A recurring theme for me recently is "this is your life, just accept it." I can't help but to think that multiple times throughout the day, week, and even the past few months. Specifically I am referring to the way that life seems to tick for everyone. We spend our time working in order to accumulate money, which is spent to pay for things that keep us happy and that we usually don't need. But during the conquest for wealth it is often at the sacrifice of happiness. When looked at like that, it doesn't really make very much sense.

"This is your life, just accept it." These thoughts were ringing through my mind like a bell as I approached the temple pictured above. I was wandering around a new part of the city and I came across this temple. It was so serene. Its strange how you can walk past all of the busy businesses and then come across something like this. There was no one there guarding it, no one there praying, it was just empty... peaceful. Then the thought hit me "This is your life, just accept it."

I have accepted it. 




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