5’ 8” / 175cm long and 3’ 1” / 95cm wide

I recently placed an order for The Tolemac Flag over at The Sacred Tears of Gaia. They have some powerful sacred objects and The Tolemac Flag is one of them. What prompted me to buy one is yesterday it finally clicked what the flag is all about. It is a symbol for stepping through the Hidden Door. At the center is a Templar Cross, above it is the Holy Grail, and over in the right corner is a tiny Tolemac symbol. If you notice behind the flag there is an alter and the Golden Chalice sitting on top. The spiritual path to inner peace... Heaven.

This creates "a world-wide grid of these flags hanging in peoples homes to build a celestial protection for us all." I wonder how many of these flags exist around the world? 500? 1000? 10,000? I don't know but it is interesting to think that if everyone had one hanging in their house then maybe humanity would learn to switch from focusing on profits alone to a more wholesome perspective of sustainability and social, economical, and ecological responsibility. 




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