I was humbled today, and it was so refreshing. I received an email last night from Ryan McCormick who was Stuart Wilde's last PR rep before Stu passed away. This for one was delightful, since I have been a fan of Stu's since 2009 I was very excited to be hearing from someone who personally worked with him, but the most humbling part was Ryan shared a link to a tribute he put together on his show. It is really magical and humbling and it inspired me to share this brief post along with a link to The Outer Limits of Inner Truth.

In the tribute one of the people being interviewed was asked to summarize what Stu taught him. He replied "Tenderness, Respect, and Generosity." For some reason this was a strike to my heart. I think that summarizes Stu's energy very accurately. If anything should be my mantra it would be that. So thank you Ryan for sharing your website and work, and thank you Stu, you old scallywag who helped tenderize my battle hardened soul. You may be gone physically but your energy has permanently left an imprint in this world. Thank you.


09/25/2014 3:03am

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