Hello beautiful people. 

I just wanted to give an update about the things that have been going on in my world. For those of you who do not know I have been learning Chinese for about a year now. Along with studying Chi Gong, Tai Chi, and Kung Fu, I have been learning the language. This seems like the only path to fully understand the Tao of the Old Masters, or other otherwise known as the Way of the Old Masters. 

In the photo above you will see the traditional Chinese characters 聖人 which is pronounced Shèngrén. Shengren means a Sage, holy, sacred. Or as us westerners may be more familiar with, a saint. And 人 pronounced ren, means a person, it is a symbol drawn to resemble a persons body. It looks like two legs standing apart.

The bottom two characters 李森 are pronounced Li Sen or known in English as Lee Sen. This is my Chinese name. It is constructed from a few different common characters for trees and a son. So basically it means a man of the forest. If you dissect my name it is made of these two simple radicals  Mu and Zi 木 & 子. 

So Li 李 is a son standing under a tree. A combination of 木 & 子. The word Sen 森 is three Mu's 木 combined. So this makes me the child of the forest. I go by many names from my birth name Alex Johnson to my writing name, A.J. Christoph, and now my Chinese speaking friends call me Li Sen. As I grow I learn my identity is forever changing. I am not just one thing that I previously defined myself as. I am like the seasons, forever changing, growing, evolving, blossoming. As I make small tweaks to who I am I slowly uncover a clearer perception of what it means to be a spirit living in this world.

The lesson of the day is "we are like the seasons, forever changing and growing." Be like the forest, sway with the wind, blossom, drop seeds, and experience the natural essence of nature. A deep and peaceful bliss that carries you to the land of no time.



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