Being alive automatically means you have some level of restriction. I can't hop in the air and fly off into the sunset, I can't walk on water, and other physical and mental boundaries. But I am tired of it man! All of it! I reject the idea I am restricted at all! Of course I don't mean I will just up and fly away. That would be silly. I don't know how to fly... Yet. haha. Just kidding. But I am tired of the perceived boundaries I imagine before myself. It is funny, because even still I think I am limited by what I can do, and my whole purpose of this blog is to help liberate people. It's all part of the human potential movement, but I even still feel limition to a certain degree. 

For example: I have responsibilities, work, dead lines, and the pressure to do things on time. The things have to be completed, and they will, but the majority of it is all in my head. I was reading on Yahoo news earlier today and the topic of Scientology came up. So I then began researching it's history and all of the famous people involved. It really made me laugh. Because here we live in a predominately Christian dominated society and these crazy cooks have been able to literally create a new religion that supposedly has millions of followers. They obviously have millions of dollars so they have people feeding them a paycheck. Wow!

My point is, if these guys can create a new religion from scratch, then you can just about do anything man! It basically all boils down to your charisma and how bad you really want something. I'm not saying go off and create your own cult or anything, but hey if that's your thing, go for it. Just make sure you use good marketing tactics like having celebrity endorsement and your credibility suddenly goes through the roof!

You see the "good people" are people that follow rules. They are the workers, the ones slaving away trying to make ends meet. The problem lies in the unwillingness to take a risk. Take the risk man. It may be worth it. You are 100% more likely to succeed if you give it a try. If you don't try, well, you are guaranteed to fail.

So get off your ass, stop being afraid of failure, and go out and realize many dreams!

Love ya!

A.J. Christoph


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