It was exactly a year ago that my friend Justin Ratowsky invited me to donate to his charity water campaign. I felt it was important to give because it is such a small privilege I have taken for granted. Not having access to clean or even cold water is hard for me to imagine, much less entire communities that are deprived of basic resources. But the reality is there are people elsewhere in the world where clean water is a blessing. I am inspired to help change that.
It is important to give to a cause you believe in. In the past I have had difficulty finding a cause that I fully supported. Sometimes I don't fully agree with some charities because there often seems to be some type of catch or alterior motive. And other times the cause just isn't that important to me. Its easy to harden yourself and not care about what's going on eleswhere, especially when you don't see the consequences directly, but clean water is something I do 100% support. Clean water should be a God given right to anyone anywhere in the
world. It's such a simple thing that could be solved with just a little effort by everyone.

Clean water is the second most necessary factor of survival, second to fresh air to breath. I find it a desecration we have not united enough to help provide the basic needs to others to not only exist but to live and thrive.

We live in a world where many of us can afford to own a $600 iPhone or a $500 PlayStation, and even buy bottles of clean fresh, water daily, but we lack the ability to give. There are roughly two types of people, givers and takers. Givers are generous people who are immensely happy. They give to their hearts content, and often they are taken advantage of, but this doesn't really matter to them, because their heart is so big they will always have more.

Takers on the other hand are the people who have their hand out, and when you stop giving they are gone. They dip out and move on to another source of what ever it is they want. Takers are generally never happy, because their life is so small and narrow all they can see is what's in front of them. They lack the perception to see the big picture, this is why they lack the ability to give, they are focus on themselves and what they can get to better their position.

I recently went to a personal finance seminar, and the speaker made a very powerful point. He said "happiness has been shown to be directly proportional to the size of the entity you attach yourself too."

So when you live a cold and selfish life, you fend only for yourself. When you live for your family, you are slightly more fulfilled, but ultimate fulfillment can only happen when you align yourself with the totality of all. When you dissolve any barriers of separation, and begin to live your life for the greater good of all things, all people, and all of creation.

I am only asking you to begin to expand, will you please sacrifice a small percentage of whatever you have, and help bring not only joyful smiles to innocent children's faces when they take their first sips of the new clean well, but to also step forward as a leader in a powerful movement of equality and unity for every living breathing soul alive.

This small donation has the power to impact the world. You have the power to change the world, but you must step forward, and you must be willing to give what you have to offer.

Thank you.


A.J. Christoph



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