Don't underestimate the power of a big smile. I have been reading "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Dr. David Schwartz and this book has reminded me of several simple "motions" that I was taught as a child. The idea behind the concept "motions make emotions" is obvious in thought, but often less obvious in quickness of your current situation. The idea is to force a physical motion and in response you receive a positive emotional response. In this situation it is to smile at every single person you come in contact with, even if you don't feel like smiling. It's a discipline. Smiling is a powerful way to communicate security and warmth in another person and also in yourself. 

Take for example the recently famous Vine Super Star Jerome Jarre. Just looking at him evokes a powerful positive feeling towards him and inside yourself. How can you be mad at someone that is smiling that big? He cracks everyone up. Even if he is playing a joke on them. He makes them laugh, and in turn it makes them happy. You can't genuinely laugh and be angry at the same time. The laugh and smile overpowers the negative emotions. Your mind works to disengage and destroy negative emotions, and a smile will win every time, guaranteed.

So now a quick story. I just went into subway to get a sandwich for lunch. I smiled at everyone as I went in and the next thing I know everyone is joking and cutting up with me. I had no intentions of it. It just happened presumably out my control, but it was in my control simply because I choose to make eye contact and smile everyone in the room. That is one key secret of being a magical healer. You have to smile and make eye contact. Do this without fail and you will slightly heal everyone you come in contact with. 

Do not under estimate the power of a BIG Smile!  That is worth reading 25 times.

Warm Regards,

A.J. Christoph


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