My teachers have referred to this as "The Quickening," Stuart Wilde wrote a wonderful little book under the same title, I suggest you obtain a copy and read it. The Quickening raises your energy to a heightened state and allows you to both perceive and accomplish magnificent feats much faster than you ordinary would. 

To explain this in a more direct way, the quickening is a process that transforms you from a weak energy person into a person of high spirits. Now you don't have to read a book to obtain quickened powers, but it helps. Many martial artists obtain Silent Power and quickened senses naturally, it comes with physical mental discipline. Think of this, an extremely over weight person has slow, sloppy, and weak energy, while a marathon runner is very "quick" he has trained to obtain this higher power. It is a by product of proper diet, exercise, and mental toughness. 

The quickest way to obtain quickened energy is to begin to live more, simply begin rising at an earlier hour and making yourself become more active, now this is common sense, and there really isn't nothing magical about it, but it is a magical power to some. Because some people lack self control and discipline, discipline and self control are essential for accomplishing anything, no matter how trivial or demanding. 

Think of the attention span of a 5 year old, some people say they have ADHD, and prescribe them medicine to counter act the lack of attention. What this is, is a chemical way of obtaining focus, a secondary trait to success. As Stuart Wilde once said "concentration is your laser light of intention." Meaning the more focus and concentration you have the more you are able to accomplish, because you are able to remove distractions.

I personally do not believe in such a disease. I believe some people are more disciplined than others, and some people have better parenting. But to say a 5 year old lacks attention span and therefor they must be diseased is silly logic. Focus and attention are disciplines, now there does exist stimulant medication that can chemically enhance the function of the brain, and they do work, but they can all be enhanced the harder more difficult route, called discipline.

I personally am a fan of such chemicals, but I am not a fan of the cop-out effect it can create, not to mention the people that abuse such chemicals and are unproductive, it happens, and it is unfortunate. But on to what I was saying... Increasing your vibrational speed is a discipline. In order to do so you must actively remind your conscious mind to focus and pay attention.

An exercise I was taught is the old candle trick. You sit in a dark room and sit staring at a candle. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but it teaches you to focus. Most people can only concentrate for about 2 minutes. So to start you should sit there and focus on the candle light and nothing else for at least 3 minutes. Each time you do this practice increase the time involved, and before you know it you are winning control over your subconscious mind. This is the first step to increasing your vibrational speed.

Now you can do many other things instead of staring at a candle. You can also go to the gym, jump rope, read a book, and generally anything that involves a certain level of will power. The thing is, is to force your mind to do something that you ordinarily wouldn't do, so playing a video game for 4 hours doesn't cut it. 

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A.J. Christoph


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