I have been very busy the last couple months and have not had much time to devote to interdimensional travel, but last night I found myself stepping between the gap yet again. If you are a regular reader of my blog you may have noticed a shift in my writing topics away from topics of other dimensions and inner worlds. As I said I have been very busy and have been neglecting my own ventures, but that all changed last night. I will tell a brief story about what I mean by "Stepping Between the Gap" and hopefully you will learn a few practical methods for trying this for yourself. Relax and read with an open mind, it will hopefully make sense in just a few moments.

So there I lay in bed, tired from a long days work, I had been 7 hours deep in studying accounting. So needless to say my perception was a very narrow one, focused on contribution margins, cost of goods manufactured, and not exactly exciting stuff. So here I am laying in bed trying to get my mind off what I had been studying all day, and I kept being bombarded with thoughts of "grab my phone", "go eat a snack", and etc. I eventually forced myself to lie completely still and practiced some qi gong (chi gong) breathing techniques my martial arts teacher taught me. Qi Gong is an ancient form of breathing control that originated in China. It is the basis for kung fu, tai chi, and many other Chinese martial arts. Qi Gong quiet literally means "energy work."  The philosophy is basically everything you do throughout your life is effected by the way you breath. Your breath is how you generate power in lifting weights, controlled breathing is necessary for running a long distance, and breathing control is also important in controlling your heart beat. Learning a basis of Qi Gong is a valuable first step in beginning your journey through the gap.

It is funny because you are actually doing quite the contrary. There is no stepping required, it is more like falling out of this dimension and into another, and even that is not entirely accurate. I suppose really what you are doing is slowing down your biorhythms and entering into a state of consciousness that is not normally perceived in the waking state. You have to sorta lose yourself and join with the whole. If that makes any sense.

All of my teachers have called it different things. I prefer simply calling it "Stepping between the Gap" because to me it accurately describes the experience. It is refreshing and inspiring. It takes a little discipline and dedication to begin to perceive these other dimensions, but even a complete beginner can do it first try, if you focus on breathing very slowly and in a controlled way, and make sure you lie absolutely completely still. This is where most people fail because lying still is actually rather difficult for most of us. I know it is for me, but you just have to push through the desires and whims of your ego. Once you break through the threshold (I.E. the gap) you can remain in that state for an extended amount of time because you have won control over your ego and your conscious mind is now calling the shots. Also the longer you stay, the more rewarding it is. Eventually your vision of darkness is replaced with beautiful patterns of light, and the most disciplined of interdimensional travelers can perceive worlds that are truly unique to them and have never been perceived by anyone else in the world. I have literally communicated with aliens, specifically the greys. They talk via telepathic communication, I don't remember specifically what they said. It's been a few years. Amazing right?

However, I am not certain if what I experience is simply a hallucination brought on by popular culture and a trance induced state, or if they are truly extradimensional beings that exist in this amazingly complex world. To be honest, it doesn't really matter to me, because they only come around when I step through the gap into their world. It is most fortunate they don't have the ability to manifest themselves in our world... Or do they??? Haha anyway lets move on.

So there I was laying in bed, I was a little frustrated because earlier I had watched a video on YouTube made by Vsauce, and Michael was talking about how the soonest humans could possibly be able to travel to another solar system is approximately 1,000 years! And that's if we are able to create technology that is capable of light speed. This thought saddened me because we live in such a vast world, but we are physically handicapped from exploring anything more than a fraction of a fraction of a percent. But then I remembered, we are multidimensional beings! We have the ability to travel anywhere in the universe and more! All from within the safty of our home! 

This is a subject many people may refute, but the more you study physics, biology, the natural sciences, and math, the more you will come to terms we live in an infinitely complex world. So the inner dimensions inside your mind are literally unlimited. We can't physically travel outside our solar system yet, but who cares! There is literally an infinite world to explore within your own head. It's uncharted territory, but its my way of coping with the depressive fact I will probably never travel to Proxima Centari, or much less even travel to the moon. So interdimensional travel is my own personal way of sticking it to the man haha. Have fun with it. 

So now I will now go on to explain a few things about stepping between the gap so you can try it for yourself.
Stepping Between the Gap
  1. Lie down in a quiet, dark, and comfortable place. Someplace where you will not
    be disturbed.
  2. Focus on breathing through your nose.
  3. Breath slowly
  4. As you breath tell yourself to release all stress and worries
  5. Imagine yourself slowing down and the time in between breaths increases
  6. The slower you breath, the larger the gap becomes.
  7. Do this for about 15-20 minutes then bring your awareness to your hands.
  8. If done properly and long enough your body will fall asleep. Making it difficult to feel your limbs.
  9. In the deepest trance you may lose awareness of your body all together
  10. You may not be able to tell for certain where you hands and arms are. You
    will know they are there, but not 100% certain where.
  11. Continue doing the breathing exercises and continue to extend the time in between the gap.
  12. You are now only breathing a couple times a minute, completely slowed down, almost unconscious but still aware.
  13. Eventually there will be a point where your consciousness feels expanded. You will become aware of the infinity and power within your mind. You will no longer be an ego, but you will be ethereal. You will be a spirit.
  14. That is your beginning of interdimensional travel. A technique ancient mystics have been aware of for centuries. Just remember to lie completely still. No moving!
Thanks for reading. If you have any questions leave a comment here or email me at thetruthawaitsweb@gmail.com

Have a good one!

A.J. Christoph


03/03/2014 11:28am

I have had some success with this twice.. Sorta

The first time I felt my body go to sleep and I opened my eyes and experienced something similar to sleep paralysis.

The second time I saw demons in my head and immidiately tried to wake myself up. I could open my eyes but I had to fight to move my body.. Thoughts?

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