Compassion: Compassion is an empathy that allows us to connect intimately to the hearts of others. Compassion grants us awareness and understanding that allows us to relate with other people's feelings and emotions - it also acts as a guiding intuition that helps us to just "know" the right things to say or not to say. Compassion is an act of humility; the most true, the most honest, and the most heart-felt way to communicate with another human-being. With this, compassion is necessary for realizing a truthful understanding of ourselves and the world that we all live within. 

When one is compassionate the focus is removed from "me" and is instead transferred towards that of someone other than yourself. In focusing on someone else you are momentarily replacing your own needs for the needs of others. You are showing them love and you are consciously making the effort to try to understand them in their entirety—regardless of your own opinions, judgment and emotions. It has been said that the spiritual journey is very short, only three feet long. One foot down from your head to your heart and two feet outward to embrace the person nearest.

Compassion is an awareness that must be cultivated, grown, and tended to. One does not usually become compassionate overnight or without discipline. The human natural state is to be selfish, compassion is reverse to what is typically pleasing to self-interest. And that is not to say once one becomes compassionate they will always be compassionate, but if compassion is made a constant daily, hourly, minutely, a priority at every moment, then it will act as a guiding intuition that will help ensure we rarely step wrong, and when we do... We will compassionately ask for forgiveness, forgive ourselves, and atone it by agreeing that we will step more carefully in the future.

Compassion, forgiveness, and absolution: the three keys to unlocking your heart.

Thank you for reading. (AJ)


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