Some people are naturals in their field, they understand their purpose and they are in the flow. Once you are on the other side you know. You either got it or don't, but it is an acquired thing. For most of us it requires experience and more importantly observation and the discipline of listening. 

Success comes from no other place except for one, your own decisions. You generate the success in your life. You are responsible for your own actions. You influence people to help you or to fight against you. Your life is a product of your internal beliefs and the decisions that flow from them.

If you change yourself, you change the world. Your internal thoughts are manifested externally. We live in a world of parallel worlds. The world inside your mind, and the world you influence outside. 

People want what you have only if what you have is something of value. People will continue to come back if you keep giving, but giving only sustains them temporarily, people need to be self sufficient. They need to generate success in their own life. This is why the welfare system is a complete failure. We are sustaining the lives of people who do not have to work. They don't have to, they can just live off the government. This is not setting them up to contribute, this is creating a system of people who are entitled to a living. I am sorry, but nothing is entitled. You are not guaranteed anything in this life. All you are guaranteed is you will die someday. 

To better prepare yourself you must take full responsibility for your life. Stop placing the blame on others and accept responsibility for your life. No matter how great or how poor you think it is. Accept it and your perception will start to change when you know your life's success relies on you. Do this and you will be forced to do what you have to do. 

If you do this, you are beginning to develop yourself as a spiritual warrior, a sacred spirit.



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