There exists a sacred tunnel in the mountains of the U.S. It exudes a powerful mystery about it that calls spiritual seekers inside. When I was first exploring the area it immediately caught my attention, its about 4 feet tall, so when you go inside you have to bend over to walk in. The tunnel is cool and slightly damp and just hidden away from view to where no one can see it. So there is not much graffiti inside and the graffiti that is there is not of a negative or hateful nature. It is a clean man-made cavern waiting to be transformed.

I have named this tunnel The Tolemac Tunnel, I thought it to be an appropriate name because the feeling I get from it is; it is a bridge between the worlds. Much like the caves that the shamans of old used to use to enter into the spiritual realms.

The Tolemac Tunnel is the start of a Camelot I am creating. It will bring a radiating powerful energy from it that will begin to change the evolution of this world. 

I showed my mum this photo and the first thing she said was that it looked like the base of a pyramid. Upon further reflection, I believe she is right. It is certainly magical and mysterious. It will be a powerhouse of energy that will transmute the importance of sustainability and self-control. It is a bridge between worlds, linking the spiritual to the physical. 

One cool thing is after you walk through to the end of the tunnel, you are spat out into a magical world, and you see this on the other side.... (AJ)


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