There are many pathways to happiness and there are many doors to choose, but no matter which direction you go a decision must be made.

For the past couple days snow has been accumulating in my town. Instead of staying inside we decided to mountain bike in the forest. Out of the 65,000 people that live in my city, we were the only ones mountain biking down the trail. Many were outside sledding, and some were making snowmen, and even fewer were walking up the snowy mountain trails. But we were the only two mountain biking, fighting the cold, and fighting gravity as well.

It would have been much easier and more comfortable to stay at home and sip on some hot tea. But the tea is all more awarding after a fulfilled day. I can look back and remember "Jan 2014 I went mountain biking in the snow." Staying inside is something I can do any day of the year. 

A simple Key to Happiness is being active and choosing to make memories. So I encourage you to take the extra effort and do something outside, be active, and get your Chi flowing. Make an exciting memory, and you are guaranteed to be happy for that one point in time. Continue to do fun and exciting things and everyday becomes a happy and exciting memory. 


A.J. Christoph

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