I have been very busy working quite closely with a very mysterious man, he only goes by 1.3.0. He is what is called a "Chime", he is here on Earth to share a message from The Council in Aldebaran. It has been very strange getting to know "1.3.0". At first I didn't believe him. I thought he was just making wild claims in order to get a message across, but now... I believe every word he says. His teachings have made me question everything that I previously believed about this world. I now see things differently... In a good way.

He is very mysterious. During his Earth human life he was trained as a nuclear engineer in the U.S. Military. All of this has been verified. He is also a 32nd Degree Freemason and a "card holding" member of the Scottish Rite. He knows things and has real secrets to expose. He is exposing them.

He is very private, he does not want to be known by anyone other than the people who he is immediately connected with. I asked for some photos to help with publishing his book, he agreed and gave me these, per his request he asked if I would mosaic his face out. So I created these pictures. 

I have been in contact with this "man" for almost a year. To begin with I didn't believe him. I thought he was just a clever genius trying to get a message out to the world in a mind expanding way, but as I said... Now I believe him.

I may not understand everything that he says, but with time, what he says is revealed as truth.

There is much disinformation out there about WWII and our history and how we came to be the people that we are. In his book, The Children of R, he explains much of it. It is wild. It is challenging, and it is not for the faint of heart. 

He does not spare anything from racism, religions, drugs, homosexuality, Nazi history, and the most important topics, "aliens".

He claims we are being influenced by a group of multidimensional beings that he calls the "Dominion." The Dominion want it all, everything, all of the Earth, and they will lie to people to get them to be loyal slaves to their programs. 

He says he is from the star system Aldebaran, in the constellation Tarus. Aldebaran is the "Bull's Eye." There are a few planets there that are inhabited by what he just calls "Aldebarans". They are physical humaniod peoples similar to humans, they are described as Nordic, but taller than Earth People. They can travel interdimensionally also. He can too.

There is another group called "The Administrators". The Administrators are the overseers of the galaxy. They are not physical beings. They are more so energies, they allow the Dominion and The Council to operate under certain restrictions. Essentially The Administrators are responsible for balancing the galaxy (potentially the Universe), but I do not know.

His teachings are challenging like I said, they basically go against everything that popular culture is currently promoting. 

He said that The Administrators criteria are to deny hostility and to reach an understanding that the ultimate goal is to balance the universe.

If humans can accomplish this, then we will defeat the Dominion. If we do not, then we will be destroyed, wiped out of existence. Poof. Gone. The Council does not want Earth to fall into the evil grasps of the Dominion, and if we do, then they will take us out. They don't want Earth to become a enemy to the Galaxy. I don't want that either. I want peace, love, understanding, and balance. This is what the superior beings want of us also.

1.3.0 is not a human. Yes, he has a human body, but he is definitely not a human. He is a good guy. A powerful ally to have on Earth. Not powerful with money. He says that money is a tool that the Dominion use to gain control over people. The music industry is a good example. Young talented and innocent musicians are offered millions to become agents of the Dominion: to spread the propaganda to the masses, look at Justin Beiber, a good kid, 13 years old, now he is a rebellious punk, throwing eggs at peoples houses, fighting, out of control. I believe he is fighting in rebellion against the Dominion. His actions are just external manifestations of his internal feelings; the hatred that he has for the beings that are controlling him. The hatred that he has to the "people" that are controlling him. It's nasty and shouldn't be ignored.


These things are real, I can now see it. It's not all happy dappy like I wanted the world to be. Yes, there are positive people and positive messages to be shared, but we are beginning to come off balance. As of now we are 53% Dominion and 47% Allies (The Galactic Council).

If the scale tips too much our world will fall off balance. That will be bad. Very bad.

The moment of death is where it gets worse. He says the moment we die we will be judged between our heart and a feather. If your heart is heavier than a feather, you will not be able to sustain yourself in the next realm. 

You will slip off the balance and literally fall into the mouth of a little creature, it will eat you alive and then shit you out. 

A dung beetle will then roll up your soul into a little ball and push you into the river to be dissolved out of existence.

No reincarnation, no second chance, no fiery pit of hell, just non-existence. Nothing. 
I know this isn't a happy message and I would love to be more positive about it, but in the end, being positive and happy-dappy is only a partial truth. Death is something that we will all face at one point in time. So we are advised to balance our hearts, balance our souls, cleanse ourselves, and understand that we may not be offered second chances like we would like to believe...

If you would like to hear The Council's message in it's entirety, get the book. Read it and pass it along to someone else. It's now available on Amazon.

He says this is humanity's last chance to get things right. We are facing another cataclysm and it is coming fast. We better get it right this time around...
by A.J. Christoph
Keelung, Taiwan 基隆, 臺灣
How finite is life? One's life certainly is finite, but this is only partially true. There are four options one can choose.

1.) To be like a rain drop falling into the ocean. The raindrop is only a raindrop while it is falling and until the very moment it meets the surface. Then it becomes one with the ocean. The raindrop's definition and individuality is lost, it has no recollection of it's past life because it is waiting evaporation and it's turn to be reborn as another raindrop.
2.) The second option is to allow a Dominion to walk into you. Quite literally your soul can be replaced with that of the Dominion: the evil event makers, the manipulators, the controllers, the fear mongers, the emotional generators that profit off people's fear, insecurities, and life-force. Then after your life has been used up in Dominion service, the rewards that you were promised will certainly fall through. Instead you will be eaten alive. Swallowed whole like an abandoned building in the forest. Dominions are humans, spirits, and interdimensional beings, and also physical beings that exist within and outside various hemispheres of perception. Serving the dominion  is an option that truly ends in finiteness because when you walk out and the Dominion walks in, you won't have the energy to sustain yourself in the other realm, you will be a waveform canceled out in silence; essentially non existent.
3.) The third option is to allow another type of spirit to Chime in. A Sacred Spirit that teaches others how to be an unconditional servant to humanity, and become a dedicated opposition to the Dominion forces. Unconditional means there may not be a monetary reward like the Doninion; who use glamour, power, and sexual perversions to lure people in. It is like fishing bait, the fish who take the bate usually becomes a meal, but the Dominion never release anything that they catch. The true reward in the "third option" is the raising of your consciousness so upon death you evolve on to the next plane. To become an ascended being who has stepped out of the muck, from the depths of the Swamp and achieved stability on higher ground. Reincarnation would no longer serve you; you energy would be able to sustain yourself in the next realm. This is the path of the initiate and many become corrupted with power, money, greed, selfishness, sexual impurity, perversions, self-righteousness, and become sidetracked on the quest of increasing their frequency - Ultimately this can be avoided with vowing to purify yourself and agreeing to be an unconditional servant to all souls, all universes, all cells, all molecules, all worlds, love all souls. Love all things. The spirit of truth will step in. The Ancient Chinese Taoist called it 中孚 Chung Fu, from the I Ching hexagram 61. Which is described as wind over a lake. Essentially finding inner peace. Inner truth. The calmness of a lake will set souls free. Be the wind over the lake.
4.) The 4th option is to quite literally to leave this realm. To step sideways through the hidden door. To leave this world all together and step into another dimension. There won't be time to pack your bags, you can't tell your family goodbye. You will simply be offered a ride and have to say "yes, I am ready to go" and off you will go, out of this plane. Stepping sideways out into another plane. Heaven is sideways not up. Up is Dominion because it implies superiority, control and status over others. The spiritual journey is only 3 feet. 1 foot down from you head to your heart and 2 feet out to embrace the person closest to you.
So how finite is life? Life is not finite. Life is infinite. But consciousness and life as we are taught is not guaranteed upon death. Thinking in the perspective of living human beings who are manipulated into forced activity, tick-tocking away as unhappy loyal servants, there isn't much time available to have the opportunity for self realization. This can be changed. Yes we may die, but included in the 4th option is the opportunity for immortality. Quite physically a living breathing human who lives forever. The only way to reach immortality is by 返老还童 fan lao huan tong. Which is returning to the baby state. The Taoist of China called it white hair baby face. But the Taoist of ancient China also had the opportunity to devote their entire lives to living in harmony with the land and the freedom to do practice 8 hours a day. Refilling their lamp of their burnt out sacred liquids. Continuously refill your lamp and the light will always shine.
In the modern world we have rent to pay, cell phone bills, and expensive things to upkeep. Live simply and stress will turn to rest.

The Taoist of old lived off the land and sustained themselves with their own two hands. So to even attempt to improve the longitivtiy of your life, first balance must be achieved. Seek balance and you will live a longer life. Completely meld with Dao and you will live forever.

So how finite is life? This is only a question that each individual can answer based on the what decision they choose.

In the beginning there was only darkness. Emptiness, a universe full of void. Then light was created. Stars, galaxies, universes.

From the darkness came one, light. From that light created all things. Matter, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, life.

We are made of star-dust. The sun gave birth to the Earth. The Earth gave birth to trees, insects, animals, human beings, all life. 

But all came from emptiness. Something came from nothing. 

We are something created from nothing. Therefor we are nothing. 

Returning to the nothing is melding with Tao. Empty your vessel and it will become full.

If your vessel is full and pour in more, it will over flow.

Infinity is nothing.

Everything is nothing.

Nothing is everything.

Nothing is darkness, light came from darkness, light is the creation of darkness, but light cancels darkness, return to darkness, and one will discover Tao.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Soul Thankful Divine Healing Integration Mantra

© A.J. Christoph, Taijitu House Publishing Co., 2015
This is a powerful healing mantra to chant to heal your life. Chant this mantra over and over and over, faster, and faster, and faster, slower, and slower and slower, until the words blend together. As you practice this you will discover the rhythm. Sincerity will develop and the effects of this practice will be felt immediately. It is so simple. So peaceful. And so true. Please practice this mantra for a minimum of 15 minutes. You can be driving your car, sitting outside, or working in an office chanting silently. The point is to practice daily and constantly chant this mantra. Saying it once and it will help you. Chant it constantly; heal your soul. 

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful
So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful

So happy
So thankful
Soul happy
Soul thankful


The Dao of Change   -  道變化 - Dào biànhuà

by AJ Christoph
Dào biànhuà 
biànhuà shì hǎo de 
rén dé biànchéng wéi shuǐ 
liúshuǐ, zìrán, xiàlái, kǒngjìng, zìyóu 

zhè shì dào 



流水,自然, 下來,孔徑


The way of change
Change is good
People need to become like water
Flowing, natural, settled, cleansed, 
this is the way

the dao

thank you
thank you
thank you
©Taijitu House, AJ Christoph 2014
Tao Jing – Tao I Textby Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha 沙志鋼
Tao Jing Pronunciation Translation/explanation
© 2010 Soul Power Institute and Heaven's Library Publication Corp.

Tao Sacred Mantra
How to Create the Jin Dan
Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha
Tao Sheng Yi
Tian Yi Zhen Shui
Jin Jin Yu Ye
Yan Ru Dan Tian
Shen Qi Jing He Yi
Tian Di Ren He Yi
Jin Dan Lian Chang
Bai Bing Xiao Chu
Yu Fang Bai Bing
Fan Lao Huan Tong
Chang Shou Yong Sheng

©Heaven’s Library, 2006-2012
The other day I was speaking to someone about what any one person can really "know" in the grand scheme of things, and this is the answer that I come down to...

We can't know anything with any degree of certainty. It may sound sad, maybe even a little depressing, but really, it is humbling. This way we can all walk around "knowing" that none of us really know anything and maybe we can relax a little and not take ourselves so seriously. We are all a bunch of fools after all. We may not like to act like it or even admit it, but it is the truth. I'm a fool, you're a fool, he's a fool, the Queen is a fool, the President is a fool. Ahem. We are all fools. And again, I think I can prove it, but I don't really know. I am a fool after all.

So the reason I say this is because when dealing with infinity there is no frame of reference to judge anything from, there are no ups, no downs, no lefts, or rights. Since the Universe is infinite the amount of knowledge to be learned is also infinite. So there is no possible way to measure what anyone "knows" simply because there is no measuring infinity. There is always something else to learn. It is the pomposity of people that like to pretend that we know anything at all. And to complicate things even more, we live in an ever evolving world. So what we once knew yesterday may be out of date tomorrow. The computers of old are nothing more than relics in the museum of human ignorance. 

So there you have it. We don't know anything, and those who try and claim that they know anything... Well they are the biggest fools of us all, because they have fooled themselves into a higher opinion of themselves than what is reality.

AJ, CEO & King of Fools

In this article I analyze the possibilities of the hidden meaning behind the infamous Evilstick Princess Wand. If you haven't heard about it yet, it was a $2 toy sold at various discount stores across the USA. It became famous in the media after one mother complained. To her, at first appearance it looked to be an innocent princess wand child's toy, but upon further inspection it revealed something of a more "evil" nature. I wanted to further inspect the toy to gain information about its distributor, where it was made etc., and I also saw that this toy was going to be worth a lot of buckaroolies, so I set out to find one. 

The top of the wand is a flower with a foil type mirror on the front. The packaging is bright, colorful, and a typical example of a sweet little barbie girly toy. It looks innocent and was styled after adorable Japanese anime girls. The package promises "I can send out beautiful music." It doesn't. It makes a creepy laugh like a witch. Obviously, the first indicator that something may be slightly off about this product is simply the name: "Evilstick." Inevitably, if you buy this toy for your child you will probably get what you asked for — upon peeling off the foil mirror it reveals a disturbing image of a presumably white American woman attempting suicide by slitting her wrists. Yes, this is disturbing for a child's toy, but like most things that I write about, it joins a multiplicity of things that aren't what they seem. So I knew I had to buy one for myself.

This article is the story, thoughts, and analysis that I had while trying to fully understand this bizarre and slightly morbid mystery. But first a little background about what happened to bring this Evilstick to the public's awareness.

The Evilstick first gained publicity around early November 2014. A woman in Dayton, Ohio was angered after she bought the toy for her two year old daughter; her daughter clanged it around for a few days until the foil fell off. It spooked her mother so she went to the media to complain about it. The media then broadcast it nationally and before we knew it, information about the toy was all over the place - national news, blogs, YouTube videos etc. — the big time.
With all of the publicity I just knew that I had to buy one. My background is in marketing communications, so I knew that there was something else going on behind the scenes. First off, someone had to pose specifically for the photo. Who was it? An American college woman studying abroad in China who just wanted to make a few extra bucks for Halloween? Did she know what she was getting herself into? I wonder if she signed a nondisclosure contract? How do you think she feels about it now? Angry? Satisfied? Humiliated?

This toy was a well thought-out and planned creation by a team of professional marketers. It is definitely not a fluke. It had to be distributed and manufactured by a major company, presumably made in China. That is where most toys and consumer goods are manufactured. So this got my gears turning — what was their true agenda? Was it psychological warfare geared to corrupt and disturb the minds of America's female youth? Or was it simply a creative and genius marketing plan orchestrated by a company who wanted the most bang for their buck?

At the surface level one could agree this is a form of psychological warfare directed at America's female youth, in particular little girls ages 2 and up. Think about what the toy represents: it is a symbol encouraging suicide among "White" females — it is a mirror, so a child would be innocently gazing into the mirror, imagining herself looking lovely, prancing around the safety of her home, pretending to be a pretty little princess. All the while behind the scenes there is a disturbing photo gazing back at her, piercing her soul with those evil eyes, encouraging her to become the image behind the glass. 

The child would play with it for a few days until one day she either peels off the foil or it falls off on its own. The little girl would see the image and at a deep subconscious level the child may think, "This picture is supposed to be me." Maybe she would make this connection, probably not. She would more than likely just become scared and have nightmares about it, however, there could seriously be childhood trauma. Although, I don't believe that it is anything worse than certain movies, video games, and other things children are often accidentally exposed to.

After the child sees the scary image she would then freak out and run off to tell her mommy about the nasty devil behind the foil.

This is where the kicker is, and I believe this is where the conspiracy ends. As I mentioned I am a marketer. More specifically I am a viral video marketer. I attempt to create content that goes viral and spreads like a chain reaction throughout the media, so this to me has viral marketing written all over it. How does one successfully create a viral marketing campaign? Simple. Emotions. Strong emotions and lots of em'. The more powerful the emotional reaction the more likely it will be shared within their social circle and so the wild fire is started, and ultimately the more effective the campaign will be. I call it creating the emotional wave and then selling it. Bingo! 

The process went a little something like this: Evil product created, disguised under innocence; cheaply made to fall apart, then the true evil is revealed; emotional response - angry parents, media attention, and then adults rush to the stores to buy their very own stick of evil.

So in my opinion this cheap $2 toy is a genius and very clever marketing campaign by an unknown Chinese company. The packaging evidently did not link back to the creators, and for a good reason. They have the liberty to continue selling their products in America. However I do question the moral and ethical impact of the toy. It certainly is a questionable tactic and in America the manufacturer would be sued for psychological damages. However, in China they lack such restrictions, so they are able to create such a toy, make a little money, get away with it, and admire their creation from a safe distance of a 7,143 miles (Ohio to China).

Now this leads me to question who actually was their intended target market? One would think it would be the innocent little 2 year old girls. I say nope. Not hardly. After word got out about this product people stopped buying it for their children. Do you know why? First off because people heard what was behind the foil and refused to expose their children to it, and secondly because they were sold-out. Yup, not a single one left in the store. The true target market for this toy is adults ages 18 - 55+. Don't believe me? I think I can prove it, because I happen to fall in that demographic and as I said, I wanted one. 
So off I went on a mission. I set out to buy my very own, but where do I look? They are sold out in stores, so instinctively I turned to the internet search engines. To my surprise they were nowhere to be found. Not on Amazon, not in Walmart, and it wasn't possible to search the dollar stores because they do not have an online distribution system. All wasn't lost. I found a single one on eBay. There was only one left, and this was some month and a half after the initial media coverage. One and only one — I had to get it. 

The auction only had two days remaining and it was only $22 USD! 

Score! I found one and at a cheap and reasonable price! Only at a 1000% markup! Shew! What a deal! So of course I placed a bid. I knew I was going to be able to get one for $50. But nope.

I got outbid.

I placed another. 

Again I got outbid. 

I placed another.


So I thought, "Okay I will throw $100 down just to ensure I win, it's worth 100 bucks. Besides I am going to write an interesting article about it. It will make the story better. I may even make a product review video." The possibilities were endless... 

Yep. Yet again, I was outbid. 

At this point I was not willing to spend more than $100 on this specific toy. So I left it alone and forgot about it. 

Two days later I get a notification on my phone that said the bid was about it end. I thought, "okay just for laughs I will see how much it's at." I expected it to be around $200. Surely no one would pay more than $200 for a $2 toy from the dollar store? Right?

But nope. $200 was not even close.

The below images are the screenshots of the auction from my phone and how the bid ended. You may be as surprised as I was.

Pretty crazy huh?
So yup. There you have it. It sold in that specific auction at a 20,000% markup of the original price. Can you grasp that? A 20,000% markup. That's crazy profit to who ever was quick enough to run to the dollar store and invest two bucks. Not to mention the $14.65 shipping. That's the power of the Evilstick I suppose.

So what is The Evilstick? The Evilstick is a viral cult-classic collectible toy created with the intention to piss off a bunch of American parents, gain media attention, and then completely sell-out their inventory to the adults that see it has value as a collectors item. 

The Evilstick went down in history. It will be collectible for years to come. It wouldn't surprise me if the toy's collector value is $1,000 plus. Who knows what someone is willing to pay for it?  I wouldn't pay more than $100, but if I had been able to buy one I would have made a video about it. Similar videos have hundreds of thousands of views. YouTube views plus embedded advertising means cash money. Strong emotions = cash money. Strong emotions = a lot of views. A lot of views = cash money. Funny how emotions run this world. Money is equivalent to emotions.

Interestingly enough, evidently the Evilstick wasn't only shipped to the USA. Other sources say that they were sold in various parts of Europe. Also not all Evilsticks have the morbid photo, only a few of them do. So the majority of parents who purchased one for their children truly received innocent toys. Not everyone had the graphic photo. So rest assured, thousands of children's minds were not spoiled with the gruesome image. Just a few hundred. But I am sure they saw the nasty photo on the TV, so does it really matter? To me, this adds to the credibility of the toy being marketing as a collectors item. See the not so Evilsticks below. Pretty clever marketing ey?
The story doesn't end here though. According to one YouTube account, a lady said her friend happened to buy one 6 or 7 years ago. So the company who manufactures the Evilstick are not a new company and the toy has been on the market for years. This further leads me to believe a team of professional Chinese business people sat around during a product development meeting and concocted this crazy idea to get the most bang for their buck. Remember, marketers know best how to create emotion and manipulate the people. We call them Reality Engineers.

So how much money are we talking about? How much did the manufacturers actually make? I would say probably not that much. If they sold in discount stores for $2 each. How much did the Chinese manufacturer actually make net income? Maybe a quarter per-unit? They may have made 50 cents per Evilstick. It is hard to determine because I do not know what their labor expenses are, but I would say this is one reason why they had to go to such extreme measures to sell the product. They probably have been producing them over a half decade with sub-par sales; so in order to boost sales revenue they exhausted their supply of this product by retiring it into a collectible item. They sold all of the units and plus they have the bragging rights to know they were behind the infamous Evilstick. Clever but questionable. 

Okay now, as a final ending note. The Evilstick while controversial, is not so bad. If they truly had psychological warfare on their minds, they would have made every Evilstick possess the disturbing image, but not only that, they would have made a more gruesome image. The one they used is disturbing for a 2 year old to stumble across, but at least they didn't make it into something rated R with blood squirting everywhere. And if they were truly trying to be "Evil" it may have even had a picture of a small child as opposed to an adult. Just somethings to think about.

Okay folks, I hope you enjoyed my analysis of The Evilstick. Remember if you run across one in the dollar store either buy it and hang on to it, or put that sucker on eBay and make a quick extra few hundred dollars.

Thanks for stopping by.


If you enjoyed this article, perhaps you may like to read my experience with someone truly evil. A couple weeks ago I witnessed a demon attack at a Mexican restaurant. Read the story here.
This is a true story of a nasty demon attack that my friend and I witnessed at a Mexican restaurant.

In this instance the demons were inside two young people, aged in about their mid-thirties. They were sitting across the room in a booth. It was a typical night at a Mexican restaurant: people were laughing and joking, music was playing, people were drinking tall mugs of draft beer, and nothing was out of the ordinary.

That was until I heard a lady say in a loud and angry voice, "Excuse me. Excuse me ma'am. You are the rudest people I have ever met in my entire life. Sitting here while we are all trying to eat and he blows his nose right here in the restaurant!"

I looked to my left to see what the commotion was all about, and sitting there in a booth screaming was this young woman yelling at this elderly couple. The woman who was screaming was sitting with a man, and they both were wearing skull head shirts. The lady was overweight, the man looked mean and very angry, he had a pony tail, and he had a very dark and sinister serious piercing look in his eyes - a demon all the way through.

The elderly couple who were very sweet and timid looked to be in their 70's. The attacked old lady gathered some courage and replied in defense of her husband. She said, "You are the rude ones." A few moments later she said, "He was not blowing his nose. He is crying because his mother just died."

What the old lady had said might have justified the situation and made the screaming lady apologize under normal circumstances, but instead it simply enraged the demons even more. The female demon who started the fight went quiet, while the tough macho male demon stepped forward to attack. He then responded in retaliation to his woman. It was on. An all out war between light and dark. The demonic man growled with a deep lash of anger, "Well good. I'm glad she died! And I hope you die too!" He pointed his finger and shook with rage.

The room fell silent. No one said a word. The servers left the room. They ran and hid, while us patrons were all stuck to endure the experience. We were along for the ride whether we liked it or not.

I just sat there and stared into the evil eyes of the demonic man. I looked deep and long while he stared directly into my eyes. I did not look away. I just stared, not with anger, not with emotion, just with observation.
I was analyzing what exactly it was that I was truly looking at.

Initially this situation evoked many emotions in me - everything from anger to rage and sympathy. At one point I was even prompted to stand up walk over the the demon and sock him in the nose. However, I knew that this would only evoke more rage and escalate the situation, it would not help. Plus I knew that it was not my place. So I just stared at him and gently pushed the thought into his mind that it was time they needed to leave. 

The elderly couple were very distraught. They had no defense and no one to defend them. They were alone, engaged in a battle with low level demons. Real demons, but mostly demons of rage, not action. They were a type of demon that I have never encountered before. They were sane enough to go to a bar and buy food, drinks, leave a tip and pay. However, at that moment they were taken over and had lost control. Maybe temporarily, but filled with hatred nonetheless.

The old man who just lost his mother was shaking, nervous, humiliated and felt attacked. His wife tried to defend him. He was saddened by the loss of his mother. He was vulnerable.

The demonic couple got up, said a few more hateful words that I don't remember, and eventually they stormed out and left. 

Relief was on the way.

Once they had exited the building, the healing began. People from from all over the restaurant came up to the elderly couple. They placed their hands on them and prayed for them. They justified them that they were not in the wrong. "Everyone blows their nose in public" one man said. The surrounding patrons did a fine job at healing and banishing the negativity. One man said that he was a pastor and that he would pray for him and his family at their church service. Everyone stepped forward to do their part. This was comforting even for me as a silent observer.

I must admit, I also felt prompted to stand up and place a hand on the old man's back and offer my sympathy, but before I moved everyone else came forward and offered their love. It really made me feel good seeing how everyone banded together to help the old couple heal. It made me realize several things. To start off it allowed me to see the importance of people, their religious structures and communities. The community acts as a defense mechanism. People are strong together. People can come together to make a connection, heal pain, and make right the wrongs of others. They can also provide strength from the demonic forces that feed on others.

At the surface level it may just appear to be just an angry couple of rednecks that got offended by a man blowing his nose, but I do not believe that this is all that there was too it. It was much deeper than that, and much more sinister.

In reality, the angry couple were infested with demons. Whether those demons were the demons of self-hate, or of frustration with their life and current position, or the demons of poverty, or even whether they were the demons of substance abuse, the fact remains that the demons were unleashed on a vulnerable couple. It was an overt malicious attack. 

After realizing this I asked myself "why did this happen? And why did it happen to them?

The answer that I discovered was that because the elderly couple were weak, they were susceptible to an attack. Perhaps for them it was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The victim - the old man - had just lost his mother, so he was crying, runny nose and all. The hateful younger lady noticed his weakness, and whether consciously or unconsciously she responded by releasing her demons on him. If the elderly couple were not weak and vulnerable, the demon would not have had the courage nor the opportunity to attack. Had they been strong it would have known that it would've lost and it would have waited until it had someone it could over power. The demon only attacked when it knew it could win, and in its mind it did win.

Demons prey on weak people. Demons attack by surprise because they are weak. They are cowards. 

Initially I wished that something else could have been done besides letting the demons escape through the front door, but I will tell you one thing that is a fact. The demons are seeking hell. They are praying desperately to end this life, and they are seeking death. Whether they die in a motorcycle accident while blinded by rage, or whether they get shot down and killed while messing with a demon a little more powerful than them, they will meet their end soon enough or be healed by the grace of Spirit. Getting involved with a demon is never a good idea. People must fight their own battles. All we can do is observe and help heal the aftermath. While it may appear to be noble to come to someone's defense, we never really know what the old man was going through. Perhaps it was a karmic backlash somehow related to his recently deceased mother. Who knows? We will never know.

On the note of the demon seeking to drive the human vehicle to death, the old man made the comment "I have a 9mm pistol in the car." So if the circumstances were different the old man could have very well ended the demon's misery right then and right there. Fortunately there were a group of kind souls around to protect and keep the man from conjuring what all demons seek to summon inside others: hatred.

Be mindful of what feeds you.

Blessings, love, respect, wisdom and strength to you all.