Nearly every decision you make involves a sacrifice. I was looking through my Facebook news feed earlier this morning and it made me question why I didn't have the life of one of my friends. I had a couple public speaking classes with this man, and he is a very soft, funny, and nice guy. He is much more straight edge than me. I am not saying I am a thug, and I'm not insinuating this guy is a pushover either.

But his life appears to me as one that is as you might say "straight and narrow." My experiences have lead me to where I am, the excess alcohol, drug experimentation, military experience, and among others have lead my life down a much different path. Many of my experiences have calloused me in defense against ridicule and fear of what others think of me. My military experience made me tough as nails physically & emotionally. I didn't shed a single tear when my great grandmother passed away or when my child hood pets died. I couldn't allow myself to be vulnerable in a time when I was facing a potentially life threatening deployment to Iraq. I had to be tough and I had to shut off certain emotions. It's how I survived.

My childhood decision to join the Marine Corps forever changed the direction of my life. To me it was the right decision, because it got me to where I am today. I have no regrets, but the interesting thing is, I am now reversing and healing many of the callouses. The mindset required to survive in that environment does not necessarily help sustain healthy relationships back home.

Now back to my friend. The soft, gentle, and kind young man that is essentially the polar opposite of what I once was. He made the sacrifice of not joining the military and going a different path. So he was not forced to defend himself against extreme physical and emotional stress. I am certain he had his own challenges, but whatever they were they did not harden him, at least not in a way that is externally obvious. Both choices had their advantages and disadvantages, I believe both are equal. One is not better than the other, it just is what it is.

The algorithm of life flows forward. You make a decision and it opens doors that leads to other decisions. Wisdom is making decisions that lead you closer to your higher purpose. Intuition guides you. When we are young we often make decisions that cannot be reversed and forever change our destiny. It is important to be in tune with yourself and your higher destiny. Make the right decision the first time around, that way you aren't having to run an extra 10 miles a week in order to drop the extra baggage.

So to wrap up this article. All decisions you have made to this point happened for a reason. They got you to where you are today, there possibly could have been better decisions. But have no regrets. Your decisions were exactly what you needed at that point in time. The good and the bad. But from this day forward, consciously control your life path. Feel your way to the higher decision, and if you don't know. Do nothing at all.


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