UPDATE: 3/18/15 The Search for the Hidden Door is now in print again for the first time in 35 years! Buy it here!

This is perhaps the only known digital photo of Through the Hidden Door. This photo was sent to me by a friend who owns one of the only copies. I asked them to send me a photo of it because I thought it was important to make it's cover image available to the public; perhaps for the first time on the internet. To me this helps in visualizing, understanding, and attracting it to me. I have had many people contact me in regards to The Search for the Hidden Doorand I hope one day to completely unify the information and create a through understanding of the "Old Chinese" Philosophy. 

These books are very powerful and possess a mystical energy about them, and often I wonder why no one else is doing what I am doing? I understand that for the most part true knowledge and true power is secret and locked away. It is usually kept in a place where it is safe i.e. the Vatican or some other secret society, and I suppose the people that are in the "know" would rather everyone else not know, its much safer that way. But this is often selfish and it denies the population of the purpose of spiritual literature, freedom. True power is about raising your energy to a point where you can sustain yourself and then reach out to another human being to love them and help teach them to empower themselves. This is the explosive process of setting off a chain reaction of self-empowerment, and ultimately it will lead to a sustainable interconnected global society; one that is spiritually mature and self-aware.

Now on to other news, I have taken photos of The Search for the Hidden Door and sent them to be read and typed into a PDF document. So far the copying process is going very quickly. Once it is completed I will make the book available in the members area. If you wish to join please fill out the members form. It is free to join and anyone is welcome. I do however run this site off member contributions and donations. The main thing to consider is members are contributors. So if you cannot afford to contribute financially that is not a barrier of entry. All I ask is you share your time, thoughts, comments, suggestions, and any information you feel compelled to share. This website is not intended to only be all about me and my experiences. My vision is to create a network of closely connected mystics from all across the Earth. You can imagine us being a grid of energies whose focus is on self-awareness, integrated into our efforts to promote positive social change. 

Also I have a photocopy version of The Subconscious Mind and Beyond. This is one of the very early works of Marshall N Lever. It's like a little paper pamphlet that discusses Old Chinese's teachings on the subconscious mind. I don't know which books are more rare, but I do know they all are increasingly hard to find. 

Lastly I have been working over the past two years on my contribution, aside from this website I have been writing a squeal to The Search for the Hidden Door. I started writing The Book of Powers on Easter Sunday March 31, 2013. The idea just came to me one morning, so I sat down and wrote the first 7,000 words in a single sitting. I left it alone for a while and then after another burst of inspiration I wrote 10,000 more words. Now several thousand words later the book is nearly finished, but it still needs some editing and final touches. The purpose of The Book of Powers is to assimilate the teachings of "Old Chinese" into a document that is empowering, straightforward, clear, and practical. It is a book of powerful disciplines that will help guide you on your path to higher plateaus of consciousness. The Book of Powers is essentially a continuation of the channeled energy of Chung Fu. 

The Book of Powers will be published by Taijitu House. Estimated release: Spring 2015.

An online version is in the members area. 

Thank You Kindly,

A.J. Christoph


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