The subconscious mind and beyondthe subconscious mind and beyond by marshall n lever
For the first time in 42 years this book is now available and being printed again. Written by Marshall N Lever during his trance sessions channelling the spirit of Inner Truth also known as "Old Chinese" and Chung Fu, this book was an early work by the author. This book was first publish and circulated in the San Francisco area by donations to his meditation group "The Circle for Inner Truth." Now a quiet part of history the teachings of "Old Chinese" have impacted the world and helped bring peace and happiness to thousands. 

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I am you and you are me. Just as I am the water in the mountain stream, flowing gently down the path to a peaceful humble place. I am the yak slowly trekking to overcome the peak of a mountain, resisting all that water yields to. I am the lion prowling the safari, waiting patiently for my moment of opportunity. I am the Stallion running free. I am a speckle of dust floating alone in space, the emptiness between particles, the vast nothingness that creates all things. I am one. I am two. Heaven, earth, human beings United as One.

I am what I am, the subtle feelings that I exude. The electricity of the Life Force, manifested as an imprint of a man.

I am AJ

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It has been several months since my last update, I just wanted to share some pieces of wisdom that I have uncovered here recently. Before we get to it, I want to explain some of where I have personally came from and my quest for Developing Mature Masculine Energy and some key points I discuss in my Online Self Mastery Consulting Program.

My quest for maturity began when I started learning martial arts as a preteen, before I did martial arts, I was more of the artistic type, I liked to draw and paint and was learning to play guitar. But I was a little shy and did not understand how to talk to girls. I didn't have one single group of friends that I fit in with, in other words I was a bit of a nerd and lacked confidence but had friends. I just didn't know my place in school. One day I decided I wanted to learn martial arts, so I enrolled into Tae Kwon Do classes, this dramatically changed my mental energy and physical body. It taught me self-control, discipline, how to listen and it also increased my flexibility, strength and confidence. I transformed over the years from being a fat chubby 12 year old to being a confident, capable 18 year old kid. With the confidence brought on by the martial arts, I had figured out how to meet, approach, flirt with, and get pretty girlfriends. This last part is important for developing mature masculine power, knowing and better understanding the opposite sex. 

From there it lead me into joining the United States Marine Corps as an infantry Marine. I was even healthier, more confident, much stronger, faster, and by my definition, I thought I was a certified bad-ass. I consciously joined the Marine Corps because I wanted to become the best. The best at everything. No matter what it was, I wanted to be better than everyone at anything I set out to do. This may sound a bit crass, but it's the truth. It was in the Marines where I learned how to truly fight, how to win in a real combat situation. I learned how to act, fight, and think like a Marine. However, it did not necessarily teach me how to "be a man." But it was certainly a step in the right direction.

I also learned a great deal about compassion, empathy, other cultures, and made many friends from around the world. I traveled a lot. But I still felt something was incomplete, that I wasn't fully a man, yet. The journey was not complete. 

If we look back at our ancestors and other cultures around the world, the initiation into manhood has traditionally been a huge trial to overcome, usually involving death or a high potential for death or injury. One tribe, I remember seeing on TV requires their boys to bungee jump from a tower with vines tied around their ankles. They have to accurately measure the vine so their head will plop on the ground with just enough to bounce off but not enough force to break their neck. It may sound extreme, but this initiation involves many masculine skills and a test of one's ability. Especially the ability to measure accurately and precisely, an outward demonstration of confidence in his work, and finally the confidence to take the leap of faith off the tower. All the while maintaining complete composure "knowing" that he will survive and come out a man...

Let that last line soak in for a minute. Complete confidence in his abilities to survive.

This is what is lacking in our modern society, there is no test, no trials, no initiation anymore, our food is handed to us through a drive through window. We avoid fighting like the plague, and we often let people use us, run over us, and disrespect us.  All because we fear conflict. So an important element of journeying into manhood requires some sort of initiation, for me it was my breaking away from my family and questing through the trials and challenges the USMC provided. With complete faith that I would someday return home alive. I never once questioned if I would not come back alive, because I had faith, I knew I would be okay. Dying was not an option. 

Not every man joins the military, some guys have their initiation through sports, or are taught how to be a man by their father, grandfather or any other fatherly figure. All of these are initiations into manhood to a certain extent or degree, but all are somewhat imperfect. 

But many boys who do not play sports or have a father or join the military lack a manhood test all together, they grow older, hit 18 years old and suddenly expect they have became "men" and now deserve all the respect and privileges that go along with it.  As if it were a life promotion that is awarded with time in service, not effort. Like the little trophies I received for playing t-ball, which indicated nothing other than completing the season. Completing the season is important, because look at all those who never showed up to begin with. So the level of value of a trophy lies in not only in the trophy but in what that trophy is a symbol of. Within T-ball there are the ones that sat playing in the sand and the children that understood the game, grasp it and excelled.

So, age is not an accurate indicator of maturity. Maturity is a way in-which one conducts themselves, how well they can control themselves, how much power they possess. 

If you are familiar with physics power is defined by how much work that can be done in a period of time. Work over time. We can think about our masculinity as our ability to create change in the world around us. Or more simply, how well we can control ourselves in order to reach and accomplish goals and tasks and how efficiently we can do so. I must say, just because one is not a high achiever does not mean that they lack maturity, it could mean they simply have different priorities, or it could mean that they are unaware of their potential, or they simply lack the creativity or the power - and as we mature, our priorities change. 

In this article I have outlined some of the key elements in cultivating mature masculinity and how to effectively project a controlled power, one that instantly makes people trust you, have faith in you, and all around like you and believe in you and your character 

The Elements of Mature Masculinity


Dr. Paul Dobransky said in an interview with David Deangelo that confidence has two main parts.

"Positive mental energy and healthy boundary functions."

Positive mental energy being that a man has control of his thoughts and does not focus on trivial things, he has the power to think clearly and he projects a feeling that others can interpret as a healthy character.

Healthy boundary functions are the same as a boarder of a country, or the skin on your body. They keep good things in and bad things out. If one allows someone to torpedo into their life, things can get out of control quickly. So mature and healthy boundaries are necessary for developing Mature Masculine Power. Everything in your life either filters your power or it enhances it, your thoughts, your friends, your actions/decisions, your girl friends.

You want to proactively choose things that amplify, and avoid things that filter out or cancel your power.

Concerted Action

Concerted action is action, work, and effort that is applied precisely with a strong sense of intention and understanding. If your thoughts are weak then your actions will not be as understood by you and those around you, therefore limiting your power and also limiting your success. Knowing what you are   

The Law of 100%

This piece is simply defined as "EXPECT TO WIN".
How many times have you hoped something would be 100% sure, but in the back of your mind you had an inkling of doubt? Eventually your 100% slipped to 99%, then 95%, then 80%, and the thing or situation you had hoped for slipped between your hands. You didn't grab on to it. You have to expect to win, no doubt, no fear. no exceptions.

Accepting Death

In any situation that creates anxiety within you, what is the worst that could possibly happen? The worst that could happen is you die. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but death is coming. So we all must just accept it, deal with it and make our lives right. Many people are not afraid of what is after death, they fear the moments of death where there will be pain and suffering. But if you go a few seconds past the moment of death, what do you feel? Whether you believe in life after or nothing, the fear will be gone. So accept death and calm your anxiety, a powerful man always has composure.


Composure is a must, composure demonstrates to others that you have controlled strength. If you are easily rattled, then you lack composure. Always stand strong and maintain within your own space, do not psychologically lead on people, do not be needy. When others panic, you assess the situation calmly, peacefully, slowly, do not allow yourself to become rattled.  


The final point for now: a Mature Powerful Masculine Male must possess courage.

In the movie Saving Private Ryan, they defined courage as "Do the right thing."

Any situation, maintain composure and do the right thing. The right thing may not always be the nice thing either...

Remember that. 

If you are tired of letting life blow you around and want to take the steps necessary for taking control of your life and life outcomes, Join my Self Mastery Masculine Power and Self Development Online Program. It's an open discussion where we can discuss this topic and many others custom tailored to your life and situation. Its a month per month program, so you only pay as you go. Running this program is something that I do in my spare time just help others and give back what I have learned. So stop procrastinating and Join the Self Mastery Life Coaching Program now. See you all there.

You've got to be specific in dealing with what we call The Universal Law, The Universal Law only understands concise communication. For example, if you say in your conscious mind "I want fulfillment." What the universe hears is "I don't know what I want." So you must be very specific in asking of what it is you want. There is nothing wrong with getting what you want, contrary to popular belief. The Universe wants you to receive everything that you've ever desired, but in order for it to deliver, you must meet it half way. So instead of saying "I want fulfillment and happiness." You think to yourself "What makes me feel fulfilled?" By asking the question this forces your sub-conscious mind to deliver an answer. It's a way of engaging and commanding your will of mind. Aka will power.

This is another reason why being specific with your internal dialogue is so important. If you ask yourself "why am I such a screw up?" Your mind will give you one thousand and one reasons for why you are a screw up, and from there it will create a ripple as to other reasons why you are unworthy of success. Instead, if you reframe your mind set and ask yourself "How can I live a more fulfilling life?" Again, your sub-conscious mind will deliver responses. 

So what I recommend is to sit down with pen and paper and make a vertical line and on one side calculate the variance that exists in your life. A variance is by definition something that you think is true but is not a total truth. For example "I live a productive life style." Is this true? You may say "yes, certainly I do, but I tend to over sleep and procrastinate." So analyze your life from everything from your finances, health, fitness, emotional wellbeing, discipline, house hold, family, and etc. What you may find is that you are living a life that is not 100% dedicated to being honest with yourself. And of course everyone lives in a variance of some degree, the point is to narrow the margin of variance within your own life. This will set you on a path that is closer to self-actualization. Which is basically living a life that is congruent with your internal destiny: what we call "your higher self."

Everyone has a higher destiny, which is only available to people who accept full and complete responsibility for themselves and their actions. Assuming this belief turns ones perspective from being a victim to being in control. Again, I am not saying this is how you are, but if you affirm that your reality is controlled by yourself, this is the key to tapping into what you are fully capable of.

In the inner worlds there exists what is called "planes of consciousness." It takes approximately 1000 days of work to reach the first plateau, you may stop and take a break for a minute, day, or even years, but as Lao Zu said in the Tao Te Ching. "The Journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step."

So step forward, day by day, and eventually, one day you will wake up and the power will be there waiting for you.

Hello everyone, exciting news here. After spending almost a year in Taiwan, I am now back in the United States. It was a challenging experience and it tested my character, patience, and my ability to survive. I would love to talk about it in greater detail, but for now I want to move on and let everyone know what the future holds.

As you may know, I published three books via my publishing company Taijitu House prior to leaving the country. Basically as soon as the books were finished I set off on a journey to Taipei, Taiwan. In Taiwan I explored the city on my motorcycle, met many interesting people, made great friends, awesome business connections, and became part of a family of wonderful people. 

While in Taipei, I started another project called The Rich Review, this was started after meeting and befriending a very wealthy plantation owner from Hong Kong. It got the gears moving for what is next. Check out those links if you haven't seen any of my previous projects before, also if you haven't read my book, it offers some insight on what led me to Taiwan. 

All of these smaller projects have led me to what is next and they offered me insight into what I feel is THE lasting project for me. So without spoiling it or giving too much information prematurely, I will soon be producing quality fashion wear under the brand name AJ Christoph. I already have a sample prototype of the first watch on the way and from there the brand will expand into a full line of fashion wear.

For now the website redirects here to this blog, but soon it will be redirected to a completely new site and we will be offering products directly to consumers.

Once the first prototype is finished being manufactured and I have it in hand I will release more information as things move along. So please stay tuned for future releases about this new project. I look forward to serving the world and their needs for quality fashion accessories.

It's time.

Aj Christoph

A recurring theme for me recently is "this is your life, just accept it." I can't help but to think that multiple times throughout the day, week, and even the past few months. Specifically I am referring to the way that life seems to tick for everyone. We spend our time working in order to accumulate money, which is spent to pay for things that keep us happy and that we usually don't need. But during the conquest for wealth it is often at the sacrifice of happiness. When looked at like that, it doesn't really make very much sense.

"This is your life, just accept it." These thoughts were ringing through my mind like a bell as I approached the temple pictured above. I was wandering around a new part of the city and I came across this temple. It was so serene. Its strange how you can walk past all of the busy businesses and then come across something like this. There was no one there guarding it, no one there praying, it was just empty... peaceful. Then the thought hit me "This is your life, just accept it."

I have accepted it. 


Hello everyone. I hope this day finds you with peace and understanding. Recently I have been soaring the streets of Taipei on my motorcycle, one thing that I've noticed is that people here almost do not have any road rage. They deal with near accidents in a very Daoistic way. They simply flow around the obstacle and don't sweat about it. Today a little boy ran out in front of a woman and her two children riding a scooter. It could have been nasty, but the boy scurried across the road to his friends where I was sitting. The lady yelled something at him to the effect of "be careful." This was the only time I have seen anyone actually be vocal about a near accident. 

Whatever you're going through, don't sweat it. It will be okay. And what's the absolute worst that can happen?

Well I will tell you. The worst that could possibly happen is, you die...

So once you come to terms with the unknown what else do you have to fear? Nothing, notta, zilch. 

That's it. That kid could have been bumped across the street. He didn't get mad, he didn't get scared, he didn't hardly even acknowledge what happened.  He just looked at the lady and smiled. There was something magical about the whole experience. Before it happened I had a feeling something was going to happen.

And then it happened. Well, actually the unhappening, thankfully.

So to wrap up what I am trying to get across.

Let it go. Smile about it. Move on. Everything will be okay.


The books are doing fabulous. Seriously thank you to everyone that has contributed. 

Also I have been getting a surge of emails in regards to spiritual psychic attacks. I do not claim to be an expert in this sort of thing, but I am here to offer my wisdom to those that may need some advice. If you have anything for me, shoot me an email at

Until next time.

Just a quick update. Things have been interesting here in Taiwan. Life is not what I anticipated, but what good is a life that is predictable? Right?

I just wanted to let everyone know who visits my site, that I am still around. The picture to the left was taken on my phone in the northern part of Taiwan near a town called Keelung.

I am again scheduling consultations, I will be incorporating what I learn here and about Traditional Chinese Medicine in my consultations.

I hope I can bring what I learn to help many people. Take care.

Love is all that we have. Love is the warmth of the universe. We are sometimes harsh on perversion and what we view as wickedness, but this is not to say that we shouldn't love all. A heart absent of love is a cold heart. So take our warning to distance yourself from those who make you cold and instead surround yourself with those who make you warm. If you judge people so harshly then your heart will become cold; so there must be a balance between who and what you allow into your life and the amount that you judge others for their perceived wickedness. No one is squeaky clean and that's not the point. We need to strive for purity and make our life sacred, but at the same time we can't walk around pretending that we are all holy and white. Have compassion for others, tell them you love them, and also don't be afraid to tell them when they are being a bit of a pervert or a creep. No matter their position, status, or age, a pervert is a pervert and no one should allow them to step on you or others. So be strong. This doesn't mean that you are judging them, it means that you love them and don't want to see them falling further off balance. So be solid, be the rock or the counter weight that loves others and is strong enough to tell others when they are wrong or infringing upon others. Not from a position of judgment but from a position of warm and loving compassion. This is true love.

If someone is complaining and if you remain silent you are contributing to their complaining. Sometimes we need to vent, but complaining is generally not healthy because it comes from a position of weakness. So tell them: "please stop. You are complaining." Otherwise they may continue to complain about something when they could be putting forth concerted action and real effort in healing the problem by changing it. We can't walk around telling people they are wrong all the time, but if you are present then it is your duty to help them. Being silent helps you, but some encouraging advice may get through to them. Speak from the heart not from the head.

If someone is making inappropriate remarks about a lady; tell them to keep their thoughts to theirself. You don't have to hear it, and you certainly don't have to participate in it. But you can offer a tactful nudge in the right direction. It bothers me when people disrespect women and sadly, oftentimes this is what some women feed on. They like the game of the cocky guy's insults because they are so used to being told by people who they perceive as weaker than them telling them how beautiful they are all the time. So they are attracted to the total opposite of being called beautiful. Instead they find themselves attracted to the "bad guy." They may not even be aware as to why they find themselves being treated poorly or even abused. They just know that they "love" them. So there is a fine line, but if someone is outright disrespecting another person, and they are not playing the game back with them, stand up for them, be the defender of the weak. An example that I recently saw was of someone on a subway getting the snot beat out of them, not a single soul stood up in their defense. Again, for the most part it is best to mind your own business, but if you witness an experience that you know that is unjust, do something about it. Be bold. Even if you don't participate in the fight, stand up and let the attacker know that they are out numbered. But then again on the other hand, perhaps the person being beat needed that experience. Some people need a good ole' punching in the nose. I've had my fair share, and I've delivered my fair share also. But it was in my giving and receiving of bloody noses that lead me to where I am today. Everyone fantasizes about being a hero at one point, but sometimes the hero is infact the person delivering the punch. So just use your best judgement when and when not to get involved, but also know that sometimes people are truly innocent and need defending, and other times they may desperately need that beating to change their life. Some of the best lessons in life are delivered by the physical exchange of energy. We are not to be the scourge of the world, but sometimes the scourge of the world learns through those experiences and discovers the warmth of compassion. But they never would have gotten to that path without being a tough guy for many years. 

Being silent is often the best method because you remain within your strength, but also being silent does not always help others learn and sometimes a powerful word can help set someone straight. Silence is usually the best option, but if you love someone you will try and help them see why what they are doing is not healthy. Do not infringe upon others. Allow them to be as stupid and silly as they need to be, because their life is sacred and we can never fully understand anything but our own lives. But a word of compassion can help point the way, it will be up to them to walk the path. And when they walk that path there may be some physical lessons to learn along the way, and a punch in the nose teaches a boy what it means to become a man: to accept full responsibility for their actions. 

And yes... 

Some actions might just deserve a punch in the nose. =P

Love love.


The Book of Powers is AJ's latest book. It is a powerful book to help you transform into a person with true power and understand how to spot corrupt power.

Hello there all of my beautiful friends and family. I love you all. It feels so good to be alive. Feels so, feels so, feels so good to be alive. Feels so good to be alive. And I pray that you are all well, warm and happy.

I just wanted to take a moment to update with some positive vibes and inspiration, and let y'all know a little whats been going on with me in my neck of the woods. Things here have been interesting, strange, bizarre, and even at some points a little spooky. But as a new friend told me: "What doesn't kill you makes you." ~P's Up

Today and the past few days things have made a positive change towards real understanding and I have a feeling of deep love, connection and compassion to all people. I got the message, and I know what I need to do next. Love. Be free. "I can be I and you can be you."..."Just stop and listen to yourself before you listen to anyone else. Let's kick it in a conscious place." ~Justin Ratowsky

I've been reflecting on some memories, thinking about my friend Justin Ratowsky and listening to his music right now. Check out that link above and meditate on his songs. They will make you happy. I love that guy. I love what he's doing for the world also. That's the wonderful thing about music, everything is a vibration, and if your vibration is right, then it will change the world around you regardless whether it is mass distributed. I always used to say it only takes one person to have an audience, one person to make a book read, only one person to have a friend, and it only takes one person to make a difference. The right intention will deliver the right result. :)

Ahh, peacefulness, relaxation. 

Spring is here and summer is near. Today is a beautiful day, it's warm. It's beautiful outside, the flower garden is in full bloom and the bees are busy doing their magic. It is a beautiful life. It truly is. 

Other than reflecting on my old friends and memories (my phone is broken so I am using my old phone, many good memories are stored in there.) I finally finished my book. I have been working on The Book of Powers for over two years. From Easter Sunday 2013 until this past Easter, 2015. So that's a load off my shoulders - we also published two other books in the meantime. So now all three books are published and available. Thank you, I am grateful. I am fulfilled. I am happy. And I have faith in the beauty within my intentions. :) 

The next chapter is coming. And I have made my decision. It has been a tough decision, especially considering everything that I need is right here, with the exception of one. So my decision has been made. I bought my plane tickets and I am moving to Taiwan. I don't know how long I will be gone, but nothing is really certain. I am just thankful for every single breath that I am given. At any moment life as we know it could leave us. But there is nothing to fear if your heart is balanced and you possess the purity of a child. A heart lighter than a feather will soar.  

So soon I will be boarding a plane and flying out of the USA and will land in Taipei, Taiwan. I place my faith in the hands of God and I know that I will be fine. So to all of my family and close friends, please do not worry, I will be fine, everything will be fine and I will be back =). I promise. :)    <3

As for this website and the publishing company, Taijitu House and everything else, the work will still continue, I will still write on here and publish books. Ranald and I are working on a second book together, co-writing this one, and also we are translating The Children of R into German, that should be finished pretty soon. The other book we are working on will be a short one. Ole' Ranald is a funny guy, he has a good sense of humor.

I also made a new friend and I feel that he deserves recognition here. Thank you P. I got your 6 bruh. 

So my friends, family, and anyone else who reads on here, I am about to embark on a new adventure and will keep you all updated on here, my Facebook page, and on The Truth FB page. I will be bringing my camera with me, so you can expect to see some sweet photos of the adventure and the beauties Taiwan holds. I will also make videos over there and may even create a new YouTube channel. Either way. This is going to be fun. 

I love you all,