by Deborah Bravandt
Oct 15, 2014

The most important journey you can take in this lifetime is to wake up from the dream…The holographic dream we call “life.” Waking up is the act of pulling the power cable from your ego mind and plugging the cable into your heart mind. The heart is the power center for unconditional love, which is a source of confidence, joy, sovereignty, and unwavering motivation. It frees you from the negative emotions that push and shove their way like bullies in this reality, allowing you to walk through the mental meltdowns without getting sucked into the drama...

To free your mind from the Matrix, it is recommended that you clear the Sin Program.

If you were raised with religious conditioning, then you have a clear understanding of the sin program. You were raised with fearful beliefs that God is wrathful and angry if you step outside of his system of rules. You were taught that he gave an innocent person as a sacrifice to free humans from sin.

Now consider an alternative view. What if the story you were told was a distorted version of the truth that was designed to control your choices and keep you hostage in a frequency fence of beliefs? What if you found out that Heaven or Hell was a fabrication? What if God or Source was truly a kind, loving being who encouraged you to be who you are? What if you found out that Jesus Christ was no different than you other than activating his DNA to a full 12-strands, causing him to embody his Avatar higher self? What if our journey was all about ascension, not limitations based in fear or control? How would this affect your journey?

According to the First Apocalypse of James, Jesus Christ said, “Never have I suffered in any way, nor have I been distressed. And this people has done me no harm.”

In the Second Treatise of the Great Seth, Jesus says, “I did not die in reality, but in appearance.” 

From Unplug Your Mind! by Ivonne Delaflor Alexander and Sylvia Dokter, Jesus said, “The truth about my passing will be revealed. I died not. I crucified myself not. Inserted has been my story.”

According to A Course in Miracles, Jesus Christ himself said, “Do not make the pathetic error of ‘clinging to the old rugged cross.’ The only message of the crucifixion is that you can overcome the cross. Until then you are free to crucify yourself as often as you choose. This is not the Gospel I intended to offer you.”

According to Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts, “Christ, the historical Christ, was not crucified. He had no intention of dying in that manner.”
From Voyagers 2: The Secrets of Amenti by Ashayana Deane, she writes about the births of the two avatars, Jesheua-12 and Jeshewua-9, plus another man who was not an avatar. These three men “became consolidated into one personage called Jesus Christ. Another man by the name of Arihabi, who was a Jerusalem-born Hebrew-Annu-Melchizedek, was led by the Elohim, through a series of visions, to believe that he was the true Jeshewua-9, and this is the man who was crucified. Neither of the avatar Christs were crucified, and both of them left genetic family lines within the Hebrew-Melchizedek races. The story of Jesus Christ, as it is known in contemporary times, evolved through the mythology the Elohim used to conceal the identity of their avatar, Jeshewua-9, and to perpetuate their patriarchal slant on the Templar Creed. The distortions of the true facts of history were used to protect the lineage of Jeshewua-9 from political persecution, making it appear as if the Christ had no descendants, thereby allowing those descendants to remain obscured from the public view. The teachings of Jeshewua-9 and the Templar Melchizedeks became the primary foundations for both the contemporary Jewish and Christian faiths, but the Jewish religion did not acknowledge Jeshewua-9 as their savior. In truth, Jesheua-12 was the true savior of the Hebrew peoples, for he re-entered their race morphogenetic field into the Sphere of Amenti… The Sphere of Amenti not only gave hope for the continued evolution of human lineage, it held the hopes of ascension and continued evolution for Earth. Through it, Earth became an ascension planet, able to achieve dimensional ascension through re-evolution.”

The crucifixion concept created the idea that suffering and pain pays for sin and makes you holy. But suffering does not make you holy. Suffering does not free you from depression. Suffering does not raise your consciousness. Suffering creates more suffering. Pain creates more pain. Those who believe in sin believe that salvation must be pain. Pain is the payment for sin, thus humans can never escape suffering if sin is believed to be real.

The sin concept is a fabrication of the mind meant to control humanity. It is a frequency fence to your evolution. If a religion or government cannot control people with guns, then they control the masses with beliefs. The belief that you are a sinner is a belief only in your mind. It is a prison. Yet it is an illusion that can be released in order to set you free.

You might ask, “What about people who harm other people, such as adults who harm children, men and women who beat their spouses, murderers, and liars?” Are they not sinners?

We live in a Free Will dimension, which means that we have choice to either cause harm or bless other human beings. When we choose to be cooperative, loving, and peaceful, we are in line with divine right order. When we choose to seek revenge, cheat, judge, shame, or hate one another, we create karmic imprints because of the law of cause and effect. 

Karmic imprints are consciously or unconsciously held decisions, attitudes, beliefs, thought forms, contracts, and agreements that we live by and have made with other people. The imprints affect our perception and interpretation of reality, creating cognitive dissonance. These are always polarized so they emit discordant magnetic fields. For example, you might hold a polarized thought of “I love myself. I don’t love myself. I must forgive. I can’t forgive. God loves me. God doesn’t love me.” These unresolved, polarized beliefs are carried by our soul’s memory from lifetime to lifetime, and become fixed in our neocortex. 
True permanent energetic change happens when these neural nets are unplugged, allowing you to accrete light and activate your highest holding potential of your DNA. Only then will your reality change.

Does God judge us? God or Source does not relate to the frequency of hate, fear, or violence. Source sees, loves, and allows you to be whatever you want to be. Whatever you emotionally embrace becomes law in your kingdom. God or Source does not judge. Humans judge.

Judgment is self-superiority. Judgment implies wrongdoing even if there is no wrong doing. The wrongdoing is projected by the one who judged. Judgment is an indicator that love is absent. 

Why do humans judge? Humans believe in the program of sin and righteousness, good versus evil, and right versus wrong. Another name for the “sin program” is the Law of Polarity or Duality. 

The sin program is a painful belief held in the human mind. No one wants to feel bad about themselves, yet many humans are mentally unkind to themselves on a daily basis. To avoid this mental game of self blame, some humans project wrong doing onto other human beings to avoid self accusations of imperfection. Pointing the finger at another person to call out their sins becomes easier than looking within one’s own mind for imperfection.

According to Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue Book 1 by Neal Donald Walsh, “If there were such a thing as sin, this would be it: to allow yourself to become what you are because of the experience of others. This is the ‘sin’ you have committed. All of you. You do not await your own experience, you accept the experience of others as gospel (literally) and then, when you encounter the actual experience for the first time, you overlay what you think you already know onto the encounter. 

If you did not do this, you might have a wholly different experience – one that might render your original teacher or source wrong. In most cases, you don’t want to make your parents, your schools, your religions, your traditions, your holy scriptures wrong – so you deny your own experience in favor of what you have been told to think. 

Nowhere can this be more profoundly illustrated than in your treatment of human sexuality. 

Everyone knows that the sexual experience can be the single most loving, most exciting, most powerful, most exhilarating, most renewing, most energizing, most affirming, most intimate, most uniting, most recreative physical experience of which humans are capable. Having discovered this experientially, you have chosen to accept instead the prior judgments, opinions, and ideas about sex promulgated by others – all of whom have a vested interest in how you think.

These opinions, judgments, and ideas have run directly contradictory to your own experience, yet because you are loathe to make your teachers wrong, you convince yourself it must be your experience that is wrong. The result is that you have betrayed your true truth about this subject – with devastating results.

Above all, you are not to ask such logical questions as, “If God wanted strict obedience to His Laws, why did He create the possibility of those Laws being violated?” Ah, your teachers tell you – because God wanted you to have “free choice.” Yet what kind of choice is free when to choose one thing over the other brings condemnation? How is “free will” free when it is not your will, but someone else’s, which must be done? Those who teach you this would make a hypocrite of God.”

“Most of you, therefore, spend the bulk of your adult life searching for the “right” way to worship, to obey, and to serve God. The irony of all this is that I do not want your worship, I do not need your obedience, and it is not necessary for you to serve Me.

These behaviors are the behaviors historically demanded of their subjects by monarchs – usually ego-maniacal, insecure, tyrannical monarchs at that. They’re not Godly demands in any sense – and it seems remarkable that the world hasn’t by now concluded that the demands are counterfeit, having nothing to do with the needs or desire of Deity.

Deity has no needs. All That Is is exactly that: all that is. It therefore wants or lacks nothing – by definition. If you choose to believe in a God who somehow needs something – and has such hurt feelings if He doesn’t get it that He punishes those from whom He expected to receive it – then you choose to believe in a God much smaller than I. You truly are Children of a Lesser God.”

Choose to live your life according to your heart. Choose happiness. Choose to be free of the Sin Program, which is Malware of the Mind. Choose cooperation and benevolence. Choose to free your mind.

 © COPYRIGHT 2014 Deborah Bravandt


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