Just a quick update. Things have been interesting here in Taiwan. Life is not what I anticipated, but what good is a life that is predictable? Right?

I just wanted to let everyone know who visits my site, that I am still around. The picture to the left was taken on my phone in the northern part of Taiwan near a town called Keelung.

I am again scheduling consultations, I will be incorporating what I learn here and about Traditional Chinese Medicine in my consultations.

I hope I can bring what I learn to help many people. Take care.



07/03/2016 4:30am

Traditional Chinese medicine similarly known by TCM, has remained an integral part of Chinese culture.The Utilization of TCM by people of a non-Asian background living in Taiwan


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10/06/2016 1:46am

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10/06/2016 1:52pm

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12/16/2016 6:02am

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12/25/2016 6:00am

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01/18/2017 3:27am

Alternative medicine - or non-traditional health care - may meet your needs by taking care of both the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

02/06/2017 6:46am

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02/09/2017 1:47am

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02/18/2017 8:04am

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02/24/2017 6:35am

I hope you will tell me something about their traditional medicine. That's pretty interesting.

05/13/2017 6:57am

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