by A.J. Christoph
Keelung, Taiwan 基隆, 臺灣
How finite is life? One's life certainly is finite, but this is only partially true. There are four options one can choose.

1.) To be like a rain drop falling into the ocean. The raindrop is only a raindrop while it is falling and until the very moment it meets the surface. Then it becomes one with the ocean. The raindrop's definition and individuality is lost, it has no recollection of it's past life because it is waiting evaporation and it's turn to be reborn as another raindrop.
2.) The second option is to allow a Dominion to walk into you. Quite literally your soul can be replaced with that of the Dominion: the evil event makers, the manipulators, the controllers, the fear mongers, the emotional generators that profit off people's fear, insecurities, and life-force. Then after your life has been used up in Dominion service, the rewards that you were promised will certainly fall through. Instead you will be eaten alive. Swallowed whole like an abandoned building in the forest. Dominions are humans, spirits, and interdimensional beings, and also physical beings that exist within and outside various hemispheres of perception. Serving the dominion  is an option that truly ends in finiteness because when you walk out and the Dominion walks in, you won't have the energy to sustain yourself in the other realm, you will be a waveform canceled out in silence; essentially non existent.
3.) The third option is to allow another type of spirit to Chime in. A Sacred Spirit that teaches others how to be an unconditional servant to humanity, and become a dedicated opposition to the Dominion forces. Unconditional means there may not be a monetary reward like the Doninion; who use glamour, power, and sexual perversions to lure people in. It is like fishing bait, the fish who take the bate usually becomes a meal, but the Dominion never release anything that they catch. The true reward in the "third option" is the raising of your consciousness so upon death you evolve on to the next plane. To become an ascended being who has stepped out of the muck, from the depths of the Swamp and achieved stability on higher ground. Reincarnation would no longer serve you; you energy would be able to sustain yourself in the next realm. This is the path of the initiate and many become corrupted with power, money, greed, selfishness, sexual impurity, perversions, self-righteousness, and become sidetracked on the quest of increasing their frequency - Ultimately this can be avoided with vowing to purify yourself and agreeing to be an unconditional servant to all souls, all universes, all cells, all molecules, all worlds, love all souls. Love all things. The spirit of truth will step in. The Ancient Chinese Taoist called it 中孚 Chung Fu, from the I Ching hexagram 61. Which is described as wind over a lake. Essentially finding inner peace. Inner truth. The calmness of a lake will set souls free. Be the wind over the lake.
4.) The 4th option is to quite literally to leave this realm. To step sideways through the hidden door. To leave this world all together and step into another dimension. There won't be time to pack your bags, you can't tell your family goodbye. You will simply be offered a ride and have to say "yes, I am ready to go" and off you will go, out of this plane. Stepping sideways out into another plane. Heaven is sideways not up. Up is Dominion because it implies superiority, control and status over others. The spiritual journey is only 3 feet. 1 foot down from you head to your heart and 2 feet out to embrace the person closest to you.
So how finite is life? Life is not finite. Life is infinite. But consciousness and life as we are taught is not guaranteed upon death. Thinking in the perspective of living human beings who are manipulated into forced activity, tick-tocking away as unhappy loyal servants, there isn't much time available to have the opportunity for self realization. This can be changed. Yes we may die, but included in the 4th option is the opportunity for immortality. Quite physically a living breathing human who lives forever. The only way to reach immortality is by 返老还童 fan lao huan tong. Which is returning to the baby state. The Taoist of China called it white hair baby face. But the Taoist of ancient China also had the opportunity to devote their entire lives to living in harmony with the land and the freedom to do practice 8 hours a day. Refilling their lamp of their burnt out sacred liquids. Continuously refill your lamp and the light will always shine.
In the modern world we have rent to pay, cell phone bills, and expensive things to upkeep. Live simply and stress will turn to rest.

The Taoist of old lived off the land and sustained themselves with their own two hands. So to even attempt to improve the longitivtiy of your life, first balance must be achieved. Seek balance and you will live a longer life. Completely meld with Dao and you will live forever.

So how finite is life? This is only a question that each individual can answer based on the what decision they choose.



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