Please take a moment to read, to listen, to hear what I have to say; because I promise it will pay out. And that is really what it's all about right? Life is about action and rewards. You do this and you get this in return.  You want this so you are willing to pay that and etc. We all want success, at least to some degree, but what are you willing to do for it? What if I were to tell you the simple trick to success is so easy and so simple you could generate thousands of dollars almost over night? Well it isn't quite that simple, but it is pretty easy. I have created a program that enables you to step to a higher plateau, step by step you will learn how to increase your vibrational energy and move to the next level.

Now for those of you who don't believe in all the hocus pocus, well that is fine. It doesn't matter really what you believe, what matters is that you understand it emotionally and apply it to your life. Now I will go ahead and tell you it is a process and advanced lessons are in the members area, but I will offer slight insight into it here, in just a moment.
Step one. First you must believe you are worthy and appreciated. This is straight forward, it's common sense. But tragically millions of people don't believe they are worthy of success. They may not overtly say this, but silently and subtly they communicate it with the way they dress, hold themselves, and speak. If you want to be worth a million bucks, you better look like a million bucks. No one will hand over a million dollar check to someone who they are not confident in. So work on yourself and build self esteem, this involves exercise and discipline. I talk all day long about the importance of physical fitness and yes, it is easier said than done, but if you look good you will have all of the advantage in the world. Now this is not to say over weight people can't be successful, they are and there is plenty of them. But they had an imbalance elsewhere, say they were very incredibly clever and created the new nick-nack that people couldn't resist buying. So wham, they struck a gold mine. 

Step Two. Pick Something and Stick With it! This is another obvious point. Of a matter of a fact all of my teaching and writings could be told to you by a 5 year old. The only problem is the little kid just had to remind you! And thats what my intentions are. Think back to kindergarten, remember those sloppy finger painting we used to do? Well guess what, you gotta finish it! Throw on some more yellow into the sun, and put a big ole' fat smiley face on it. Top it off with a nice fancy top hat. It's simple... Finish what you start, unless you realize you are going down a path that is not right for you. Retreat can be your biggest ally. I have retreated many times before. Believe it or not, Once upon a time I was in the music business. I interviewed bands, booked shows, and hung around famous people who believed themselves as gods. Now that wasn't that long ago, but I learned much from those experiences and learned that was not where I needed to be. So if you are going down a path that is not for you, listen to your intuition and change paths from there. As embarrassing as it is I have decided to share a video of who I once was, just to show people can and will change. I was once called Alex Johnson, but for the purpose of this website and who I have become I now go by A.J. Christoph or simply A.J.
Step 3. Don't be afraid to look stupid. The fear of failure is said to be peoples biggest fears, that along with public speaking. I decided to conquer both of these fears simultaneously. The way I done this was by intentionally making myself look stupid for a period of time until I no longer cared what people thought. The joke was on them. I used to play a game with my friends called "lets talk to strangers" I mention this game in more depth in my private members area, but the game goes a little something like this. Your friend points out any random stranger and you have to go talk to them, if you don't then you have to "plank" on the ground. Which is laying face first for an allotted amount of time. Another variation of the game is to do push ups, both situations are a win win. After so many push ups in public or awkward conversations, you eventually realize its a lot of fun and its good to make people laugh, its never for the wrong reasons. 

Conclusion: As I said this is fun and it helps create flexibility. So intentionally make yourself look stupid and get yourself into exotic situations, besides my friend that I used to play the silly game with wound up in Japan. A place he always dreamed of visiting, but because he became daring and adventurous it became a reality. If this sounds like something you are interested in, please join me in the members area and lets see what exciting adventures you can embark on.

A.J. Christoph


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