Dream of Restriction.

I laid down at 11pm to listen to an audio book called Affirmations by Stuart Wilde. I was considering meeting my friend Mike out for a beer, but I decided to stay home and meditate instead. So I laid down to listen to this audio program. I assume about midways through it I end up finding myself drinking at a barn party with friends...

We were drinking beer and smoking small amounts of marijuana, just casual college partying, I'm a gold man so of course I bring some gold to pay my expenses, we are clanging bottles around and just generally being loud and having a good time. We carry on for a while and suddenly my intuition tells me something is not right, so I peak under the barn door, and sure enough I see flashing blue lights, cops are approaching. I jumped up and tried to mouth the word "Cops" to my friends but they were not paying attention. I was going to flee but it was already too late, we were boxed in. If I would have ran and not warned my friends I could have escaped, but I couldn't do that. 

A male police officer comes in from the back and a female comes in from the front. They round us all up and start telling us how much trouble we are in. They are charging us with dealing marijuana, public drinkedness, DUI, and another charge relating to the gold. Life was going all to shit for me real quick. Not to mention there were guns around, so they stuck us with felony weapon charges.

I was totally tormented, because I knew I was innocent but because I was on the opposite side of the law they did not care. They were in control. Then they begin discussing who wants to be jail cell roommates together and who wants to be brought in first. I remember being so confused as to why they would bring this up and how this was irrelevant. But eventually my buddies decide to room up leaving me to serve my sentence alone. So then I get volunteered to be booked first so the masculine macho male cop comes over to me, scoops me up puts my arms behind my back and handcuffs me in an uncomfortable position and sits me back down. It hurts, it's very uncomfortable. So I'm sitting there pleaing and crying to the woman. She is listening to me and sympathizing with me as I'm explaining to her how big of a big shot I am, and how I'm about to graduate with a business degree and all of the great things that I'm doing. And how going to jail for a month will destroy me. I'd drop out of college, lose my job, and my life would fall apart. By this point my arm is getting very sore. It's numb, it's asleep. So I ask the woman if I can please move my arm. She then relays back into the other room and asked the male cop if he can come unlock me so I can move my arm.  So he walks in picks me up and as he does I ask myself the question, "can I move my arm?" At which point I realize yes, yes I can move my arm, because I'm in fact not hand cuffed. I'm not even in a barn. I am dreaming! So I move my arm and open my eyes to my delight I find myself back home, in the safety of my apartment, safe in bed, and I'm definitely not drunk or under the influence of any drugs. My arm however was sore and numb from being paralyzed in deep trance.

It was such a liberating and rewarding experience for I really felt I hated alcohol and marijuana. I sincerely felt my freedom had been stripped away. So my sour disposition toward partying and alcohol was genuine.

But what was really going on was I was in such a deep trance meditation the male cop was acting as my angry ego, who was pissed off, and the female cop was my feminine spirit, my subconscious mind. My true, my higher self was played as me, sitting there positioned uncomfortably handcuffed, locked away like a slave. The female, loving officer was sitting there beside me and was comforting me, but I had to go through her to get to the male cop. Once I asked my subconscious "okay mate do I now have permission to move my arm?" he was like "yea sure do what you want because I'm really not in any control at all. I just act as the illusion of control. I'm the minister of control but I possess no real power."

With those powerful thoughts I awoke from my vivid dream and I began writing this, while laying in bed at 3:49am. So the lesson to be learned is remember your Higher Self should always be the one in control, don't let your ego, the minister of control ruin your life and make you uncomfortable. His control is an illusion, because in reality the restriction he places there for you is not real, it's only an illusion... 

For you are already free. Thank you.


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